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Appalachian Ed 12-08-2015 10:08 AM

Temp De-Winterize Question
Another rookie question... I purchased my 8289WS (2 weeks ago) already Winterized. We are taking it out for the first time this week to a campground in Asheville NC (Mamma Gertis Hideaway) which has full hook-up. Since I will be using "city water supply", I don't need to fill my water tank. I am not clear on how I tell the system to only use the city water supply and to not allow water to flow into the fresh water holding tank. I know this is possible, however the book only says it is controlled by the "in-line check valves", but does not tell me where that valve is or how to set it for each fresh water supply source.

Thanks again for your help.

nomad297 12-08-2015 10:53 AM

The check valves work on their own without you having to do a thing. Just hookup to the city water outside, turn your water pump off and use your plumbing like you're at home.


5picker 12-08-2015 11:15 AM


Not sure what/how they winterized your unit but understand if you have antifreeze in the system and the water heater bypassed, by hooking up to city water, you will flush the antifreeze out of your plumbing and not have hot water. (because the water heater is bypassed).

If you are OK with with this scenario, then just hook up to city water and as mentioned, the check valves 'should' keep any water from entering the fresh water tank. I say 'should' because sometimes they do stick open and fill/add water to the fresh water tank when it really shouldn't. I would crack the fresh water drain when I got home just to be sure no water did get in there by accident.

Once you return home and if you again need winter protection, you will need to re-add antifreeze. (if that's what they did to winterize in the beginning)

Also, some places that winterize units remove the water filter housing (if so equipped) and leave it off. Make sure yours is in place or you will have water inside everywhere once you hook up to city water!

aceinspp 12-08-2015 11:38 AM

Make sure your hot water tank fills. You will most likely need to turn the by pass system off. Later RJD:trink39:

Appalachian Ed 12-08-2015 12:13 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I've got it working perfectly now. The shower stall is leaking a little in one spot but other than that it is working as designed. You gotta love it when things work!

Thanks for the hot water heater bypass valve tip.

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