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Oven And Refrigerator - 2001 All American Sport

I have been living in a 2001 All American Sport since July and have two functioning issues with my oven and refrigerator.

I'll start with the oven because it's probably the most simple. It's a Magic Chef but I'm unsure of the model number. Range works great, but because I did not receive an owner's manual for the oven, I'm completely unsure of the oven's operation. I have never owned or used a gas oven in a house either, so I'm quite ignorant of their operation.

How is the oven supposed to light? I have a "Pilot On" spot on the temperature knob, but the pilot will not light. Is it self lighting, or does it require being lit manually? I'm scared to death to mess around with this because I'm in no mood to set myself on fire (which almost happened) or blow up my trailer because I filled the living space with propane.

Now, the refrigerator, it's a Domentic Americana, Model RM 2652. It works great on gas, but when plugged in to a campground hookup, it will not switch over to electric operation. The "Check" light does not illuminate in this event either, and this caused me to lose a fair amount of food early on in my travels.

Recently a friend took a look at it and checked power in and around the circuit board under the unit, and was able to trace power to the heating element and found it had 37 ohms, but don't know if that's correct or not. At this time we were able to feel it heating and assumed electrical operation had commenced. However when I reinstalled the protective cover over the circuit board, we heard a click (similar to the sound when a camera flash goes off) and gas operation resumed. I assume broken wire, but is there a possibility the circuit board has damage?

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Your oven has a pilot light, turn the knob to pilot and push it in as you use a long lighter to reach the pilot. Hold it in for 15 sec or so then release it and turn it to your temp setting. You will not loose propane. It's like lighting a gas water heater at home. Don't know about the fridge, it sounds like the board is going out to me from your description.

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It's been a while since I've been able to get online so now I'm back.

I've been trying to light the pilot with a long lighter. Held the knob in for 20-30 seconds but no light. Do I need to hold the lighter out at the end of the little stick that comes out of the pilot assembly, or somewhere else?

Anyone know how to test the board on the fridge? It still trips out and kills the fridge once in a while. This burned us in Death Valley last week and we lost a good amount of good. I'm a DIY guy and want to know the problem firsthand before I consider bringing it in to someone. I'm sure if it's just a bad board, I can replace that provided I know where to go get it.
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I broke down and called a shop for a service call. Turns out the outlet for the fridge had a broken blade causing intermittint power losses. I checked the outlet but my fat voltmeter prongs would never have found it.

The pilot gas line was broken at the fitting resulting in the mini flame thrower which I suspected.

All good now.
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