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How to correct sagging in the middle with Load Balancing Hitch

Husky 32218 Center Line TS with Spring Bars - 800 lb. to 1,200 lb. Tongue Weight. My tongue weight factory is 730lbs but I have upgraded to 2 huge batteries in the front and will be adding a second propane tank, so I expect to be somewhere in the 850-900lb weight.

Right now, its probably at about 800lbs.

Anyhow, installed it according to instuctions, measurements, watched all the videos, etc, did it by the book and it looked great and level in the driveway, however, the driveway has a small downhill slant like any other driveway to shed water.

Once I got out on the road, it performs GREAT! I love the hitch, does , what it is supposed to, however, on level road, or parking lot it has about a 1.5 inch sag in the front, over the back. In otherwords it doesn not set level flat, same in front and rear of RV, instead about 1.5 in droop at the ball over the rear end of the trailer, so its sagging in the middle and you can see it and the bubble meter shows this also.

My question is, do I go up 1 notch on the ball, because the instructions say to do this, or do I go up or down on the two large spring bar mounts on the tongue?

One problem I did have, was when I followed the instructions, it placed the two L bars too high on the tongue and I could not get the spring bars to pop over it, even after lifting the truck practically off the ground with the electric hitch jack. I ended up lowering those 2 L bars on the tongue 2 notches down. So if you look at the truck and trailer from the side, the bars are level . almost perfecting parallel with the tongue, and you do not see a noticeably bend upwards or downwards on the spring bars.

This makes it much easier to get the bars up and it is now like the video where I have to pop the spring bars up about 2 inches after raising the tongue quite high which also lifts the back of the truck.

So is there a problem with my spring adjustments or should I just go up one notch on the ball hitch itself. The instructions say to go up on the ball but I tightened the bolts to the whopping 380 ft lbs it said.
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Depends. If your current hitch set up is correctly redistributing the weight, then I would say go up a notch on your ball. Just be sure not to raise the nose of the trailer above level.
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Thanks, and thats what the manual says to do also.

Yes, the hitch works very well, night and day difference! It just sags about an inch in the front when on the road or a flat parking lot. You don't notice it but you can see it when parked, and also its not level on the bubble indicators either.

Ok, I will try that then.

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Oh, one other thing... If you raise the ball hitch, you will also need to raise the brackets on the trailer tongue by the same amount in order to maintain the same weight distribution.
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Originally Posted by axleman View Post
Depends. If your current hitch set up is correctly redistributing the weight, then I would say go up a notch on your ball. Just be sure not to raise the nose of the trailer above level.
However, I would change one thing at a time. Move the ball up a little, then test fit the TT and spring bars at their current settings.
When I got my new TV, 2019 F150 SCrew shortbed, I test fit my WDH with as was settings from my former TV, a 2008 Explorer. I took the rig to the level high school parking lot, measured everything with and without the WDH bars. TT was within 1/2" of level, wheel wells were within specs. I was lucky Unladen TV ball height was just under one inch difference.
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I'm not familiar with the Husky hitch. But, if you're happy with how it handles and you're within all the weight limits (a trip to a CAT scale to verify would be a good idea), I would call it good. 1.5" down in the front is really a pretty small difference from level. As long as it isn't high in the front, you should be good. It's not always possible to get everything exactly level.
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The "L" brackets should be set so that the bars are parallel to the trailer tongue so it sounds like you now have it correct.
When the trailer is sitting level measure the height of the coupler and set the top of the towing ball at the same height or slightly higher (not lower.)
It sounds like you are close on the tuning.
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i have the same husky as you do, my tongue weight is the same also, it sounds like you are close, you do want the tongue level or slightly down from the back or you will induce sway, use a tape measure and compare front to rear, the L brackets on mine are adjusted level for the bars, the only thing i did was add 1 extra washer to the hitch to lower the bars a bit more which put more tension on them so now im slightly nose down about a inch and my return height on the front is within a 1/4 inch, worked for me
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Close Enough

The trade off with working to get that last inch, to be perfectly level, could result in a much more difficult hitch to deal with.
I used to drive my rear wheels of my, TV, onto blocks of wood or onto a speed hump, to help take tension off the bars, when hooking or unhooking.
With my 2500 HD truck a slight sag was nothing to be concerned with. Other than the headlights being slightly higher, what's the problem? Often pulled without the bars at all, on shorter trips. Just kept the speed a touch lower.
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