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What do you eat?

This may be a weird question......but I'm curious what everyone cooks (lunch/dinner) while camping on a typical Fri. check in, to Sun. check out weekend trip?
Looking for some new ideas.
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a lot! and washed down with too much rum probably....

that's a pretty broad question, because it depends on where we are and what time of the year it is....

I always grill on Friday check in....and I always have coffee and something with eggs for breakfast.....everything else is up for argument....

my wife generally makes a meal list so we can shop ..we like to use the oven and make homemade pizza or pop in a frozen lasagna in the cooler weather as it heats the trailer too...

in the summer I try and use my pellet smoker or outside kitchen as much as possible.....even with 2 a/c that lil oven can puff some btu's into the cabin.....especially with 4 human btu machines!
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I have a menu template that I fill out before leaving. This lets me plan what I'm having each day. My typical weekend will depend on what time I'm heading out on Friday. If it's late, then dinner that night will be a simple spaghetti or pick up a pre-cooked chicken or something if we're shopping on the way up. Saturday and Sunday breakfasts are usually cereal, toasts or instant oatmeal. Saturday lunch either out on the town if we're going places or simple sandwiches. Saturday dinner is the only one that changes up. Some times it'll be simple dogs and burgers (especially if we're out on the town that day) other times I'll do chicken, steaks, chops or the like. Sometimes baked potatoes, sometimes no starch. During corn season I'll try to get some corn on the cob going. One weekend I even did chicken stir fry on the griddle. It all depends on what you feel like having.
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wife has a menu, but we mostly are away from the camp site all day and it is easier just to grab a bite to eat at any good restaurant in the area, we do breakfast and sometimes lunch at the camper, on a average 1 week trip we might cook dinner only twice. but lots of s'mores are made at night...
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My wife has a menu planned and bought before every trip. Most everything we do is outside. We do use the oven some, but have as of yet to use the top of the stove.

Breakfast - Pancakes, its what the grandkids want every trip if they are with us. Otherwise for us a bowl of cereal.

Lunch - Sandwiches of some sort and chips, ham, tuna, or PB&J

For Fall break Supper:

Wednesday - Grilled steak and Baked Potato with veggies
Thursday - Hamburgers
Friday - Hot Dogs and Chili
Saturday - Fish night. If I don't catch much, there is Tilapia in the freezer.
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friday night check in is usually something easy like grilled cheese or deli sandwiches. breakfast most days is cereal although we might do eggs and bacon (on the grill), pancakes or french toast on the grill. Lunches are usually PBJ or deli sandwiches. Dinners are usually hamburgers, hotdogs, steak, lamb chops, ribs, sausage, pullled pork or something I can think to grill or smoke. I will make mashed potatoes, double baked potatoes, baked beans, grilled corn, bring along premade potato salad, cook veggies, or have tomato and cucumber salad etc. You can grill veggies or cook them on the stove. I have been known to make hash brown casserole for breakfast for a rally or two. I have also been known to make my blue cheese bacon dip for a rally in the past. It really just depends on how fancy or simple you want to go and what kind of dishes and supplies you want to deal with.
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On check in day, usually do a quick in town meal (restaurant or fast food).

Next couple of days, always eat breakfast in camper...where lunch is depends on activity - if around camper then usually sandwiches, etc.., if out exploring - local eatery (non franchise establishment) is our choice.

Dinners, usually fire up the grill while the wife whips up sides inside the camper.
Always smores and treats at night

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This week: King Crab leggs on Friday, smoking baby backs Saturday, probably a roast on Sunday.

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Ah. One of my favorite topics - outdoor cookin!! It's been more than a while since I did a weekender, but if you want some new and easy ideas... How about making up some kebabs the night or morning before you head out. A little beef, onion, green/red pepper, shrimp, mushrooms, red taters, etc. They cook up really quickly on the grill with pretty much no effort. Lightly coat with your favorite bar-b-que sauce the last minute, then serve with some lightly grill toasted bread. French, sourdough, whatever.

If you're able to have a campfire, one of my all time favorite no effort meals (actually I do them quite often) is a ground oven stew/chili. That's where you heat rocks in your morning fire, dig a shallow hole about 2 feet deep and a good few inches larger than your dutch oven. When you've got a good collection of coals going shovel a few into the hole to cover the bottom a couple of inches, place your hot rocks in the coal bed for your dutch oven to sit on... spoon in some coals around the sides and cover the top of your dutch oven with more coals, then bury it all. If you see smoke coming up through the ground add more dirt. Tip - don't forget to mark the spot so people don't trample over it and you don't loose your dinner.

You want at least 6-8 hours of cook time, but the longer the better. You don't have to worry about overcooking.

Just use whatever your favorite recipe might be. I prefer it simple.. potatoes, carrots, onion, celery, peppers, chopped garlic, 2-3" corn on the cob rounds, then whatever protein I have on hand. For a change up I like to use chicken backs, frozen whole gutted fish cut into 2 inch wide strips, elk or moose ribs, oxtail, roast, whatever floats your boat. Then you just cover with water, add your favorite seasonings, then bury it!

The really nice thing about it is you don't have to have a schedule. You've got maybe 20-30 minutes of prep in the morning, then you get back to camp when you get back.. you're probably tired, and there you have a hot delicious meal just waiting on you.

If you're real ambitious, use a smaller dutch oven and drop in a beef/elk/moose tongue with seasoning, cover with water and bury it along side. Now you've got delicious tongue hoagies for Sunday lunch before you pack up and head out.

Might sound crazy, but I'll guarantee you it's some of the best stew/chili you'll every have.

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We bring beef, chicken, and pork. Depending what type of cut's we have we either BBQ or cook a gravy. My favorite gravy to cook is a stuffed beef tongue. I usually cook it at least 6 hours. I start it early so it gives me an excuse to pop a top and stir the pot while sipping an ice cold Shiner, Becks, Stella or what ever I have packed in the yeti!
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Here's our menu for the upcoming trip.

Drive all day Wed
Wed dinner - grilled fish with coleslaw
Thurs breakfast - eggs and bacon with toast
Thur lunch - out on town
Thurs dinner - brats and salad
Fri breakfast - eggs and sausage
Fri lunch - out on town
Fri dinner - rotisserie chicken over the campfire, macaroni salad and spinach salad
Sat breakfast - cornbeef hash and hashbrown potatoes (wife favorite campfood and serious carb loadup)
Sat lunch - sandwiches and chips
Sat dinner - dutch oven chili or stew (can't decide) with cornbread and toss salad
Sun Breakfast - oatmeal then hit the road
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European weenies upon check-in are a mandatory occurance around here. Whether over a fire, or on the bbq it doesn't really matter. Topped with a healthy serving of saurkraut, and "paired with" a good cold beer. To me, this is the essence of camping...a hot diggity dog and a beer.

Saturday breakie will always be a fry-up of some sorts, lunches are usually lazy affiars with us, crackers, chips, salsa, sliced meats and cheese, easy stuff to nibble on before or after a nap.

If time permits, I'll smoke something to take along for Saturday dinner. Ribs, ABT's pulled pork, whatever works. If not, then we will grill something, salmon, burgers, steak, pork chops, again....whatever we have a hankerin' for. I made a great little curried chicken pot pie earlier in the year. Cooked it up the night before we left, and just reheated it in the oven at the campsite.

If we are departing on a Sunday, we will usually have cereal, fruit and yogurt for breaky then slowly.....slowly.....break down camp and head back to the real world.

Did I mention European weenies and a beer?
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Originally Posted by jlbreaux View Post
My favorite gravy to cook is a stuffed beef tongue.
Now that's just mean Jibreaux! Mention something like that and don't share a recipe?? No beer for you!
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I camp solo and tend to keep my meals simple.

Bacon, eggs, hash browns, OJ
Cold or hot cereal and a toasted muffin.

Sandwich (Fried ham or BLT) with fresh fruit or yogurt.
Mac n Cheese, fresh fruit.

Baked BBQ chicken, scallop potatoes and fresh green beans.
Pot roast with potatoes & carrots cooked in a slow cooker.
Spaghetti, bread and salad.
Sloppy Joes, cole slaw and fruit (great for check-in day)
Chili and corn bread.
Great choice for "Living within my means" and camping for one...

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Depends on season, temp, location, occasion. Anything from pre-made gumbo to grilled steaks. Hot wings to burgers. Brisket to hot dogs. Salad to sandwiches. No different from home. Wife LOVES to cook.
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definately depends on the season ....

steaks, ribs or chicken and something in the dutch oven if we have people visiting ..

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Hotdogs every meal or it ain't camping... Oh, and s'mores after.
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Fridays are usually late arrivals so it's usually a samich and chips of some sort. Breakfast usually a biscuit in the DO and sausage gravy, or eggs, rice and toast, or poptarts or cereal. Lunch usually ham, turkey, tuna, spam, samich and chips or Vienna sausage, beanie weenie. Supper usually on the grill, fish, ribs, pulled pork, chops, steak, corn on the cob, baked beans In the DO. and then followed with a dessert, peach cobbler in the DO and sometimes homemade Icecream.

I was cooking every meal until DW informed me I was spending too much time cooking.

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What ever my little heart wants.

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We have what we call 'tacos' for short, at one meal.....

cook hamburger with taco seasoning...
cut up some lettuce....
cut up a tomato....
cut on the mini stalk onion....
shredded cheese...
sour cream...
taco sauce.....
're fried beans'...

spread all of this on a burrito shell and fold into a 'big burrito'.... Doritos on the side.

Eat out side as it can make a very big mess on your face and lap....

(don't forget the beer)
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