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Travel Resorts of America

Travel Resorts of America is like a time share but for campgrounds. I got suckered in when I was young and stupid. You pay a one time fee of about $3,000. They never told me there is $400 a year maintenance fee. Still doesn't sound that horrible if you go to the same campground alot, because you don't pay anything when you go. Well try to leave....

We went camping there this weekend and were told they wanted us to come to a "meeting" for people that had been members a long time just to review my membership to remind me of all my benefits and to take my picture for new id cards. It sounded great. I get there and it was another timeshare like sales pitch. They were trying to get me to upgrade my membership. They wanted me to give them $4,000 to upgrade. I told them no I don't use my membership enough. I really want to get out of my contract. The guy looked me dead in my face and said "thats not going happen" "people don't get out of these contracts, EVER". He smugly said he has the same conversions will little old ladies that want out of their contract because their husband died and they are to old to go camping and he tells them the same thing, they aren't going to get out of the contract, they have to pay the maintenance fees for life. After arguing with him for an hour and calling him a mobster, he finally said "you want out, you can pay us 10 years of fees and we will let you out". So for $4,000 I could upgrade my membership or get out of the contract.

They have "resorts" in Jackson springs NC, Gettysburg PA, a couple in Ohio, and one in new york.

My advice RUN !If they try to suck you in with free camping RUN

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These things are great if you use them, but brutal if not. And if you want to get away thatís even worse.. we had a timeshare the same way.. luckily we were able to sell back to the resort.

Good Lick getting out for a decent amount.

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What happens if you just stop paying? I guess your credit takes a hit, but anything else?
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We are members too. Read your contract. Ours says we can sell the membership one time or will it to someone one time. Most will sell them for just the transfer fee on Craigslist. We are considering doing that ourselves. We have the 60 day membership and can very rarely even get a site. Our dues are lower than yours, but that is probably related to a difference in contract. They have more contract variations then there are trees in this world.
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Great post. My wife and I are Canadian and got sucked in about 7 years ago. We were members of the park in NY state. TRA bought them out and we were not given a choice, had to upgrade and become part of TRA. It is a rip off, been trying to sell mine for over 2 years and no luck. I can get out of the contract for 4 years worth of maintenance fees, approximately $1600.00 US. For me that is $2000.00 Canadian. If they call you hang up and block their number. The US government won't do anything and my lawyer here said to pay the fees and walk away, lesson learned.
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Fees, fees, fees

Originally Posted by kfd82 View Post
What happens if you just stop paying? I guess your credit takes a hit, but anything else?
They will threaten and scream. The most they can do os get a judgment if they want to take it yhat far. Credit report is not usualy that much of a problem. Most creditors are aware of these folls and donít care that you could only get out by not paying. I would never pay blackmail like that. I had a contract dispute with Verision over a warranty claim and they reported I owed over $700.00 I have had three major purchases since then. I just explain the problem and that solves it for most creditors High pressure sales like time share, camping vacatios are thebottom feeders in sales. Good luck
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Originally Posted by 27FBSRV2009 View Post
My advice RUN !If they try to suck you in with free camping RUN
Rule #1 of life....NOTHING is free.
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I have a Canadian friend who had a timeshare, in Florida.
He simply walked away/abandoned the timesahre and ignored the calls.
He figured he was in money because of the ever increasing annual maintenance fees.
Your mileage may differ.
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Can i get an admin to delete this thread. I have settled my differences with TRA and need this deleted please
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Originally Posted by 27FBSRV2009 View Post
Can i get an admin to delete this thread. I have settled my differences with TRA and need this deleted please
Glad to hear you got it settled, but now the bad news.

It's situations and threads just like this, for the reason we keep this as a sticky in the forum announcements/admin subtopic:

It's explained in the thread why it's always best to try and settle differences outside these forums, which may ultimately end up in some kind of situation like this one has....and why we have this guideline in the community rules:

Customer Disputes: This forum is not intended to be a mechanism for people to solely vent frustrations about services, products, vendors, or sales. Please settle your differences with the seller, provider, manufacturer, or dealer through other means but not through our community.

We also have had members take their time to try and help, so it's not fair to just throw out their efforts willy-nilly.

We can close this thread, but will not delete such.

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