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thebrakeman 10-29-2015 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by kdot (Post 1022749)
On the advice of my dealer, when winterizing, I took the filter out, wrapped it in a sandwich bag, and put it in the freezer compartment in the house refrigerator. He said that would kill the bacteria in it and I could put it back in the canister next Spring. Does that seem like good advice?

kdot :campfire:

When winterizing, I remove the filter from the clear housing, and trash it. I then fill the clear housing with clean, washed pea gravel, which I keep specifically for this purpose (the same gravel every year). That way, I'm not having to fill that housing with antifreeze. Same principle as a hot-water bypass, only on a smaller scale. As previously mentioned, I'm just barely able to get by with a single gallon of AF.

I know, AF is cheap. But so am I.:rolleyes:

Anyway, new filter goes in the next spring. They are only $10 for 2 at Walmart. The 2nd filter goes in a ziplock for next year.

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