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Flat or Dollie

which is safest and all around best flat or on a dolly. and i guess fuel economy matters also.
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My choice is a dolly, I have a RWD toad where the front spins free, pull it rear wheels on the dolly.
I can even backup a bit easier as DW can steer as I backup.
I just keep track of the mileage on the tires and swap front to back every 10k or so to wear even.

No mods or hardware to the toad and the toad also have a hitch I can just disconnect real quick, turn the dolly around and drive off.
I do strap the steering wheel with 2 bungee cords to the seat so it centers on every turn.
Got me some mag tail lights and put them in the hood, also monitor the tires on both dolly and toad with a single TPM.
Noticed no difference in mileage, cant comment on safety, we feel very safe as we drive the coach, and the backup camera looks at it all the time.

Happy travels
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there is a lot of folks that do one or the other, but there are actually many more who dolly simply because most any vehicle can be towed that way, and there's little modifications to the vehicle - though you must rent or own a dolly, and you must deal with it at every campground or rv park you stay at, if you are not in a pull-thru site. Mounting your vehicle can also be something you must get used to, and strapping down the wheels is sometimes an aggravation, especially when it's hot, humid, or raining.

those of us who have migrated from dollying to 4-downing have experienced both 'ways' of towing a vehicle. While the upfront cost to add the tow plate and tow bar is similar to the cost of a dolly, you don't have to then deal with a separate 'trailer' to deal with. Your coach is also only towing your vehicle and tow bar, and not an additional trailer, so you have less weight for the coach to pull. The speed and ease of attaching and detaching is a major plus.

Either way, it's not a deal breaker whichever you decide, it's usually more personal preference. Fuel mileage won't differ much, if any.

Try a dolly for a while, or even rent one from Uhaul for a trip or two, and you'll get the idea. For those who don't travel as much, maybe several trips per year, or mostly weekends or a few week long journeys, may find that a dolly is just a simple way to handle the extra vehicle without a lot of financial considerations for the long term.

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I just had to make that decision and it took lots of research. Dolly costs vs toad brakes, brackets, wiring and toad costs itself. Much to consider. I found a good 06 jeep liberty and out some money in it to make it roadworthy. Way more money than a dolly would have cost me.
My deciding factor was having to deal with the dolly after getting where we're going. The toad is much easier to deal with.
That's my experience. Good luck on your quest.
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We went the dolly route to start because it was cheaper. Now we are outfitting a Jeep to tow. I had no problems load and unloading, as I can get under the car easy enough. There were so many other issues- I like to unhook when we get close to a destination and with the dolly you can't tow it around empty. It is always in the way and another set of tires to maintain.
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I have 4 wheel down had a dolly too much work. I pull up extend the arm's pin then drive away they self lock after at camp ground nothing to put up. Safety 100 % better all 4 wheel braking help coach for better stopping less wear and tear on coach brakes.
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Dollies can be useful to have around even when not traveling/camping. But that's for guys like me with old used cars, no towing insurance or AAA, and do all my own repairs. If you have a $200,000+ setup you probably just want to buy and setup something specifically to flat tow. Heck half the cars I buy need a dolly or trailer just to get them home the first time LOL!
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I have decided on ACME tow dolly, initially because of the cost and the ability to tow multiple front wheel drive vehicles. We are on our third summer road trip and so far, no issues or problems. Drove the RV with towed 2012 VW GTI using the ACME Tow Dolly from Las Vegas to Vancouver BC and back Summer 2017, just finished this year's rad trip from Las Vegas to Alberta, Canada. Multiple trips to Grand Canyon, AZ and other nearby NP.

I purchased the electric brake model. Also installed an electric break away kit from Etrailer. I chose this model so I can manually apply the brakes to the dolly, if needed.

The only draw back is that I have to go under the car to install the safety chains. Someday when I get a bit older, I am not sure if that task will be easy to do. When that time come, I may have to switch to FLAT tow.
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The new Jeeps state not to be on tow dolly's only flat tow. that's is was this book says on 2015 4X4
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rr retired, we started out with our fwd crossover on a dolly for a little over a year, but it had high miles and was ready for pasture. It towed well and I replaced the frame safety chains that required going under to connect with load straps through the wheels. Start to finish I could load, tie down and be ready to go in 15 minutes. We replaced that crossover with a 2018 Acadia that tows flat in neutral. You start and let it idle 5 minutes every 5 hours of towing, which is once a day during a gas stop. No fuses to pull. Tows very well. Start to finish and ready to tow in half the time it took with the dolly. I didnít mind the dolly, but like flat towing better.

2017 SunSeeker 3010DS
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