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Old 11-01-2021, 12:53 PM   #21
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I feel your pain in doing the loins share of work yourself. I have the same problem, except it is not because my DW is lazy, but disabled. So the camping trip ALL falls on me. I pick up the camper a few nights before the trip, I plug it in and get it ready, and make sure everything is ok. , I load the truck with our clothes, food, dog items, wood, chairs, and anything else that is going. I drive and when we get to the campsite, she sits on the picnic table as I back in, level, set up inside and outside. I do all the cooking on the camping trips as well. It takes several hours loading and several hours setting up, on top of the drive. Then when we go home, she likes to wait to the last minute to close up, so I get everything I can packed the night before from outside and try to get closed up and on the road by check out time. I drive home and then unload, clean and return to storage. Then comes putting the left over food away, clothes away and the laundry done. It is a lot of work and sometimes I get resentful or angry, but she loves to get our of the house to nature so it is well worth the effort. I get most frustrated when we get to a campsite and set up but she cannot get out of the camper to enjoy nature. But I understand her physical limitations and it gives us time together away from the fast paced days at home. Its all about spending time together, no matter where we are she loves to camp, so it is worth it. Frustrating--sometimes, rewarding---always.
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I understand what you are saying. My wife had MS and suffers with a lot of limitations. It can be stressful at times getting everything ready to go, setting up camp by myself, dealing with the two dogs, and then unloading everything when back. The time in between, when we are relaxing at the campsite, makes it all worth it. I thought about maybe jumping into a motorhome to make some things a little easier, but I am sure that they have their own specifics. Would make using the bathroom easier for her while we are travelling though.
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Another vote for a management problem. If it's causing you so much stress you need to come here for comfort, or to vent, get rid of the root cause of the problem. Sell now and buy smaller later.
Greg 'n Deb
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I'm with a couple of replies a few up ... a cover is at best useless ... at least here in Kansas with the WIND. Don't give me the lecture I never used them properly ... to each his own. Clean the roof good before applying Aerospace 303 then follow up by waxing the sides. Winter dirt will come right off next spring. As for actual help with end of season duties, I don't mind solo maintenance and winterizing as my wife and kids have helped with the other things. It all depends on how your family has grown up together as to how well they take direction and how they've been guided to take personal responsibility to do what's needed of them.
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RVing is a recitation when it is no longer fun it is time to get out.

I fixed my brother-in-law on never helping with our boat. Every year I would hear from him that in the spring he would help me get her ready for splashing and never would show till it went in the water. And my wife would not let him pay for fuel. Well one year the wife was not there and he said let me pay for the first fill up. I told him to give the dock attendant his card. He didn’t know that at the end of the summer you burn off most of the fuel to make it lighter on the travel lift. He never came back after he got a bill for over 400 gallons of gas at marina price. He only saw my fillip from a day trip up to that point.
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Appears your family has no interest whatsoever in the camper. Time to divest.

I had "no help" issues with my motor- and sailboats but not with the camper. Came to the realization is no one helped with the boats 'cuz they really weren't interested in the boats. At least I could take the motorboat out all alone. My wife is the "camper proponent." She picks out the area and dates she wants to go and fully participates.

-- Chuck
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this is not a camper problem but personal . Kids should be disciplined to help if they just run off it's a parent problem . Wife S/B there to help regardless unless she's a trophy bride then you know what you were getting into . really can't help how you run your family . but if you enjoy the rv and heading out with it then do it for you and if you like company then just suck it up or start the discipline
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Young son, please don't be offended, but you need to grow a pair. "Rules without consequences are advice"! Lay out the rules and make them stick, everyone helps!
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I feel the OP's pain and I've lived with the same for decades. Darling wife helps with getting the inside handled/cleaned but winterizing, washing the rig about every trip (yes I'm a meticulous, type-A personality), maintenance, etc is on me. But I don't mind because I'm so picky that I know if someone else, let's say, washed it I'd find fault everywhere.

That said.....I compromise. I do the grocery shopping for trips. I cook the meals 99.9% of the time. Wife gladly cleans up after cooking. When we get home, everyone is given a laundry basket to help unload food, clothes, etc. And then I get to work cleaning and putting her up in the barn and ready for the next voyage.

I laugh because friends think camping (glamping) is cheap and easy. NOT to both! But even after decades, I still enjoy it immensely.
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I can sympathize with your situation. I had a boat and absolutely no assistance with anything. People just feel everything should be on you because you own a boat. Hotter than he!! and yet they can't bring even a can of pop. Food for a picnic same thing. Finally I said no more, it might be fun for them, but not for me. Kept the boat in the garage for 15 years and then finally sold it.

With the wife ill, I do pretty much everything to go camping with end of season storage. To me, it is worth it because she enjoys it. No one comes along, but we welcome day visitors. When I had the TT, having my daughter and husband overnight was a mess. They and their junk was in the way to move or do anything. Did that once.

This coming year will be a big change for me and I'm trying to prepare for it all. Traveling solo will be rough, but I feel I have to get away regardless of the cost and gas prices. The great outdoors and camping is calming for me (after I secure reservations).
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I prefer to do everything myself. But I’ll call it quits when my Puma gives out. I’d never buy another one (not new anyway), way over priced hunks of junk.
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Sounds like more than a problem with lack of help to me. If the sacrifice is greater than the reward why would you do it.
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This sounds to to be me more of a family/personal problem than a camping problem. It’s really a simple fix. The appreciation level is WAY too low. I can’t say “If this were me, I would ……”, as I would never allow the situation to get to this level. Put a For Sale sign on that thing or take it to a reseller ASAP ! Unless your last name is Griswold…..
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Try reading “The Little Red Hen” to them.
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Originally Posted by Oaklevel View Post
Our kids & Grandkids live 2 to 6 hours away. More than happy to have them with us. DW cleans etc. inside and I take of the outside. They are little on the help side but love to see them.

If we did not enjoy camping we wouldn't do it. I agree covers are more trouble than they are worth.

Same here, seems to work just fine....
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Wife and I came home from our last trip. She had everything cleaned out the entire camper before I could get the sewer emptied and water drained. As soon as she was done on the inside, I winterized by blowing out the lines and adding the antifreeze. We swept, put out rodent control and even removed the mattresses and put them in house. I pressure washed the camper, treated the stabilizer jacks with silicone, emptied side compartments, and covered the tires. All in about 2.5-3 hours. It's called teamwork. This was our first year camping, and we enjoyed it a lot. We cant wait to carry everything back out and go again next year! Sounds like you have a management problem also. It probably started when the kids were young and didn't have chores to do before they could have fun. Time for a family meeting. I cant believe the wife doesn't even help.
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Old 11-01-2021, 07:05 PM   #37
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Sir: for a gentleman with 1000+ posts, you seem fairly at your wits end. Take charge, and be the captain of the ship...
Patrick Stewart
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Old 11-01-2021, 09:03 PM   #38
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Just do what you agreed to do and the heck with the rest. If there are any complaints, just say "I asked you once, that's it!". Winterize it and close the door. Done.
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Old 11-01-2021, 10:11 PM   #39
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As frustrating as this is, it is the result of your own actions. They are kids. You don't ask them to do something, you tell them to do it and tell them what will happen if they don't. You are their parent, not their friend (that comes later after they learn responsibility and grow up) Your job is to teach them to act responsible. Make sure the food is out of the camper and have each person responsible for their own stuff. Tell them ahead of time when you are closing up the camper and that anything that is left in it will stay there until it is reopened next year, and do it. Yes, there will most likely be very loud complaints once you follow through but they can't say they weren't warned what would happen... and they will learn when you say something you mean business. As far as helping with the rest of it (set up and break down), when it is time to do it tell them you need their help right now with the camper, don't ask, and let then know how to do what you need them to do and be sure to sincerely thank them for their help telling them how much they helped you out after the job was done. Eventually sometime in the not so near future they will thank you. I have raised two boys that have grown up to be very responsible, and kind men.
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Old 11-02-2021, 07:54 AM   #40
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the hardest step in giving up RV'ing is most owe more on the camper than its worth and don't have an extra $10K sitting around to get out of the loan. But with the covid price spike dealers and private sales are offering big money for used RV's that are newer and in good shape and that might be enough to get out of loan.
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