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Old 01-23-2021, 08:38 AM   #21
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If it's any help, I did hear back from dealer and Forest River. I was told that they are so busy that they are building "retail orders first" If a dealer puts in a "stock order" (which I was buying on line as "incoming" unit for sale) they are pushed to the back of the production schedule as long as retail orders keep coming. This Geo Pro was ordered by dealer back in August and was still not scheduled to be built as of December, (when I purchased it) I was told back log is running 17 weeks. I do need to give both the Lazy Days dealer (mark) and the Forest River rep. credit as they made great effort to help me.
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I waited 5 months for my Trailer(22 weeks). When I ordered was told it was coming off the line in 4 weeks and was being allocated to me. Pick up in 5 to 6 weeks. That was beginning of February last year before the pandemic. Got delayed for reason's other than Covid the 1st time and then all the BS hit, got it in Mid July. And now I' am dealing with a dealer that will not fix day one defects that were promised and written to sales receipt on delivery day. So I say F the dealer find what you want for the best price off of any lot and don't worry about it being new cause the BS you will go through to try and get warranty work done is not worth it unless it turns out to be something major but if it's used it has already been gone over and water damage or leaks (if the are any) will be easier to identify now that it has been out in the weather for sometime. The little stuff just fix yourself or take it to a private repair facility. The money you save will more than cover the bill.
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Originally Posted by Brewhedd View Post
If I'm spending thousands of dollars I wouldn't consider myself a "pest" under any circumstances. If the dealer thinks I am being a pita I can spend my money elsewhere.
The thousands of dollars you spent were for a camper that had a far off production date, not for a therapist to hold your hand until it was built.

Hey, Bob- the guy who was told his camper might be built in 6 months is on line 3. He wants to ask if there have been any updates. Again. Yes, I know you said you'd call him when the factory gave us more information, but he's on line 3 waiting for you to tell him that again.

There is constantly something getting shut down. Companies are randomly losing people for weeks at a time (if they're lucky). A fun game is wondering just what new items the grocery store will be out of and won't have any idea when they'll see again.
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Unpopular campers have long lead times. Factories seem to be set up to produce one model at a time and it makes manufacturing sense to do long runs of popular, fast selling models before breaking down the line and supply chain for the little, poor selling models.

-- Chuck
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Originally Posted by lazyjj View Post
I was on a dealers lot Saturday and the lot was pretty loaded with Forest River Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheels. I looked at several rigs that were manufactured in November and December 2020 and they are sitting ready for someone to purchase. I would search the web for the model you are interested in and go elsewhere.

Lazyjj is right. Look else where. My dealers lot when we picked up ours last week was full of trailers and 5th wheels. Not sure how many of them were already sold. I know he had at least 15 of those GEO campers.
Jim T
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Originally Posted by Jimer View Post
If it's any help, I did hear back from dealer and Forest River. I was told that they are so busy that they are building "retail orders first" If a dealer puts in a "stock order" (which I was buying on line as "incoming" unit for sale) they are pushed to the back of the production schedule as long as retail orders keep coming. This Geo Pro was ordered by dealer back in August and was still not scheduled to be built as of December, (when I purchased it) I was told back log is running 17 weeks. I do need to give both the Lazy Days dealer (mark) and the Forest River rep. credit as they made great effort to help me.
I'm not sure that information is entirely true.

The last two R/Vs we bought/ordered were dealer stock units already in the system. Once we decided on taking them, they became retail units and ahead of any new retail orders placed at the same time since the stock units were already in the system.

We were also allowed to make a few changes to the options of the way the dealer had it ordered to suit our needs since in reality, they had not been built yet.

Maybe all dealers can't/won't do this but ours certainly did.

No doubt, things are different because of COVID.
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other places

As someone posted way back, there are other sources for your RV, such as (put in your zip code and RV you're looking for, will find 'em from 10 miles out to nationwide), (You can drive to Ohio to get unit, or they'll deliver) You may have to drive some, or get it delivered, but somewhere there's one waiting on you."cdrexp"%3A"b"%2C"prodexp"%3A"b"% 2C"prdsdexp"%3A"c"%2C"biaexp"%3A"b"%2C"msvrtexp"%3 A"b"%7D
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I think everything is backed up due to Covid. I have a 2019 Cedar Creek that I did some exterior damage to last year. I delivered it to the dealer in October after I had finished for the year. They ordered the parts needed from Forest River and they just arrived last Friday. That’s four months to get them.

Dan and Carol
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Having worked at a major boat company lead times are just a estimate and that’s when things are going normal. The biggest problem is outside parts needed for the building of units. Engineering is done and the area for it to go into is set for THAT particular item and normally you’re not able to re-engineer the area. But with the pandemic things are totally out of wack.
Myself I just ordered a outboard 2020 motor back in November and just got my 2021 and glad to get one as they are going on back order and will be months to get one I have read. Only reason I was able to get one is they ordered a lot at the beginning of November and was able to get the one in the color I wanted because someone else backed out of his deal as they couldn’t get the boat he wanted for another4 months so he walked.
I would ask for your deposit back as they can’t produce. You might have to demand it back with a threat of getting your lawyer involved as the paperwork you signed that they don’t give deposits back as they don’t control the manufacture. BS they have failed to produce in a reasonable time period. If there’s something on there lot you like low ball them a price your willing to pay, chances are they will take it as they have probably spent your deposit .
Just my 2 cents worth and by the way we bought our TT slightly used and have been totally happy with it for last 18 months . Good luck
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I have a question: only people I know that wait on a camper are those that need it customized. Ie: special flooring, color , stove etc. Most people 99% , walk onto a lot look at campers find one they like an drive it away. End of story
No waiting months.
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It probably varies among dealers. We had ordered a 2608BS in October, but subsequently cancelled for a smaller Mini Lite. The dealer retained the original order for their lot and it was delivered early this month, so 3-month turn. Our Mini Lite is scheduled for early April, which is still reasonable. Of course, this dealer is only 20 miles from the factory.
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I’m not sure about the accuracy of the statistics you cite (99%) but I do believe that some that ‘walk onto a lot’ find a floor plan they like then order it to their liking. Others may be more ‘impulse buyers’ and take whatever is available. Car lots are similar. If you can/want to wait you can get something a bit closer to exactly what you want. It’s never perfect - that’s why we mod them.

In our case we custom ordered in October (without stepping foot onto the dealer lot) hoping to be able to have it ready for spring. We’ve bought cars off the lot and ordered custom. My tow vehicle was ordered over the phone sight unseen for delivery one state away: MA to NH.

For me the ability to do tons of research from my Lazy-boy has saved me miles and miles of driving around to dealer lots. But this is not my first rodeo either. YouTube is an extremely valuable research tool.
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Ordered a Flagstaff Micro lite 21DS on Sept 22 and picked it up on Dec 29. It took a little under 3 months to show up on the dealers lot
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Originally Posted by Jimer View Post
Does anyone have any real information on Forest River trailer back order time. I have a Geo Pro 19FSB on order.
I now have been told that it would be another 6 months before my trailer will arrive.
Thanks in advance
we just received our Geo Pro 19fbs after waiting 4 months. We were originally told 6-8 weeks. I'd count on waiting at least as long as we did. It will be worth the wait. If you bought it specific to your own options as we did, just be patient. See if you can find out a build date. Once they provide that, you'll be looking at about 30 days till delivery based on our experience.
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Funny, we just cancelled our order. With everything that’s going on, I see the market being flooded with slightly used TT’s in the next year. Between buyers remorse, rumor of high gas prices again, lack of open campgrounds, lack of storage availability, etc... I’m going to sit tight till it shakes down. Not to mention the model I looked at keeps having substitutions for item shortages, which is understandable, but a 120v fridge in place of a 12v on a “Boondocking” trailer is not acceptable (understandable but not acceptable to me).
When they only have a 1 year warranty to begin with, and my mechanical abilities, I’m not real worried about repairs (other than parts shortages).
I’ll wait and save $3K
I see my 2 local dealers already sitting on 2 models for 3-4 weeks that were selling last summer before they even hit the lot.
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You are not alone.

We purchased our fifth wheel the end of June and was told end of July deliver date. Then was told it was being delayed due to COVID parts problem and would come off August 15. We didn’t receive it until the end of September. It was very frustrating. I just wished we got truthful answers. Tell me you don’t know because COVID is playing havoc on the industry. Plus the dealer told us that it was held up due to furnace parts and the FR representative told us it was due to air conditioners. On top of all that we had trouble with the hitch manufacture. We had got a 2020 GMC pickup (and they moved the puck system) so P&W was developing a new slider hitch for that truck. When we called prior to buying the truck was told it was in testing and would be manufactured by July. We were put on the waiting list. COVID struck and my husband called them back the beginning of June before we ordered the trailer and was told it was in production and would be ready for July. Called middle of July and was told it was sent back to powder coat because it wasn’t right and they did not know when it would be done. He called again when we were told the trailer would be coming to find out after he pressed them that only 3 were sent to powder coat and they were pushed back on manufacturing. So we had to scramble and get another hitch. It has been a very frustrating past year for us. Looking forward to really start camping in 2021 after only being out twice because of all the delays.
Then again a friend of my son ordered and off road camper from another company last February. He called a week later and asked if he could add something. It is going to be a year now and he still hasn’t gotten his trailer. They keep passing him over giving trailers to others. He wanted to break his contract but because he made a change after signing the contract he has no leg to stand on. He even went to a lawyer.
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I make parts for the RV/Camper Industry among others and am an RV owner myself so find some of the invective on this thread quite upsetting. Our industry is in turmoil for a lot of reasons but we are not alone. Aerospace, automobile, medical, electronics, construction - the list goes on and here are the reasons.

Over the years we have not employed supply chain specialists in our business largely because they are expensive and we are not a large industry. However we have trained a few to manage our PO and inventory systems. Most of us have only one or two people in this role. Spread that lack of staff across the industry, and the chaos brought on by Covid becomes extraordinary.

So besides losing people we depend on to keep us supplied, even when we have ordered parts we find our suppliers have either not ordered their parts or like us, cannot complete key phases of the manufacturing process because we have uniquely trained staff who are out with Covid or on compassionate Covid leave. And parts made in CA (for example) have to come from factories that have been shut down by State law. Restarting those can take a month. Then there is China! With the stop/start process of US manufacturing, small industries like ours, get left out in the logistics cold. Parts we sourced, or our suppliers source from China sit in the freight yards because they do not have the priority or quantity to preempt the bigger exports. And the bigger exports have themselves been limited by the shortage of containers initially caused by the US (and in the early phases, China) inability to offload ships. This chain is so finely tuned that just 4 weeks of delay effectively removed 20% of the container capacity from the Chinese freight forwarding business and put them at a standstill.

And then there is demand. You guys are just a small component of a tidal wave of demand for RVs, electronics, home appliances and medical equipment suitable for exclusive sale in the US. In some cases demand has doubled and some dealers and manufacturers have reported that demand for some models have tripled. By demand I mean people waiving dollar notes under the noses of dealers demanding instant gratification and drive away satisfaction. If you bought before September 2020, you either acquired a unit ordered by a dealer as early as January, or one that was spec'd and sourced for parts in Q4 of 2019. So the combination of a lack of parts, a lack of people to assemble the parts, a lack of people to source increased supply in Q2 of 2020, and all those orders that tumbled in between March and December 2020, means that neither the dealers nor the manufacturers can have any idea what is going to be delivered and when.

I read on this and other threads of the indignation expressed by some that because they have spent, are prepared to spend, or have the right to spend, the dealer and the OEM owes them an answer. They probably do but its very hard to tell a customer the truth which is that no one knows exactly, and that the delivery date could be anytime within a 3 month or even 4 month band. A band that has moved out by a month at least since December and will probably move some more before the supply chain is restored. So to anyone that has Summer plans (as I do for example), cool your jets, check out the cancellation requirements of the RV or your plans and do not hold you breath. Just look at how badly the vaccine distribution has proceeded with all the money, good will and government genius behind it - its even worse in commercial circles because there is no public need driving it.
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I think the indignation is caused by dealers fear to be truthful and lose a sale. I’m in the building industry and I tell all my customers, “WINDOWS/DOORS are 9-12 weeks BARRING ANY PROBLEMS”. I make them quite aware that it could go as high as 16 weeks if our manufacturer has a COVID shutdown. 90% appreciate my honesty, and I even beg them to go elsewhere to buy if they really need them quicker, but get a guarantee in writing from the competition that they will get them quicker. Guess what, they all come back to me. You can only blow smoke up someones butt so much before you get burnt. I’ll be honest and lose today’s sale, but get twice as many sales tomorrow.
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vlamgat, I do not think people are ragging much on the manufactures as they are on the dealer's who make promises that they know they can't deliver just to make the sale. Then when the crap hit's the fan they in turn blame the manufacturer. If you walked into a dealer and said I want X rv and they said best case is 2 month's but 5 or 6 is probably more realistic. They would know what they are getting into. My 5 month ordeal (promised 5 weeks) started well before the pandemic, was do before the shutdowns yet it still took 22 weeks. Shutdown was 5 weeks.
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Not a lot of new ground to plow in this thread, I waited 7months for new Geo Pro 16BH (ordered it last May before Memorial Day and received it the Saturday before Christmas 2020). I did put down a "non-refundable" $1000 deposit at time of order but over time the dealer said I could have that back if I wanted...told him to keep it, didn't want to go to the back of the line with a new order somewhere else, only to have a similar delay. Dealer was always responsive & did say that Rockwood was building in batches for efficiency (maybe standard practice?) and the G19xx and G20xx are more popular than my G16BH and so I waited for the G16BH batch I guess. Along the way my 2020 model became a 2021 model for the same price (I suppose that's good). Since I didn't know I'd wait 7months my garage filled up with all the usual camper stuff ordered from WalMart & Amazon, was great to finally load up. Took the unit from GA to FL for the shakedown cruise...unit was flawless...I was worried about quality issues mentioned in separate threads and the headache of getting that fixed after such a long wait and ongoing parts shortages.
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