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Thumbs down 2013 Sandstorm T266SLR junk

We purchased a new 2013 Sandstorm T266SLR in January. In the last 9 months it has had (and continues to have) several issues. It has been to the dealer 3 times (for a total service time of over 2 months) for warranty repairs and is ready to go back again as soon as more parts come in. We are wondering if others are having similar issues or if we just got a lemon.

Buzzing in stereo - Loud buzzing in stereo when front lights on dimmer switch are turned on so we had to choose between stereo/TV or outside light. Dealer installed noise filter which made it a little quieter but still buzzing.

Jack stand with stripped threads - could not put it down the first time we went camping so dealer replaced

Black water tank has read full since the day we bought it - dealer said wires were not connected correctly and flushed tank. It still reads full so it is going back to the dealer for this.

Two of the on/off switches on the primary panel were mounted upside down. I took the panel off and turned them over

Speakers in the living room and outside were fine, but bedroom speakers were about half the volume. Dealer said that bedroom speakers were not hooked up through the amplifier like the others. They blew the amp trying to fix it and are waiting on a new amplifier to be shipped so they can try again.

Refrigerator door comes open while driving - 1st dealer said I was not getting it shut all the way. They showed me how to shut it (like I'm an idiot) and when I got home from the dealer it was wide open. They have now adjusted the latch and said it should be fine. Still use a bungee cord just in case which is kinda low class for a new RV.

Screen door catches on the bottom door sill and make the door hard to close. Dealer said there is no adjustment so no fix

A few of the cheap floor tie downs bent/broke the first time we hauled kid's dirt bikes. I replaced all tie downs with heavy duty ones before I hauled polaris or street bikes. A couple of the tie downs were only screwed into the plywood floor, so I had to relocate about 1/2 inch so the new ones would bolt into the frame.

Shower faucet was cracked and leaking water into the bathroom wall when we turned on the shower - dealer replaced

Converter failed so the batteries would not charge - dealer said some wires were not connected correctly and shorted out the converted - replaced by dealer

Dimmer switch for the front lights melted (kinda wished it would have started fire and burned the thing to the ground) - dealer replaced switch but made it work for inside lights now instead of outside front door lights. They said it may have melted because it is not rated for the high intensity outside lights. I told them that is not acceptable solution so they are looking into it so they can fix it right on my next trip back.

Three of the window blinds have fallen off the wall. They are just screwed into the thin wall paneling, so I have re-mounted them to the wood valances/cabinets as they fall off.

Electric jack stand failed - again it was a loose electrical connection

I am sure I forget a few things. We love the floorplan and options on this toyhauler but it is frustrating that I spend more time fixing it and dealing with the service dept than we have spent camping. Luckily we bought an extended warranty since it appears the issues will probably continue long past the 1 year warranty.

Prior to this we had a Ragen toyhauler for 9 years that we bought new in 2004. It never went to the dealer once for repairs and makes us regret our decision to "upgrade"
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Sorry to hear about all your troubles. I have a 2012 sandstorm. I have had great luck with it so far. A few minor problems at the beginning but were things I just fixed my self. I hope all the kinks get worked out for you and you get to enjoy your sandstorm.
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x2. That is frustrating when you buy a new item and things keeping breaking. Hope it gets better.
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I feel your pain

I just purchased a 2013 3215 SRS fifth wheel. I have the same stereo problems you have, half volume in the bedroom, buzzing in the main living area speakers when the outside lights are on, and I had to redo wiring on the amplifier to get the subwoofer to work. If you turn the base boost on, the ceilings are built so loosely, everything rattles so the amplifier's kind of a waste since you can't use it to its capacity. I fixed the buzzing by taking out the dimmer switch and replacing it with a regular switch. This was after the dealer said they eliminated the noise with the noise suppressor they installed.

The spare tire crank has no side access or rear access. You have to crawl underneath and put a ratchet on it to lower the spare tire. There is a knockout access hole on the rear of the trailer, but the crank exits to the right side. The dealer, in their infinite wisdom, knocked out the knockout on the rear end and didn't even bother to look to see where the crank mechanism was located. Two strikes for the dealer.

But here's the real kicker - they installed the gas fill caps lower than the top of the tank where the fill hose enters the tank and the gas caps are upside down as well. Fortunately I was at home trying to add a little fuel to the tank before I left on my first outing when I found out the hard way that the hose slanted downwards from the tank.

What I want to know is how in the heck something like this could go unnoticed by the manufacturer, and two different Camping Worlds. They had to, at some point in time, put fuel in the generator tank to make sure it worked. I'll have to say Camping World of Mesa, Arizona has gone out of their way to try and fix everything, Camping World of Avondale, not so much! The two strikes are on CW of A.

Forest River is trying to make things right. My rig is in Yuma and I'm in Phoenix. They are lining up somebody to work on the rig while it's in Yuma in storage. It took a little convincing, but they agreed to do that.
The stereo and converter are little things but the gas pouring out on the ground when trying to fill the tanks is a little over the top.

I realize all RVs have their problems in the beginning, and some have problems throughout their life span. Just a little quality control would've solved all of these problems.

Another thank you to Camping World of Mesa, for filling my 200 gallon water tank completely full before I picked it up!

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Update to this thread....

After spending 5 months of it's 11 month life in service at Little Dealer Little Prices in Phoenix we finally picked it up again yesterday. We haven't taken it out camping again to see how many problems still exist or how many new problems there are now, but giving it a quick once over today, here are some of the problems that still exist.

Little Dealer replaced the entire monitor/control panel to fix the black tank always reading full, however many of the switches were installed upside down, so we will now have to turn the water heater "off" to have hot water, push the bed switch down to make the beds go up, and push "Extend" to retract the awning. Seems like it would be common sense to make the switches are the right way, but maybe it is harder than I imagine.

In trying to make the bedroom speakers louder Little Dealer blew the amplifier. After ordering another one and hooking everything up, the speakers in the bedroom appear louder now, but we no longer have a subwoofer. This is not compromise that I am willing to make, so it will have to go back for another try.

I was told that the dimmer switch can not be hooked back up to the outside lights because they are too many watts for the switch, and it will cause the buzzing to come back to the stereo and probably melt the switch again. The dimmer is now hooked up to some random lights inside the RV instead and the outside lights are on a regular switch. I would like to find a way to fix this, as it was one of the features we loved about the RV, but I am not sure what my next step should be.

I need to take the RV back soon as the 1 year warranty will be over in January, which doesn't seem fair since it has spent half the time I've owned it at the dealership. I may try to get in one camping trip this month before taking it back, since it probably won't be done until next June or July.
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It really is too bad. You would think with Little Dealer's longevity in the Phoenix area that they would take better care of their customers. I hear horror stories all the time about their lack of follow through on service.
They can fix the floodlight/dimmer switch issue by changing out the floods to LEDs. They just don't want to fork up the money for it. Whether it be Little Dealer or Forest River, one of them needs to start bending over backwards for you. Be the squeaky wheel!
I don't like waiting so I take care of lot of the stuff myself. Problem with the switches on the panel is that they glued them in so I can even change the one switch that is upside down, which is, of course, the water heater. Camping world of Avondale kindly shut it off for me, meaning they turned it on. I was in Yuma before I realized the water heater was even on and I don't know how long it had been on. The only other thing that was reversed was the fuel gauge, that was just a simple switch of two wires.
As far as the subwoofer not working, it's probably just switching on the amplifier. Here's the PDF of the amplifier I have and I think it is the same one you have, MBQ08 . If nothing else give this manual to Little Dealer so you know they have a copy.
Good luck, I think you will need it!
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