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Thanks to everyone for the comments.
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Originally Posted by BigH View Post
Why would you try to influence a new guy that being overweight is safe? What personal satisfaction can you be getting from that? ...I can't even get my mind around it... The last thing I would want from me giving advice to someone would be for it to go poorly this comment!
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Originally Posted by dalford View Post
Your truck alone at CAT scale loaded weighs 6380 lbs. GVWR is rated at 7600 lbs. that means your payload remaining is 1220 lbs. 7600-6380lbs=1220lbs. This is empirical datea not from the stickers or manual. The real deal.

With your RV connected add the 2 truck axle weights and you get 8060lbs. You are over GVWR for your truck by 460lbs. You really can’t add more weight as you are over already. 460lbs is not that much especially compared to what I see on the road these days but it typically is not good to go over your axle ratings.

Actually your trailer weighs 8940lbs... add the pin weight to the trailer axle weight and you get 8940 lbs....
Right on. Great response to clarify the numbers. GAWR is an often-overlooked component of the whole equation. One that can be adjusted to some extent with a WDH on a bumper-pull but not with a 5er. Even if you're not over the GVWR of the vehicle, you can easily exceed the rear GAWR. It is concerning that the truck is 460 lbs overweight though. This is the issue with 1/2 tons and 5ers - even if the RV manufacturers tout them as "Half ton towable". Usually the only half ton capable of a 5er is a two wheel drive regular cab - which very few people go Rving with. Time for the truck and trailer to go on a diet!
Jeff Falkiner
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I didn't see where anyone mentioned to most important factors in hauling weight.
Combined gross weight.
It really makes no difference what your truck can haul, its how much can i carry, there is a difference. Read the label on the door.
Mine is a 2016 F350 SRW Crew Cab Platinum diesel with the extra heavy wieght package (11,500lbs).
The door sticker takes into account all options etc....
Mine can only hold 3,371 lbs of payload.....that trailer pin weight, occupants, gas, tools anything I put in the truck.
My trailer is a 2015 Palomino Revelation 3650 TH yoy hauler.
10,813 dry weight
4,037 payload
GVWR 14,900
The hitch weight is 2,650 when fully loaded (by the specs)
So, if I take 3,371 and deduct 2,650 that leaves 721lbs to load into my truck (people, hitch, etc) or I'm overloaded.

If you look at the spect of my truck, they advertise I can haul 26,500 lbs....but that does not take into consideration the pin weight...
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If you intentionally operate your vehicle with loads that exceed the published ratings, insurance companies are within their rights to deny claims and cancel your policy. They will assert that damages and injuries were the result of overloading. You will have a difficult, if not impossible, task proving otherwise.

Most of us don't have the resources to handle the kind of damages that could accrue. And you don't even want to think about what an ambulance chaser will do to you if someone else was hurt in the process.

If you are willing to take on total liability for anything that may happen when you're towing, then go for it. Me? I don't exceed the specified ratings.
Mark Wilson

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Why did these flip? they are correct in my photo album.....
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Originally Posted by livin the good life View Post
CincyGus I see you drive a 2020 2500 LTZ. How do you like it? Pros and Cons Is it a gas or diesel? I have been looking at the 2X4 and the 4X4 versions. From all the comments, I need to buy a bigger truck or smaller bumper pull . In for a bath either way. DW not happy.
I love it. It's gas. Has significantly more payload (3338 lbs) than the 2015 GMC Denali Duramax (2235 lbs) I traded in. I traded it in due to repeated def contamination and sensor issues. No it doesn't pull me up a 6% hill at the same speed I hit the bottom of the hill at, but it gets me to the top with my 10k toy hauler without losing too much speed. The main thing it doesn't do is it doesn't have an message on my screen telling me my speed is going to be reduced to 65 and then 55 mph over the course of the next 200 miles. Especially when I'm 600 miles from home

I just wasn't lucky enough, patient enough and rich enough to continue to fight the DEF and sensor issues experience I had. 4 months, 3 separate times and back in the shop it would go for a couple weeks while they tried something new the GM engineer suggested. Their mistake was giving me the 2020 Gas 3/4 ton LTZ as a loaner. That sparked the new course of action.
2020 Chevrolet 2500 LTZ, 2019 Forest River Wolfpack 23Pack15, 2014 EZGO Golf Cart.
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Looking at this it appears my Expedition is more capable a tow vehicle than this F150. Max towing capacity is 9300 pounds. I won't two a trailer weighing more than 7300 pounds.

-- Chuck
2006 Roo 23SS behind a 2017 Ford Expedition
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Originally Posted by livin the good life View Post
I have seen several posts on here about people getting help with their tow truck numbers. I hope that someone can help with my confusion.

My truck is a 2015 1500 Silverado LTZ with a 6.2L, 8sp, integrated brake controller, tow haul mode and max trailering package. These are the numbers from my owners manual and driver door post.
Truck: GVWR 7600
GAWRF 3950
GAWRR 4300
CCC 1982
GCWR 17,700
UVW 8162
CCC 1960
GROSS 10,122

GROSS 15,320

When I subtract the drive axle weight of the truck from the drive axle weight of the 5th wheel I get a pin weight of 1720 which should leave me 262 lbs more available cargo weight in my truck. When you look at the drive axle with the 5th wheel I am already over my GAWRR by 180 lbs. I can't add more weight. Primetime states the UVW is 8162 but loaded for a two week trip my trailer only weighed 7260. I travel with empty tanks. Could that be the difference? Thanks for any and all help.
The app RV Tow Check, by Fifth Wheel Street, will give you the answers you need. I think it costs $2. There are others as well. Fifth wheel street also has a lot of useful resources on their web page.
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You are 460 pounds over your trucks GVWR. That is dangerously over specs.
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the Yellow door sticker is the Bible for your truck, if you are over the CCC of 1960 lbs you are over weight. it is just that simple .
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I'm also going to chime in here with "you don't have enough truck".
Sounds like you need to find a truck with at least 2500 pounds of cargo capacity. That is approaching 1 ton territory.
Of someone runs a red light and t-bones you, you will be at fault. Any time you are towing one of the first questions from an officer is how much did it weight? and what are the ratings? I have watched the state patrol scale wrecked trailers.
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