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Old 11-03-2021, 02:32 PM   #61
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Originally Posted by TitanMike View Post
Not without all the things we can't discuss here that are essentials for a JS episode

Of course.......It is expected, or should I say "required".
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Just my wife and I now. She does what she can. But I'm retired and she is not so the lions share falls on me as far as the RV. I'm ok with that, it's not like the wife is sitting on the couch while I'm working. As far as the kids go, They are only going to do what you allow them to do. When ours were young and camping with us the rule was no one went anywhere until the camper and truck was unloaded and put away. Not saying it wasn't a battle at times, especially when all are tired after a trip.
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Reminds me of taking my sister in law out on our boat when she came down. We got in and tied it up in the slip. Looked up and she was walking down the dock and asked where are you going. Told her we have to wash it down before we go and she said you don’t have people to do that. I Said yes me and my wife. Said that’s just ridiculous and I said no ridiculous is living in a 300 sq ft apt in NYC and paying $3500 a month for it. Oddly have not seen her back in a few years
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Sounds like you have a cool daughter that enjoys camping and is not afraid of a little work. I think the two of you should camp as often together as possible and leave the others home. Maybe when the others see how much fun you two are having they will come around. My DW is a saint, and can outwork and out tow me anyday! When we married, I told her adult kids that our motor home only slept 2!!!! They didn't get it. Enjoy the time you have with your daughter while you can. That lazy 14 yo son will come around eventually and make you proud. Daughters just mature so much faster.
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Originally Posted by sherman12 View Post
Yep, the OP could move to California and that would end all his worries because with gas prices about $1 per gallon higher than the national average, which are approaching an all-time high, the rig would sit in the drive most of the time.
More like 1.50 more than a lot of places. I just came back from a trip to the Mississippi, and gas prices were about that much less in OK, TX, MO, and AR. Getting back to NM about $1 less and AZ, maybe a little cheaper than NM, but prepped me for my return to CA, which is now 5.00-5.30 for premium at stations just off the main highways.
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Old 11-04-2021, 12:16 PM   #66
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It is possible that your problems go way beyond RV ownership.
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Originally Posted by D W View Post
Who exactly is in charge of that outfit?

My kids are both grown, and my granddaughters are in college, so it's just me and the bride. If I need help I don't hesitate to call on them, and they show up.

I can't tell you what to do, but I know what I would do in your situation.

I agree that I could not post here what I would do! But, my daughter is never asked to go since she is self centered and basically lazy. Grown and gone thank goodness. Her son on the other hand (13) has been camping with us since he was a year old. Every year and every trip he learns more about camping and asks to help. He has now told his grandmother she has to sit at the picnic table until he and I get the camper ready to go from campsite/leave from home. He has her job covered he says. He loads and unloads and can do every thing that needs doing by himself if necessary. Very proud of him for that. I will have no problem once he is licensed and trained to let him and granma travel alone if necessary/desired. He can handle it.
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I've hesitated commenting but the original post from the OP sure seems like a cry for help.

Please seek the personal and professional advice of a qualified therapist or clergyman.
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Yep, never quit if you enjoy it. At the end of the season the wife and I plan on two days to get it done, Idaho winters can be tough on RV's. We unload EVERYTHING from inside, goes into storage in house, and eat up all foods. Linens and stuff which might be a candidate for mice gets bagged, and placed in storage in the basement. I go to the local truck stop and the truck wash there totally scrubs the entire MH, for less than $2/foot. Back home it is parked in place on concrete pavers, winterized and covered. I do run the engine and generator once a month for 30 minutes. We have a lot invested in our pride and joy, and want it to last many years!!!
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Originally Posted by ppine View Post
It is possible that your problems go way beyond RV ownership.
This rings loud and clear here. As is said....."it all starts at home"!

Best of luck to the OP.
Rick & Brian
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If my dog can't start picking up his poop I'm done!
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I used to have the same problem. Finally, after unloading in 90 degree heat while the wife and daughter were in the AC house, taking showers, and doing internet, I called them all together. Told them I was tired of being the LFR...Lone Freakin' Ranger, and that from now on, when we got home, they could go in the house, use the bathroom, and that's it until unloaded. No problem after that.

Personally, I live in northern Utah, and I've never covered any RV in over 20 years.
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Originally Posted by Nick Danger View Post
Totally agree!
Also agree !
And I will say what others are thinking but to polite to say.
The 14 yr old needs an attitude adjustment !
I to was raised with a belt and until the day he died when my dad called and said come help the only answer was “when” (I was 45 when we lost him )
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Turn off the WiFi and cable TV until it’s done. Explain why.
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Yeah, I've had 2 5th wheels since 2009.
When I first got it, everyone wanted to come out and enjoy it. I would leave open invites to everyone.
As years went on folks stopped coming along except a few.
Now I know it's just me taking care of it.
I actually enjoy taking my time it's done right.
I don't cover it, it's just too dangerous to be up there.
Just adjust your outlook and do it for yourself and don't worry about others.
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Old 11-04-2021, 06:36 PM   #76
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At what point do you call it quits?

Years ago I, like you, was fed up with me doing all the work. It was then that I instituted the plan that nobody walked away from (the then) trailer until the atv's and trailer were washed and cleaned; inside and out. That was a minimum of 17 years ago. Now that the kids are gone, the DW and I still have the same plan. Upon arrival at home, we both empty the MH but she then cleans head to toe the inside, including sheets and towels while I hand wash the outside of the unit. Somehow the inside cab is defined as the outside but that is the way it goes. This is all done before we shower or start cocktailing. Don't get me wrong, neither of us like this; however, we've both signed off and it works every time. It is a very rare day that we don't follow this scheme. I assure you, at 68, the idea of hand washing and waxing a Super C is not high on my to do list. The MH is quick waxed after every use; albeit a few days later. As the kids have gone off on their own, I notice they have executed similar styles.
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Originally Posted by Kimber45 View Post
Are we talking wife, kids or both? i dont have kids and my wife is better than that. Good thing i never had kids cause i was rasised with a belt and a fear of god. Dont know what is going on with folks under 30ish but this world is in for some hurt. I know right from wrong and what bathroom to use. I posted late not having the time to read that much.
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Old 11-04-2021, 07:12 PM   #78
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Response to " it quits"

What we have here is a failure to with your fellow campers, that is. Don't ask...tell them when to be there to help or face no more camping with you. Then follow through. Tough love!

I feel your pain (or wetness as the case may be) in draining the HWH. I put a small quarter turn valve with a hose fitting on the drain port, then hook up a hose to drain away from the trailer. Tight fit to turn the valve with the gas piping, but it works.

My wife is my only camping buddy and she is a trooper to do what is needed around the TT. Enjoy next season. We wish you well.
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Old 11-04-2021, 07:24 PM   #79
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Throw the towel in, I could use a spare campsite.
Apparently you're the family pack mule, expected to carry the load.
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Originally Posted by Bhrava View Post
I am frustrated beyond belief. It seems that when it's time to camp, everybodys in the truck, but when it comes time to take care of the trailer, its a freaking ghost town. Here it's the end of the season and time to get the trailer winterized and covered. and I find stuff STILL in the trailer that I asked several times to be removed, like bedding, clothes, and other things. At least the food was removed, I hope.

I get the plumbing flushed out, at the expense of a bath of VERY cold water from the water heater, who knew it would hold that much pressure for that long. Hasn't been used since August! Soaked head to toe. Today I said I wanted to get the trailer winterized, including getting the cover on. I get the antifreeze in, and pull the cover out, and everybody decided they have better things to do.

On a calm day it is at least a 2 person job, and I have never covered it before, brand new cover first time out of the box and too windy for one person to handle, need at least three.

I'm fed up to the point where I am ready to say I quit and list it for sale.

To top it off, I did a go around on all the seals and what do you think I find hanging off the edge of the bunkhouse, but a pair of rusty pliers. Not mine, never used needle nose pliers on the trailer ever. I have a pretty good idea who did though, the cables were replaced last year. It damaged the top seal too. One handle was through the seal, and I can tell it slid across the rubber roofing too, hopefully its just a mark and not a gouge or scratch. I have a slide awning on it, which helped keep it dry, otherwise who knows what could be damaged by now.

If it were just this one time, I can live with it, but seems like every time SOMETHING needs to be done around here, everyone disappears.
Time to find new companions..
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