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2020 Jeep Wrangler - QUESTION on flat tow

Straightforward question: Are ALL Jeep Wrangler models "Flat Towable"? IF not, what model to avoid?

Looking into getting a 2020 Jeep Wrangler. I just want to be sure the model I get can be flat towed. I trust the folks here who tow Jeep Wrangles for information. Can't say the same to most sales rep. Thanks for the info.
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like any vehicle, each make and model and year is subject to differences, so I wouldn't want to make any sweeping answer that 'all' Jeeps are towable 4-down, even though it may at first seem likely.

Jeep is also a wide brand, model wise, and some will be, while others won't be.

A new 2020 model might not be one that many of this forum have yet to have behind their motorhome, or may not have the same model line you are referring to, as there are several - the Jeep website should be able to have a download of the owner manual to spell this out specifically.

Years ago, back in 2007 when the first Jeep 4-door models were available, I ordered my new 4-door JK Wrangler, and drove it happily for 7 years, then traded it for a new 2014 Cherokee Latitude right before we decided to go 'RVing' in a new motorhome, and wanting to 'tow' our vehicle behind us.
What I found out is this: Neither the '07 JK would have been towable 4-down, OR the new '14 Cherokee Latitude. The JK Wrangler was a two-wheel drive, automatic, and Jeep the transmission didn't allow for towing it in Neutral. The Cherokee was also two-wheel drive, and automatic, and had no 'neutral' button that allowed it to be towed 4-down, even though 'some' Cherokees of the same year and model WERE able to - they had the 'Active Drive II' option, which DOES have the 'neutral' button to allow 4-down towing.

Crazy, but true, and while we would ultimately dolly the Cherokee for a few short months, we then trading that new car in for a '14 Ford Fiesta which was easily and readily able to be towed 4-down, even with it's front wheel drive and automatic transmission - just put it in Neutral and go! We towed it over 50,000 miles with no issues. Now we tow a '14 Ford Focus, and have towed it another 50,000 miles! FUN!

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Thanks for your response formerFR. I am specifically looking at a 2020 Jeep RUBICON model. Just want to have some ideas to those who are currently towing the same year and model. Your are correct. I guess I will look at Jeep's website for more information.

Currently, we are towing a 2012 VW GTI on a dolly. Towed it for 3 summers. Car has been a headache lately with repairs. Also getting tired of going under the car each time we have to tow the car. The reason why we are now looking at a Jeep Wrangler.
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You won't want to tow a Rubicon on a dolly.. that's a surefire mess.

Flat towing or on a trailer should be fine. Just make sure you get the proper equipment.

You'll tow with the TC in Neutral and the Transmission in Park.

Saw lots of them on the road last year so it's definitely doable.
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As far as I am aware, all Jeep Wrangler models can be flat towed. I cannot speak for any of the other Jeep models but I am quite familiar with the Wranglers. I had a 2008 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited that I towed until 2 years ago. I then got a 2018 Jeep JK Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited and have been towing it since then. Both were automatics. When I bought the 2018 JK, the new JL Wrangler models had just come out. They were also flat towable. I picked the JK since they were clearing them out at a good discount. I think you will find that the Jeep Wranglers are one of the most common and most popular TOADs out there.
Just don't read about them in Consumer Reports! Every year they are listed at or near the bottom of their rankings in every category except Owner Satisfaction. They are usually at or near the top in this category.
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4wd Wranglers with either manual or automatic transmissions are built to be flat towed. In fact, in 2007, they even eliminated the steering lock mechanism so you don't have to tow with the key turned to the first position, as was required on earlier models.
There were a very limited number of 2wd Wranglers made up until about 2010. 2wd automatics are NOT flat towable since they do not have a transfer case to put in neutral. Those must be trailered or remove the drive shaft. 2wd manual transmission Wranglers ARE flat towable, since you can put the gearbox in neutral.
All Wranglers produced since 2010 are 4wd, so the late model you are considering is flat towable.
Never tow with a dolly! Flat tow or trailer only! Follow the flat tow directions in your owners manual! And get a reliable toad braking system with a breakaway feature.
Good luck!
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Definitely will NOT be using the dolly when we purchase the Wrangler. I will sell the VW GTI and use it as own payment for the Wrangler. I will also sell my dolly and use it to purchase the needed equipment to FLAT tow the Wrangler. I just want to make sure that there are no Wrangler models that cannot be flat towed for 2020 models.
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Definitely flat towable according to the owner’s manual. Transfer case in neutral, tranny in Park and tow away.

Page 415 at
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When we were looking for a toad, we were looking at a 2012 Jeep Liberty or a Dodge Nitro. Same body, same motor, same transmission with one exception. The Nitro had a different transfer case and was not towable 4-down. Thankfully, we did are research as you are now doing.

It would appear that the transfer case in Jeeps has not changed all that much and the transfer case can be put in neutral for towing. The two sites below should give you some pointers.

Happy toading!
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