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Still No Blu-Ray

There was a recent article in Trailer Life entitled "Road Show" that was about upgrading the AV system in an RV. I noticed the system they installed as the latest and greatest still did not have a Blu-Ray player.
I purchased a new Cedar Creek 5th wheel last summer and we took it to visit my son in Cheyenne Wyoming to take part in Frontier Days. While there my son had a movie he wanted to bring over to our camper. Being a brand new RV, we figured it had the latest and greatest. Well, it was, but we sadly became aware of how far behind technology is in the RV world when we slipped the disk into the drive and it didn't play. Then I finally figured out that the player was only DVD. When you spend over $50,000 of your retirement savings on a 5th wheel, you would not expect them to skimp on such a small item as a Blu-Ray player.
What is really sad is though is I did a search back in the posts and came across a thread that was over 10 years old complaining at that time that RV manufacturers were not staying up with technology. I then noticed several other threads where people were complaining about the same thing over the last 10 years. I just find it amazing that NONE of the vendors offering AV equipment for an RV have thought to include a Blu-Ray player.
I know a lot of the movies we own are on Blu-Ray disk. Part of the point of an RV is to not to have to have a bunch of external boxes you have to drag along. Yes you can buy an external one ... but that is simply one more item that needs to be stowed and secured when you are done camping. Why can't ONE vendor offer a model that includes a built-in Blu-Ray player.
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I just found out that mine is not Blueray either. What you will discover is that in about a year the DVD itself will stop working and will just say "loading" forever. This will happen once the unit is out of warranty. I never noticed that it would not play Blueray DVDs because all of our movies are for the Grandkids and most of them come with both kinds of DVDs. I ordered an LG Blueray on Amazon for $79. If you unplug the HDMI from the TV and plug the new unit into the same spot everything will work the same. The sound system will still work. This unit is very small and will fit on the shelf below the TV and above the fireplace. Mount it with a couple strips of Velcro and it will be removable.
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The issues.
Blueray 12v car or RV does not seem to exist anywhere I have found.
Blueray requires an internet connection to check for updates. Rvs have issues with internet connections.

I ended up getting a home blueray and used the HDMI input to the RV system but it doesn't support the audio. I use my phones hotspot to update the player when you put in a disk but sometimes it is huge.

The irony is with cell phone coverage and HDMI connection steaming from my phone I can sometimes stream the movie I want for less data than the update to the blueray you put in. Even Redbox is streaming now and you have to go miles to find a dvd.

Just my solution. I hope you find it helpful.
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Thanks for the suggestions and many of the threads on this topic offered several different ways people have gotten around this issue. It's just that I find it incredible that the companies that produce RV entertainment systems don't seem to keep up and that they essentially all push very low end systems. I guess for the very high end RVs, they simply install a small equipment rack and use high end home components. It just seems there is a market for the middle ground. Even car manufacturers are enabling the ability to connect to a wifi router to do firmware updates. But what is really funny is I saw a thread the other day about the King WiFi router that a person talked with customer service about firmware updates and the person said they don't do that. Now the router has an option in the menu to update the firmware, but sure enough if you look at their support site there are no firmware updates to be found.
I'm not sure it is true that Blu-Ray disk drives require firmware updates. Perhaps the software or firmware that then plays the disk does. I've had a USB Blu-Ray disk drive that I've attached to a laptop to copy movies onto a server for years without ever doing a firmware update. I might try plugging that into the USB port on the Jensen receiver and see if it will play a Blu-Ray disk. If it does, then it should be no issue for the manufacturers to put a Blu-Ray drive in their units.
Even if the firmware updates are required, more and more RVs are coming with routers that will attach to local WiFi. Also, more and more campgrounds are including WiFi so I'm guessing that's because more RVs come equipped with a WiFi router. So there is really no reason at this point that one of the RV entertainment system companies couldn't have a WiFi receiver that supports various streaming services and connects to the router in the RV.
I've also seen the comments that perhaps the companies don't see a demand. That is really one of the reasons I'm bringing this up is for people to bring up what they would like to see. Perhaps that is what I should do is start a thread that with a simple question ... What would people like to see in their integrated RV entertainment system? Maybe then take that input to create some polls about features. I'm new here so I'm still trying to feel my way around this site.
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I just rip my Bluerays to files and play them either through a laptop, tablet or an AV player that I made up with a hard drive and a raspberry Pi computer.
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