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Coleman NXT grill and 20 lb cylinders

This is being posted more as a FYI thing, and the learning experiences I had trying to hook my Coleman NXT grill up to a 20 lb cylinder...instead of the normal 1 lb bottles. I would either get a very low flame or no flame at all when connecting to the 20 lb.

I had been reading in another forum of others having similar problems, and not wishing to hijack that thread, posted the information here. The following posts are from that thread:

Originally Posted by marialee View Post
I investigated getting a quick connect for my Coleman Road Trip Grill. I went to a propane dealer and from what I gathered Coleman has a regulator built in to the attachment to the grill. The propane tank from the RV also has a regulator. Thus the gas is being regulated twice and there isn't enough pressure to give a good flame.
Originally Posted by mjracsj View Post
I ran into the same issue with my Weber Q and had a local propane tech remove the regulator from the grill and replace it with a short length of propane hose with a male quick connect fitting. Also had him make a 20' lenth of propane hose with a female quick connect to hook to the new grill hose on one end and a male quick connect on the other that now easily hooks to the female quick connect that is on the MH. The flame now isnt as perfect as it was (the flame is slightly taller so the grill cooks fine except doesn't adjust as well when set for very low heat) but it still works fine (I dont need the very low heat option anyway-Im not planning on slow cooking a rack of ribs for 3 hours on it) and is very convenient to be able to put the grill almost anywhere at the campsite and a good distance away from the coach. I was determined to do this because I wanted to use the convenience of the installed propane supply on the MH and didnt like the idea of traveling with and storing additional propane tanks or cannisters.
I had purchased a 5 feet Coleman hose with adapter for the 1 lb bottle connections...that was supposed to work for my grill. However, I got very little to no flame. I read on Amazon where several others had problems with that hose, so I purchased another brand at our local sporting goods store, made for the same thing by produced for Buddy heaters. I still had the same problem(s), so I contacted Coleman.

Here was their response, and after following their grill does work now when using the Buddy Heater hose (haven't tried the true Coleman yet). It has to do with the "surge protection device" built in to their grills regulators. Here is their response and it is also posted in their FAQ section of their site:

Why does my grill have little to no flame?

The first possible cause is the use of a new propane tank that has been improperly filled. New tanks must first be purged of air before being filled with propane. Purging requires that the tank be filled with a small quantity of propane then emptied. The propane being heavier than air will force all the air out of the tank during the emptying and leave only propane vapor in the tank. The tank can then be filled and, when used, the tank will emit only propane vapor. If the tank is not purged, the air in tank will be emitted into the grill first and will either not burn at all or burn with a very low flame. It can take over an hour to vent the air from a non-purged propane tank through a grill's regulator and valve. Always make sure a new propane tank is purged before filling.

The second possible cause is the surge protection device built into the grill's regulator. All Coleman Grills have the surge protection device. This device cuts the flow of fuel to the grill if a sudden increase in propane flow is detected. This is to prevent a large venting of propane if the hose or valve on the grill is damaged. This device is also activated if the burner valves on the grill are in the open position when the valve on the tank is opened. You want to always be sure the burner knobs on the grill are in the off position before shutting off the tank valve when shutting down the grill. Just turning the knobs to the right until they stop may not turn off the burners. Most knobs must be pushed in and turned to the right before they will fully shut off the grill. Always make sure the knobs are in the off position before opening the tank valve when starting the grill. If either one of the knobs are in the open position, the surge protection device will activate and the flow of fuel to the grill will be very low.

The third possible cause is the use of an Overflow Protection Device that is now required on all propane tanks sold in the United States. This device is built into the tank and prevents too much propane from being put into the tank. It involves a float that rises on the liquid propane in the tank and shuts the valve if too much propane is put into the tank. Though this device is primarily used when the tank is being filled, it can also activate if the tank is tipped. Most propane cylinders on grills are stored below the grill body itself on a plate just above the wheels. If the grill is tilted when being moved, the moving liquid propane in the tank can cause the float inside the tank to rise and activate the OPD. This will shut off the flow of propane through the valve.

The activation of either the Surge Protection Device or the Overfill protection Device can be corrected by the same actions. First, make sure the grill and the propane cylinder are in a level postition. Second, Make sure all burner knobs are in the off position. Turn them clockwise until they stop then push them in and turn them clockwise again to make sure they are fully in the off position. Third, Make sure the tank is in the off position. This knob also turns clockwise to close the valve. Check the imprinted information on the valve knob to make sure. Once the burner knobs have been closed and the valve on the on the tank has been closed, the Surge Protection Device will reset to open. The OPD will also reset. You can then open the tank valve very slowly, giving the hose time to pressurize. Turn on one of the burner knobs and light the grill. You should experience a very good flame at the burner and can then light the rest of the burner.

I have followed the steps as outlined by Coleman and my grill now works with the 20 lb bottles....with one exception. I turn off the tank first, and let the burners go until the flame empty the line. I then turn off the burners.

I had also read on Amazon where others stated instead of using an adapter hose with a male end that screws counterclockwise into the 20 lb cylinder....that they used other brand adapter hoses that have a female end that screws onto the the 20 lb cylinder ( like appliances that normally use those size bottles would)...and it worked. I can't testify to that as I haven't tried it yet.....since the above is working for me right now.

Just passing along the info in case it might help anyone. If anybody has more experiences, please feel free to share it.
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X2 on opening the tank valve very slowly...also experienced the low flame condition. I use a 5# cylinder which fits inside my shrimp boiling pot and stores easily in the basement. Also have a short hose and adapter to use a 1# cylinder in case the 5# runs out, plus a 15' hose and adapter to connect to the camper's 30# if all else fails. (don't want to be without my grill)
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