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newRVer, chances are it was first activated when FR installed it and checked it for operational or the delivery driver when taking it to your dealer. But with such a current purchase, you may have the current maps. If not, you should be able to get it either way. Just don't delay.
Enjoy the new Foester.
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Quick update on my attempt to upgrade the NAV Maps in my Jensen dash system. After following all the directions here I hit a bit of a snag on the Navi Toolbox. So while it recognized that the existing 4G card was not big enough to hold the updates, I could not figure out how to take it out of the computer and replace it with a larger card while still having the Navi toolbox software stay connected to the device. My workaround was to copy the files from the 4G card to my computer and then recopy them back to the larger 16G card that I bought. Once I did this and connected the 16G card to the Toolbox software, I received the message as shown in the attached file.

Woo Hoo! Looks like I will be getting the update!!!!!

This screen popped up automatically and I did not have to do a thing except login. The update took about 45 minutes and it used somewhere between 4-5G. I noticed that the number of files increased after the update from 464 to 575 but I'm not yet sure what the extra files are for.

I need to take the RV to get a NJ window inspection sticker tomorrow so I'll be able to test the new software a bit to see if there are any noticeable changes.

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It's great that you got it to work. FYI, your "workaround" is the way it is supposed to work. They don't really tell you this - but you figured it out perfectly.

The software looks for the existence of the "old" files and I'm sure some software license info to verify that you're a valid user. So, you need to copy the original MicroSD card's contents to any new MicroSD card you wish to use.
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RRG - Thank you

Originally Posted by RGG View Post
Yes. I had a desktop computer with a built-in Micro-SD Card reader and it worked fine. After I bought the one year subscription to map updates, I removed the 4G Micro from the Jensen unit and, using the Navi toolbox tried to update the system... it all worked fine until I realized that the update required quite a bit more than 4G... I made sure I did a full backup of the 4G version, ran to my local Staples and bought a 8G Micro-SD (real cheap... you can get bigger), restored the software onto the bigger Micro-SD card (you get an alert that says you are only supposed to install this on one system... bypass this as this is exactly whet you are trying to do). Once restored, I redid the update and everything worked fine. I then re-installed the card in the Jensen unit, turned it on and, voila, I had an updated system... so far it has worked very well... takes a bit of getting used to the software configs which are different than my other GPSs and the manual is not very helpful on some details, but I was able to figure most things out. My only problem so far was driving thru Chicago (from Wisconsin I90 to Michigan I94)... darned thing made us hit all the toll booths... at least 10+ of them... I don't mind tolls usually, but this was ridiculous... it clearly does not factor in the wait times and stop-restart times very well... live and learn... avoid Chicago tolls!).

Hope this helps...

Thank you for posting this. I've got the SAME problem... insufficient space.
I wondered about this 2 months ago prior to a trip but was too short on time to investigate it. I was getting NO HELP from NaviExtras.com! I finally demanded a complete refund through my VISA card customer service. Got it.

A FULL week and a half later I finally hear from NaviExtras... got an email with a "form letter" apoligizing for being late with a response... no help what so ever! Uggggg!

So, your suggestion will be tried tomorrow. I'll post the results here for anyone else who is interested.

- Gary
Gary and Becky

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Originally Posted by RVing555 View Post
I'll post the results here for anyone else who is interested.
- Gary
You should have no problem when you simply use a larger (8gb) microSD card. There are a number of posts about this here and a good number of us have already succeeded at doing this. The only "trick" is that you have to copy the "old" backup from the 4gb card onto the new 8gb microSD card before the Navi Toolbox software will recognize the new card and allow it to be updated.

And be prepared for the update to take a while. I did mine overnight and awoke to the completed process.

Also, when I updated mine it contained updates for the whole World of maps and since I don't plan on driving my RV in Europe, Asia or Australia I selected just North America. I don't really plan on driving in Mexico but living in South Texas you never know. Canada is very likely.
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I never did like the Jensen user interface. Having it replaced with a Kenwood. Lost the dvd functionality with the newer model.
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We purchased an 09 FEH a few years back and it has a Jensen VM9726BT installed. Everything has worked great with it. The only exception is that when we purchased the vehicle, the MicroSD card was missing (which contains the Map file). I'm assuming someone decided they needed a MicroSD card and reformatted it and used it for something else. Unfortunately, I'd suggest to all those out there who are thinking of doing the same, not to. Apparently, the software on these MicroSD cards have a security feature programmed into them which tethers it to the exact unit. (Maybe, I think?)

So, I've been searching for a MicroSD card with the map for over two years now. I've been watching ebay for an old used unit that may still contain one. For the record, from my understanding, the card reader in the Jensen unit only supports up to 8GB MicroSD Cards.

I had reached out to Jensen and this was their reply:
unfortunately, we no longer have the software for this unit. We do apologize.
This will have to be done directly through naviextras.com:

Then, I reached out to Navi:

On Dec 7, 2016 9:05 AM, "Naviextras Support" <support@ticket.naviextras.com> wrote:

Thank you for your interest in our products!

My name is Nicole, please excuse me for the delayed response.

Due to security reasons our software can only be run off the original, manufacturer-supplied SD card. It is not possible to use or update the navigation system with a blank SD card. If you did not receive an SD card with your Jensen device, I kinldy ask you to turn to Jensen for a new card.

Thank you for your kind understanding. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Based on the information available to us we now consider this ticket closed. However, if you feel that your question remains unanswered, please do not hesitate to reopen it by replying to this email. Should you have other inquiries regarding another issue, please open a new ticket through Naviextras.com or through Naviextras Toolbox.

Fill out our Customer Satisfaction Survey and receive a discount coupon code at the end!
Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards,
Naviextras® Support

I responded: Doesn't Navi supply the original Jensen cards? I was directed by Jensen support that a blank sd card would work and that the software for it could be downloaded through Navi? Is this incorrect?

I'm not sure what to do as Jensen is redirecting me to Navi and Navi is redirecting me to Jensen.

Navi's Reply:
Thank you for your message.

I would like to inform you that without the original navigation files (which are located on the pre-installed SD card) you are not able to make a blank SD card work properly. In case a customer has the original card or at least a backup of the original contents, we can make a blank SD card work.

Besides this, as you have not registered your device with Naviextras Toolbox yet, we are not able to make a restore about your pre-installed contents, as we do not have information about your individual license details.

I kindly advise you to turn to Jensen for a manufacture-provided card. Their support contact information is the following:


Thank you for your kind understanding. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards,
Naviextras® Support

I would gladly pay the $59 for a new micro sd card or $79 for the new 2019 map if I could simply install it on my 8GB MicroSD card and insert it into our jensen. ( We have an external Garmin we use currently, but the wife wants the gps on the display instead of another device... trying to make happy).

If there is anyone who would be willing to make a copy of all the files on their sd card and provide a link to say their Google Drive with the files, I'd really appreciate it. I may be able to backup those files onto my microsd card and then be able to purchase a new map on the Navie site and actually use the Map setting on my Jensen Unit.

Any advice, input, suggestions, or shared files would be greatly appreciated. This has been a thorn in my side for over two years now.

thanks in advance,
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