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Originally Posted by thebrakeman View Post
I agree with you, that these discussions often lose sight of what the OP was asking for. However, you must admit that the same things happens when someone starts a discussion asking for advise on a WDH that won't break the bank. Hennesley (sp?) and Propride users come out of the woodwork to tell them they are silly to spend 10's of thousands of dollars on a truck and trailer, and not get the best WDH, regardless of cost. We all do this. It's part of discussion threads. As long as people aren't being nasty, it's OK.

For my parts, I was not so much pooh-poohing any hitch, as much as cautioning those reading about how any hitch might be used with negative tongue weight ("not that I/you would"), and be assured of a flawless tow.
I don't tell anyone they are silly. If they mention price (As in "what's the best WDH for the money") then I'll recommend the Reese Dual Cam. Worked very well on my prior (smaller) camper. Got a tad overwhelmed with the new one (yes, yes, I know. Some people pull 8329's with regular WDH's just fine). But if they ask "What hitch controls sway the best" then I got to go with the high-dollar big dogs.

I will admit that owing one of these hitches does tend to make you a zealot for them. It's hard to keep that in check sometimes. Especially when people spout of with "Well, I've towed fully loaded warehouses down the road for 82 years with nothing but a straight up ball hitch and no WDH and I've never had a sway once with that. Not even thru hurricane Daisy. And if that's good enough for me, it's GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!!!"

well... maybe not in those exact words.


P.s. The negative weight thing came from a video on youtube. We have all seen the model car/trailer on the treadmill, and the guy shows how nice it pulls with adequate tongue weight, and then moves a weight from the tongue to the back and it goes completely out of control. Right?

There is a similar video of a model car and trailer with a model Hensley hitch. And its waaaayyyy heavy on the back end (judging by the weight on it) and it still does not sway even a bit. Again, not that I would do it (or could even figure out how I could) , but I have 100% confidence that if I could get my tongue weight down to zero, or even just a few pounds negative, I still would have a smooth pull with no sway.

Of course start getting a couple hundred pounds negative weight (enough to unload the rear axle) and sway will be the least of your concerns.

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I have a Hensley. It does not compare to a traditional weight distribution hitch. Trailer sway with one is comparable to fifth wheel. The only drawback is that it mover the trailer further back from the truck. While that will not change the performance of the hitch I feel that it does or can change the fuel milage ( the bug splatters are now lower on the trailer). It does let me open the tailgate completely though, I am not sure that is a good thing. I've been known to forget to close it.
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I agree that it did move the TT back about 12", they say a longer rig is easier to back up. I have not noted any significant change in my fuel mileage and the TT sits about the same height as it did with the equalizer so bug splatters have not been noticeable. I just really like the Hensley!
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equalizer, hensley

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