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tpatino14 11-29-2015 12:58 PM

Water coming in by bed in bedroom
This past weekend we were camping and it rained for hours. We noticed rain began coming in by the floor near the bed in bedroom. Any ideas why?
2016 28DS

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2016 FR3 28DS

Online_17 11-29-2015 01:55 PM

Have same issue. Has something to do with slide. I have siliconed everywhere outside but can't seem to find the entry point. Only happens during heavy rain.

tpatino14 01-04-2016 09:30 AM

The rep said it could be the direction of the rain and / or rig not fully level...

Since we're in California it doesn't rain often although suppose to this week so I guess I will keep an eye on it.

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2016 FR3 28DS

Lynne 01-10-2016 09:45 AM

We have water come in around the slide area even with heavy dew. Have had it to the dealer several times now and still not fixed. They thought they found it this last time, but it is still leaking. Will be taking back to the dealer once again. Worried about mold and mildew. Very sad about this. Camper is only 6 months old. Lots of other issues, but most of them were minor things and were fixed immediately. This is a big one though. Can't put this kind of money into a camper and have to worry about this constantly.

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