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Attention kindle users

Hello all you Kindle users!!
I am looking at getting a kindle so that I can read multiple books while traveling and am looking for opinions/input before I buy one.
Do you like it?
Which model do you have/like best?

Please help me make an educated decision!!!

Happy Camping!!
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We have an iPad 2 and love it. We use it for reading, games, directions, and a lot of other things while on the road. Great gadget with many uses.
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I vote for the iPad. You can use it for much more than an e-reader. Tons of free wi-fi sites all over as well.
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I have a Nook Color and the DW loved it so much, she bought one for herself. Its way more than an e-reader. If you want one strictly to read books, though, go with any of the e-paper models, (nook or kindle). They are easy on the eyes, even in bright sunlight, and the battery charge lasts a VERY long time (weeks).
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I purchased a Kindle Touch for my wife and she really enjoys it. As far as the pros, the weight is the bigges one. You can get them with wi-fi so you can purchase books wherever there is internet.

As far as the iPad. It has a bigger screen and color. It's also like a small computer that you can easily take with you. The biggest drawback is that there are a lot pricier then a Kindle.
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I advise that you decide how you will use the device and what is the primary reason. The Kindle and the iPad have different purposes. The Kindle is a cheaper reader and its smaller size is convenient. Compare how much they weigh. My Kindle is 10oz. The iPad 2 is 1.3lbs and the new iPad is 1.45lbs. Too heavy and it won't be comfortable holding it where I like to read most often - in bed at night.

I have an older 2nd Gen Kindle and have used it for a couple of years now. I love it just for the fact that I don't have to store all my old books in the basement anymore, am able to travel with all my books (numbering several hundred) and can download a new book anywhere. Mine has the free 3G, but that is only good for downloading books. Other units have the wifi only and that is fine if you have access to wifi all the time. We often don't.

I am probably going to get the new iPad shortly and can compare the two at that time. I'm getting an iPad in order to access the internet better than with my phone, download movies and pictures, etc. I'll also use it as a Reader.
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X2 on iPad. I am lost without it. Work, home, play it does it all.

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I have the kindle 3g with free wifi and I love it. If you join your local library you can download books at no charge as you go down the road. Which makes it even nicer. Of course you need to make sure you have WIFI where you camp.There are also tons free books and .99 specials on amazon.
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I also should add that I can access other websites like Facebook-a little hard to manuver but it gets the job done.
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Originally Posted by jmswms View Post
I have the kindle 3g with free wifi and I love it. If you join your local library you can download books at no charge as you go down the road. Which makes it even nicer. Of course you need to make sure you have WIFI where you camp.There are also tons free books and .99 specials on amazon.
X2 on this kindle. Another reason that I really like the kindle is that the non-glare reading surface, easily adjustable fonts, and font colors make it much easier on the eyes than the ipad (I have 1 of those too, but I always use the kindle for reading books). My eyes get tired much faster reading on the ipad than on the kindle.
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Another vote for the ipad. I use it for everything. I have the kindle app and get all kinds of books. A great app is They have offers for free books every day. Since I've gotten the ipad I hardly use my desktop mac. The biggest problem is keeping the DW from snagging it.
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4X for the iPad.
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DW and I both have Kindle Fire's and a Verizon MiFi. She can surf the net while I drive, to find us a campground. We can play games, read books, surf the net... they are great little devices for less than half the cost of an iPad.
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I have the kindle fire and I love it! I totally recommend that. It does so much and for a price of $200, you can beat it.
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I have the color Nook and it's great. I can get on the web, check my mail, check in hereMy wife has the iPad2 and loves it. It's hard to beat the iPads.

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I have the Kindle 3G with WiFi--It is great for beach/bright sun reading. I also have a leather book cover for it that includes a reading light, which makes it ideal for bedtime reading. I purchased it in 2010, and for the first year only downloaded free books from Amazon. I have since started purchasing books, many for 99 cents. Last summer I had major surgery--the kindle was great for use at night without disturbing other patients in the room. Nurses would come in to check my many tubes/lines or hang antibiotics throughout the night--I kept my Kindle under my pillow, would read for 20 minutes or so, and then again fall back to sleep. It was extremely handy, and yes, holds a charge for at least a week, even with the book light. I travel with a laptop to complete computer things like emails, bills, work related issues--but I love my Kindle for relaxing, indoors or out!
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Like Triguy, I also have a Series II Kindle. All it can do is display books to read but that's what I bought it for. My biggest disappointment is the cost of the books from Amazon.

I was expecting an iTunes level of pricing. I'm a one-time reader and it's almost unheard of that I go back and read a book a second time. That's why I have been a "frequent flier" at our community library. I'm typically interested in whodunits, espionage tales and some biography.

I have bought a few books from Amazon, mostly in the $8 to $25 range, but only when people give me Kindle gift cards. Initially, I got most of my books from either Project Gutenberg or Manybooks, but they had very little published after the turn of the 20th century.

On a recent visit, S-I-L found a source of much more modern stuff and got me about 1200 titles. Since he's an inveterate hacker, I didn't ask what the sources were, but I'm sure enjoying the books.

I don't miss having color - most of what I usually read is printed - and the ability to take 1200 books on a trip that only weigh 12 ounces or so is priceless.

I don't usually keep the wifi on, since my Kindle library source is my desktop PC. Battery life is much better that way. If needed, I can dump enough files onto DW's netbook for a trip, from which I can download like I do from my desktop.
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Wife bought me the Kindle Fire. Slightly smaller than the Ipad,can't do quite as much with it as the Ipad and it is cheaper than the Ipad but if all you want to do is read books on it, you may find it a nice alternative------to the Ipad!!!

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I have a Kindle Gen 2 with Wifi and 3G. If you are a big reader you need to stay away from the Ipad and Kindle Fire. Both will need to be recharged in short time. My Kindle last me about a month to a month and half between charges and I read about 4-6 hours a day at least 4 times a week. I only turn on the wifi if I am downloading, it eats your battery time. A Fire only has about 7 hours of reading time according to the web site and I bet the Ipad is even worse. So if you take a day to read you may have to charge in the middle of reading.

Yes they are perfect if you are using it for checking email, surfing the web, downloading movies, but they use major battery time to do this. If what you want is to use this for reading go the standard Kindle. They do have a few games apps for the Kindle too. If you don’t have wifi were you are going just download the books before going camping. I have right now over 250 books on my Kindle, I never download while camping, no need. Also if you are a prime member at Amazon, you get to “borrow” quite a few books. You also get free 2 day shipping from Amazon, and are able watch movies like on Netflix.

Whichever you pick make sure it meets the needs you are using it for. For me it’s my Kindle, if I want to do the rest I have a laptop for that.
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We have 2 of the big screen WIFI Kindles and an IPAD and use them all the time. They are each better at some things than the other.

I would never dream of curling up in bed with my IPAD to read. It's bulky and kinda hard to hold on its side and much harder to one hand page turn(with the right type of holder you can free stand the kindle on its side with the cover partly open and not even have to hold it when reading in bed). The screen is also harder to read if your on the beach in bright sunlight. The battery will last for a week plus. So as a straight text book reader I'm going with my Kindle every time.

The IPAD is excellent for playing games, is a surprisingly decent web browser and is good for reading color books with maps and pictures(think travel guide). We do almost all our general browsing and email checking on the IPAD.

So I guess it boils down to what you really want to use it for the most. We use all three pretty much every day and really love them. We only break out the laptop and PC for hard core gaming and anything requireing lots of data entry.
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