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They add it no problem. It is just the coverage that gets a little sketchy.
I have been a member for 35 years , they have definitely have changed over the years
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We have ours insured with Safeco and full coverage 5 years. Price is within GS or any others. Yes I'm for one am not supporting George Soros. Later RJD
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I am sure that USA would add your RV to your auto policy but it is not as good insurance as Good Sam offers. Please read the above posts.
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Just be aware that with usaa, TT is covered under your auto policy "while it is attached to the TV". Once you unhook, it is then covered by your homeowners policy.
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Good Sam does not have its own insurance, they are agents. The best price we got was Progressive with Good Sam as the agent, the even beat the Progressive web site.
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I recently went to USAA for a home owners quote. If you travel and your home is closed and not used for 30 consecutive days, they will not cover your loss. They consider it abandoned. Don't believe me? I have the disqualification letter from them.

As far as Progressive, just jacked up our motorcycle policy rates because Georgia said they could! Increased my deductibles and saved $240 a year on 2 bikes worth $5,000 and $9,000. We will be selling them. Too damned old to ride! Never thought this time would come so fast!! Policies are NOT AGE related.
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I saw the below article on a RVing site and had no idea. I have USAA, but was going to check out Good Sam.

Not so Good Sam Insurance
Posted on March 24, 2014 by Admin

It’s always been known to shop around when it comes to insurance. And RV insurance is nothing different. When shopping around, you will come across some brokers. For instance Camping World Insurance is an insurance brokerage. They sell insurance through several different companies. A lot of people don’t understand that and think when they see the name “Camping World Insurance”, that it’s an actual insurance company, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. When we bought a travel trailer several years ago, we were under the same assumption until they told us our insurance was through Allied (a Nationwide Company). Every once in a while, we will see people post on some of the forums (including Good Sams) about the Camping World Insurance. Even the Good Sam forum has a section in the*“Dear Marcus” area called “Good Sam Insurance”. Don’t be fooled! It’s not their own insurance, but just that they sell other people’s insurance. I guess technically they are correct with the name, but it’s very misleading to many. But that’s not the only misleading that is really going on….

Let me first say that I love Camping World and Good Sam. We’ve bought a couple RV’s through them. We have their roadside service. We are Life Members of the Good Sam club. We even have their extended warranty on our current rig. And as I mentioned, we have gone through them for insurance. The part we do not like about them is their misleading of purchasers of the insurance they sell. Last year, we traded in a travel trailer on a motorhome. I pulled out the CW Insurance phone number. When an agent on the phone answered, I told her we currently had insurance with Allied that we purchased through them on the travel trailer. I explained that I did not want to cancel the insurance at this moment on the travel trailer as it had not been delivered to the CW dealership as of yet. I told her I needed a quote on the motorhome. The agent was very nice. She asked me numerous questions about the motorhome and the different levels of coverage. When she was done, she said she had a great quote from GMAC (now National General) of around $900. My jaw dropped. I was told by the finance guy at the CW dealership that he had talked to someone on the phone and that it would be about half that amount. I replied to the agent on the phone with an “oh…”. She then asked me if that was good. I told her no, that I was told it would be about half that amount. I then remembered she told me she was quoting me through GMAC. I never asked her to quote me through them and had even told her I had Allied at the beginning of the conversation. Why was she quoting me through GMAC instead? So I told her that wanted to be quoted through Allied instead. She was still nice and said she would. We went over the information again and she came back with a quote of around $475. That was half of the GMAC*insurance with the same level of coverage and deductible. I couldn’t believe it. Of course I went back through Allied.

Fast forward to March 2014. A coworker was purchasing a new motorhome from the same CW I had. Matter of fact he had one a few years ago that he got rid of. The salesman or finance guy at CW gave him an insurance pamphlet with a special discount code. He was getting ready to call them when I warned him about what was going to happen. I explained to him my story and that I’ve read in forums about a similar thing that happened to others. Later on that day, he came up to me and said I was right. That he called to get insurance and that the agent automatically quoted him through National General and it was in the $900 range. He asked her about Allied and she gave him a quote of about half the amount. Same level of coverage. This confirmed to me what was going on. Or that my assumptions were correct. It told me that their profit margin or commissions were much higher with going through National General (formerly GMAC) than other companies (which they underwrite for numerous). I hate assuming things and want to know the definitive answer. So I reached out to Bob Fulcher, Vice President of Insurance Services of Camping World and Good Sam. I explained to him my story. I asked why they went through GMAC/National General automatically and what my assumptions were. Here is reply word-for-word….

“You are partially correct in your assumption. National General does pay higher commissions compared to the other carriers we represent. They also provide the most comprehensive coverage and the largest discounts for Good Sam members. That being said, my instructions to our agents has been to present National General first only if the price is competitive with the other companies; presenting NGIC when they are twice as high is a definite error by the agent. NGIC is also the only company that we presently have available for online quoting. If someone requests a quote from our website, they will get a NGIC quote.”

So…my assumptions were correct. And no matter what Mr Fulcher stated here, I do not believe they (agents) have been told to give the best price to their customers or potential customers. I believe they tell their agents (sales people) that they get more commission for selling National General. And if National General gives the largest discount to Good Sam members, then I would hate to see what the real quote through National General is. We aren’t changing our mind on the Good Sam and Camping World services out there. We still believe in them. But we also know that they are out to make money. We just don’t like the misleading that they do through the insurance. Just be aware and be sure to ask about other insurance companies.
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The best thing to do is look for your self. The last time I looked for auto insurance I got a quote online and went into the local office with the quote and got a quote higher that online. I called the company direct and they said it was because I was dealing with an agent. If you go online or call the company direct you can possibly get a better deal. Just my experience with insurance companies.
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Originally Posted by TheDiGs View Post
Spike, this is EXACTLY what I wanted to know, thank you!!!! Guess I'll be giving Good Sam a call in the morning! (Just a side note, have some family in the Wewa area, most is in Vernon/Chipley!)
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Spurticus, thanks for posting that info. That should help a lot of folks out
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Thanks for the info. I just received my renewal notice from National General. I will call CW about a new quote.

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I was quoted with national general and saved over half of what I paid to State Farm. Of course that was for all my vehicles combined. I got national for car,truck,and camper, and progressive for motorcycle. I could have saved a few bucks with staying with State Farm for motorcycle but was done with the agents incompetence and state farms continual adjustment of premium. My yearly savings pays half of my monthly payment on my new camper.
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Originally Posted by spurticus View Post
I saw the below article on a RVing site and had no idea. I have USAA, but was going to check out Good Sam.

Not so Good Sam Insurance
Posted on March 24, 2014 by Admin

This was not my experience at all.

I just bought my first TT this weekend (and signed up for this site - Hi everyone!) and needed to get insurance by this Friday - when I sign bank papers, get plates, etc.

I plan on having the Coachman 293RKS delivered to a campground and sit there for at least a year (year lease at site) before thinking about actually travelling with it.

I called State Farm (Have home & auto there), and I got to the part about not driving it a lot and they needed to get back to me about whether they cover that (2 days later, and a followup call from me, and still no answer )

Anyway, saw Good Sam had an online quote, did that, and got a call a few minutes later from them. The lady walked me back through the questions getting some clarification (exclude wife as a driver or not - she'll never tow this thing, etc). The lady first got a number for National General, to which she said [paraphrasing] "Whoa, that looks high... (and I was ready to jump in with suggesting Allied because I read it here) ... "let me check something else" (never did hear NG quote). and came back with ~$320/yr for Allied. Then checking Progressive, which came in $3 higher, suggested Progressive (better coverage on something - can't remember what). So, I now have Progressive RV coverage.

So, maybe it's a matter of CSR roulette, and I got a good one
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Be careful with the Good Sam (GS) storage option. Put the TT in storage yesterday and called GS. Looked at my policy next day and saw a $115 credit. So I called them today to update the address as to where it will be stored during the winter. Since the storage unit is in another zip code (35 miles from my home) they recalculated the premium and charged me another $110. I tried to understand their justification for the increase but the person I talked to didn't like where the conversation was going I guess and hung up on me. She said she needed to check her guidelines. I guess it read, "When in trouble and unable to provide an answer.....HANG UP". I tried their chat feature on line and the conversation was ended by them before I was done typing. Called them again and received a hang up before I even talked to someone. Called again and finally talked to someone who knew what they were talking about. So the increase is justified even though I don't agree with it. If I didn't provide the storage address and the TT was damaged while in storage, they wouldn't cover the claim since the storage address on record was my home address. Anyway, this episode got me thinking. If I was dismissed 3 times this morning by National General Insurance, how would I be treated with a claim? So I cancelled with them and went with Progressive through USAA. 3$ more per month for essentially the same coverage. I know. A claim with Progressive may be handled poorly too. For me it came down to how I was treated this morning by NGI.
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good sam

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