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Potential Buyers - Options - to Look For

As I check out posts about the Georgetowns I've noticed a few things that might help someone when they're thinking about purchasing a Georgetown. What used to be standard features are now options and some options available now were not available when we made our purchase. Please add your observations, it could help someone make their decision easier.

On our 2007 Georgetown the following were standard features but are now options or not available.
1. Automatic Transfer Switch for Generator / Shore Power - Current models require plugging the shore line cord into a box inside the compartment to use the generator.
2. Artic Pak: This was a FORCED OPTION ? Don't know why they would call it an option if you had to have it.
3. Compartment Lights. We have lights in every compartment with the exception of the Propane Compartment. This includes one under the hood and one in the trunk.
4. Trunk was standard. Spare tire was an option. Both are gone now.
5. Manual Visors- What a waste, couldn't reach those things while driving if I was 8 feet tall. Now there's Power Visors, not sure if standard now or option.

2007 Georgetown 370TS

Driver: Charlie
Navigator: Sheri
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Kanadian Kamper
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Talking Options

1. I like and understand the Automatic Transfer feature that is no longer.........but not sure it's enough of a feature to worry about.
2. Haven't had to use this feature yet............hope it does what it's supposed to do if/when I do.
3. Compartment lights are something I'm going to add on my own........you just know you'll need them sometime. However, if I was to arrive at a campsite late at night, there's only a few essential compartments I'd need to access until morning, so I'll just equip those ones.
4. Trunk space dimensions seemed to be larger than the remaining compartments, so it might have been nice.
5. Yeah the standard visors are a waste. I also drive a school bus part time, and their visors are no better. I can get by with a baseball hat with brim, or just pull over for awhile and wait for the sun to set!

Ken and Terry
2018 Sunseeker 2430S
and might rarely get pushed by our 2017 GMC Terrain toad (4 wheels down)
Former Georgetown 330TS owner for 10 years with more mods than I can count.
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Our 2008 Georgetown has all of those options and the auto switchover and lights in the compartments helps when setting up in the evenings. The spare tire is still in the compartment. hope I never have to use it. we added shaded plastic sunvisors to the sunvisor and they help. We also ordered ours with dual windows and have camped in northern Florida during the winter in 0 degree weather and stayed warm. In fact the electric fireplace shuts down our heater if we turn it up.

Ken and Velda
Dahlgren, VA.
2008 Georgetown XL 378
2010 Ford Escape Limited
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Forgot the double-pane tinted windows. We added two Smart Visors up front with the remote control. I installed them about a month after we received our unit.

2007 Georgetown 370TS

Driver: Charlie
Navigator: Sheri
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For some reason they change the options all the time. For the new Georgetowns, they're listed in the brochure on the Forest River website. The only forced option, which isn't shown that way on the brochure and costs extra, we had on our new one on order was the electric visors. Don't know if there are compartment lights or not.
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I added compartment lights to mine. Just small push on LED's. If I leave it on no worries about the house battery. I had the power sunshade installed. I had automatic transfer on my C and do miss it when I start the gennie and stil have no electric in the coach duh.
2010 373DS
Master Tow with 2008 Nissan Altima
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When we ordered our 378ts in Feb we ordered the compartment lights.
Cile & John
2011 378TS on order
2005 Buick LaCrosse
Scotty-Georgia Brown
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While I would love to have the powered visors, a baseball hat works as well into the sun. When the light comes in from the side I just pull the curtain around a little and use a big paper U clip to keep the pull rod from banging around.

I don't get the need for a transfer switch. When I hit a park I have to pull out the cord to plug in. When I leave I have to put it away. Putting the plug into a socket in the compartment so the generator is connected doesn't feel like much work since I'm there anyway. Now figure out an automated way to dump tanks and become a millionaire.

Arctic pak? If I were in places that cold sure.

It took me about 6 months to figure out that we had compartment lights and closet lights. Talk about not needing something. I am sympathetic about leaving them on too. Been there done that. Now I just don't use them.

Full timers of course have different needs and our conveniences are their necessities.

The on/off switch for the A.C. power on the water heater is a whole different issue. My anode gets eaten away rapidly. It was thinner than a pencil when I first checked it. The new one inch thick rod is showing deep pits after only 9 months of infrequent use. I drain the heater every time we button up. So I'm at the heater anyway and hitting the switch after water fills up is no biggie. AC I've paid for when I park. Propane is an extra cost so I always use the AC. I just read that using both recovers your hot water faster. Wonder if that's accurate. Seems sensible.

No carpeting in the rig would be my other choice. Three big dogs going to agility trials makes for lots of dirt. Hardwood would have been nice. $10,000 to retrofit isn't. Throw rugs are cheaper.

Just my two cents.
2007 391TS UFO Chassis
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When we were looking at MHs this spring, I found it humorous at what each salesman proclaimed was an "upgrade" or at least better than the competitor.

The one piece windshield was a HUGE benefit according to those that were selling MHs that had them.

"Solid surface counter tops" was another.

The "Arctic Pack" was as well.

Our 2011 G'town 280DS has those but we didn't purchase it because of them. I can see where the Arctic Pack would be handy after dewinterizing and having a few below freezing nights in the spring.

The Water Heater is gas only.

The temp control for the fridge is a little thingy you slide up & down on the metal fan looking things inside the fridge. It looks like a cheap cost cutting deal.

No auto transfer between genny & electric and we have to plug in from the coach to the coach but I don't think that's a big deal.

We do have a storage bin near the door that has an electric outlet & connection for a TV.

I haven't looked but I don't think we have lights in the "basement".

The big PITA so far that I've run across is the stupid placement for the water filter!

We do not have power visors but we do have heated mirrors...

IMO, the manufacturer adds/modifies options as necessary to reduce their costs and then promotes them as if they were added to enhance the camping experience!

Enjoying the great outdoors with one hubby and 2 boxers!
2011 Georgetown 280DS
2010 Jeep Wangler 4x4 Toad
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We have a 2008 378XL TS, It has the automatic electrical transfer, compartment lights, rear trunk space, no spare came with it and I don't need it. that's what road service is for if needed.
Installed power sun visors that come all the way dowm to the dash. Even installed one on each side window.

Use trunk space for cleaners, extra oil, and whatever else I can put on the two shelves, oh I added a piece of 1x6 to the shevles to keep things in place.

I also installed a full width mud guard. A light switch in bathroom and DVR to the front TV, Replaced cheap tv in bedroom with a 22" Sony with DVD player.
Put cheap tv in basement on a pull out arm, for watching tv outside.

I flipped the door on the compartment over the fireplace and use it as a secretary desk. Added a lite piece of chain to hold it up in case I lean on it to hard. That's also where I keep my laptop and my DVR and all other do dadds for usb's external hard drive etc. etc.

Things I don't care about, 1. The pull out sofa bed, just the sofa is a royal pain, with cushions that won't stay put. I would like to replace it with a double recliner with storage in the middle.

The driver and passenger seats that don't turn all the way around.

And oh yeh trying to add oil to the engine, what a hassle.

Now after saying all that, for the money it's a lot of coach. Best one we had so far.

1st a 99 Gulfstream Sunvoyager and 04 Southwind 32V

2000 Jeep Limted (Which I think I'll replace this year)
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A list of options would have been of great help to me when I was buying my Georgetown 300 last year. My experience was limited to setting up a tent, and of course you don't get straight answers from most sales folks if the option is not on the unit they are selling! Not knowing what most of these things really did made it an east decision to think I didn't need it.

I bought entry level not knowing if would use/need all the bells and whistles, and I'm still learning. I bought my rig mainly for boondocking but wanted to be comfortable in an RV park also. It came without an inverter, surge protector, automatic transfer switch, artic pac, or compartment lights. I have since added all but the artic pac..... plus a solar system and automatic generator start capability.

All of this adds up to a lot of money as you know! When dealing on a new rig, all of these add-ons are a good negotiating tool once a deal is close. For example, my MH did not have levelers either, but the dealer added them on for $1,000 bucks, much less than I would have paid later.

My point is, if you don't have prior experience RVing, most of this stuff is "greek" without an explanation. That's where this forum could help with a list of options and recommendations based on group knowledge!!!

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A couple more featuresnthat need rethinking by Forest River.
1. How many of you folks have wrestled with that ungodly plastic sheathed 50 Amp power cord. It is nearly impossible to drag it out of the port hole in the bottom of the compartment and even more difficult to put it away when youm are getting ready to leave. Especially when it is not 80 degrees outside. I wish they had an optional rubber sheathed cord like most other RV's. I'm replacing mine with a rbber coated cord.
2. Now that I have used my coach the levelling system that FR have used I find it is is pretty anemic(sp). In hindsisght I would have opted for the HWH system if it were offered. The control panel for the jacks used in my 2010 Georgetown 350 TS have only one adjustment, upward. If you find you have gone too high then you must retact all the jacks and start the leveling process all over again. It's a real PITA. Also the piston rams in the leveling jacks are not strong enough to give you a nice stable feel in the coach once the leveling is done. The coach wobbles around like it is on stilts. I'm sure they user the term leveling jacks versus stabilizer jacks for this reason.
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Auto Transfer Switch

Our 2008 has the auto transfer switch for the generator, and I wouldn't want to be without it! Here's two big pluses for having the switch....What if you get to your park and the weather is really lousy out. I wouldn't want to be out in the rain fooling with the cord for the shore power, nor would I want to be outside switching plugs in the electrical compartment - I get to sit inside my cozy rv and fire up the generator till the weather clears. Also hasn't anyone enjoyed the pleasure of firing up the generator while tooling down the highway and using the microwave? Just some of life's little pleasures!
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I definitely agree with the automatic transfer switch, also an inverter and surge protector. Mine came as the type that had to plug in the receptacle to complete the circuit. I had that rewired so it's one less thing to worry about. I didn't know that levelers/stabilizers came with an option to lower independently, wish I had that too!
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I don't know about other leveling jack systems but the HWH hydraulic jacks we had in our previous coach let you raise or lower them as needed. The jacks that FR uses you can raise them incrementally but you can't lower them incrementally. As I said this is a real PITA. because if you need to adjust it downward the only option it to retact all jacks and start over.
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