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Manga dyne

Wondering if anyone knows how to save settings in the magnadyne? We love the unit but have to change from miles to km each time we reload the GPS. Any suggestions?

Also one further improvement for the future would buy a small, cheap dedicated clock so one doesn't need to scroll through the menus to find the time... A simple suggestion.

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Another improvement would be the ability to update the map software through the USB port w/o having to disassemble the whole system. The clock is on the GPS screen while not-navigating. It should be ther on the 'Navigating; screen also.

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There was a revision to the Magnadyne. The SD card no longer lives in the back of the unit but lives in the front SD slot. It means you cannot use the front SD slot for music, but you also no longer need to remove the unit to update the firmware.

When our unit broke, the replacement unit we received from Magnadyne was the newer model. The display is a bit better on the new unit too. In general the new unit is working really well for us. We still need to figure out Bluetooth, as our phones do not yet see the Magnadyne.

I agree a persistent clock in map view is needed. There is an overview screen available by pressing in the lower left region of the map screen that puts up a neat summary view of various parameters. But, the map goes away. But, this summary screen does have the time on it.

We are on week three of a four week cross country and are not at all disappointed by the Magnadyne. Our first unit had the well-advertised issues with lock-up and overall stability, but the newer improved unit with latest firmware is working very well.

I will close by saying the sound quality and amplification of the Magnadyne is impressive. Watching a movie with the TV speakers off and the five RV speakers plus sub on sounds really good.
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Those miles-kilometer issues were addressed by the update I think. I posted the Magnadyne contact info in the Magnadyne post.
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Question Have GPS only ON?

Thought this would be a good place to throw a related question in.
Once turned on the last item playing starts up again.
IE: the radio or the cd player, which is fine.
But sometimes we don't want any music playing. The music will cut out and the directions come through from the GPS, and then the music comes back on, which is normal.
My question is -how do you turn off anything that is playing
(ie: the radio) and just have the GPS on to hear the travel directions when needed.
Just got back from a trip and had to have the radio, cd or mp3 player on at all times.
Thanks for any help.
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Mike and Molly -Select AV1, or AV2, or any other source that is not playing. This source will be silent and the only thing you will hear are the GPS prompts.

My DW, incidentally, found a way to display time on the screen. This is what she did.

1 - From the screen that has the maps
2 - Look at lower left and you'll see a small icon that resembles a compass
3 - Press it (BTW - I think what is really going on is you press in the lower left area that is bounded by white lines and that is displaying the three top to bottom parameters.)
4 - This takes you to the screen that has 7 or 8 parameters and that summarizes the trip. This screen has speed, miles left, current time, etc.
5 - She was driving, but I saw that she was pushing on these individual items, and in so doing she was able to select which three of these items would show up on the map screen. Note that you can also influence the order of these three icons back at the map screen from this screen. There is a bar with three tacked squares next to each item. As you push the item you will see that one of the three squares that make up the bar goes white. This is showing the relative position of each of these items back at the map screen.
6 - Once back at the map screen, in the lower left area, you see the three items you have selected for display.
7 - If you de-select the compass icon, it will not be there on the map screen, but whatever you selected to be in its place you can push to re-enter this view. Here again, what I notice is the region that is the three items and that is bounded by the white lines, in the lower left of the map screen, seems fair game to push on to get you to the screen that allows you to control the visibility of items in this corner of the map screen.
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Thanks, That was a great help.
Drive safe....

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