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2015 HS-8801 range vent flap? (+ new camper rant)

Hi all,

First of all, I'm never opening the range hood vent again, in fact I've disconnected the fan. Secondly, I need to know where to get a replacement flap I've dealt with campers all my life and have never lost a flap before, this thing is just built cheap cheap cheap, and of course it's set way too high on the camper to open and close without a ladder.

I have looked everywhere and I can't find a similar model that matches up in terms of size and color. The size is around a 10 3/4" x 4" (not precise) and the color is black.

By all appearances it seems to be a Jensen vent except Jensen says they don't make black vents. Any help finding the correct manufacturer and part number would be appreciated.

Now if you feel like reading a bit of a rant....

I've owned my own campers for 16 years and grew up with campers. I take pristine care of my equipment and have the experience to know how to take care of a camper. I have rarely had a problem with any camper I've owned over the years, so I guess I've been a bit spoiled.

But for whatever reason, I've never seen a bigger POS than this new 2015 HS-8801 I bought. It's as if the workers were having the worst day of their lives when they were assembling it. I've had it less than two months, and here is a partial list of things that were wrong with it immediately off the dealer lot:

1. Many of the water fittings were not tight. This resulted in a huge mess the first time I hooked up city water. Also, the pump had not been primed, which is difficult to do since the water lines coming out of the pump run straight up.

2. Water tank fill hose was not connected to the outside cap.

3. Refrigerator drain hose was routed up and over the top of the fridge, so there was no way it could possibly drain. The white vent hose exited out the side of the black cover and looked ridiculous. Fortunately I was able to pull down all the excess hose that the installer routed over the fridge, and use that excess to run the hose properly to the bottom side of the camper near the propane vent.

4. Refrigerator was mounted crooked in it's opening, creating a large air gap at the bottom. Air would roar through this gap and constantly extinguish the flame, so over and over again we hear the fridge trying to relight itself and can smell propane fumes in the camper.

5. The trim pieces between the ceiling panels were cut too long and wedged into place. They had a lot of tension on them, so one of them fell off on the drive home from the dealer. Had to cut them to proper length and reattach without making it look horrible in the process.

6. The opening for the rear door was cut crooked and is too wide at the latch. Someone attempted to "fix" it by placing washers behind the catch. Unfortunately it was not enough to fix it and the door opens by itself constantly. The deadbolt works, but it's the only thing that holds the door closed.

7. Palomino made the mistake of placing an inspection hatch in the side of the waste tank area so that you can look in and see how much of the area goes unused. The tiny holding tanks are a constant aggravation and you can clearly see that there was room to double the size of the tanks.

8. Toilet isn't sealing to the black tank completely, causing a major stink in the bathroom.

And now, here's the big one....

All over the camper, screw holes are stripped and the screws are falling out. The entire back wall of the camper is falling off! I first noticed the problem when we woke up one morning to a bunch of bugs in the camper. The door hadn't been opened enough to let them in, so where did they come from? Looking around a bit, I found a 1/4" gap between the floor and the back wall of the camper. What has happened is that there are three large heavy duty wood screws that attach the aluminum framing of the back wall to the wood floor, down below the bottom of the door. All 3 of those screws were over-tightened and are broken, and since all the other screws holding the back on are stripped, the entire back wall is slowly coming away from the camper.

I don't have a dealer close by, so this is going to be a pain to get fixed, but I'm just blown away by all the problems. I wanted to buy a new camper because my 1983 Mitchell was showing it's age, but honestly I've had fewer problems with it in the 7 years I've owned it than I have with this camper in the first two months. I don't mind a couple factory screw ups but this is ridiculous.
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I finally found the correct vent. If anyone else has the same problem (and you will), the correct vent is the one from this ebay listing:

RV Jensen Style Stove Vent with Hinged Lockable Damper and Retractable Lid Black | eBay

Unfortunately the vent didn't come in any packaging at all and there are no identifying numbers on it anywhere, so I can't match it to a specific manufacturer/model.

After replacing the flap, I then caulked it shut and disconnected the wires for the fan. This flap is built like a limp noodle and you will lose it constantly unless you seal it shut, it's by far the worst I've seen in 30+ years of dealing with campers.
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