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Originally Posted by djmac1964 View Post
The racoons are probably using it for a back scratcher!
I spotted the little bugger last night, but I did not recognize him.
He was wearing a mask!
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This is such a great subject Wolfpack thank you for bringing it up. Wolfpack makes a valid point do we sometimes make things way too easy for the jerks? Only once have I had anything stolen and that was my firewood when I camped for the weekend in a seasonal campground with a handful of overnight sites I was the only overnighter that weekend. This campground had lots of big expensive trailers it was not a cheesy cliché trailer park. Granted it was only firewood but it was a sleazy thing to do. I work way too hard to leave my carbon fiber road bike or my Tri Cross bike unlocked or left in plain sight, same thing for that pretty red kayak and my tiny trailer has a tongue lock it only takes one idiot to wreck my good time. I try not to be paranoid my camp stove is on the picnic table and the chairs are left out in the screen room but I’m not going to make it easy for dishonest people. A smart person once told me locks keep honest people honest if a thief really wants it they’ll go to extremes to get it but chances are they’ll look for an easier, faster target. Assuming theft comes from tent campers makes me uneasy I tent camped all my life up until 2012 when I bought my A Frame I would never have considered stealing and tent campers are way more vulnerable to theft than folks with trailers, zippers tend to make lousy anti theft deterrents. Most of the people I’ve met while camping have been wonderful, tenters and trailer people but add alcohol and you sometimes get instant ……….holes, young, old, money, no money, trailer, tent or crashed in the back seat of a car a drunk moron is a drunk moron.
Years ago if you camped in an Ontario Provincial campground the permit on the camp post not only listed your names it listed your home address. This changed in Ontario as thieves found themselves an easy way to burglarize homes drive through campsites and find local residents camping it was an effortless list of unoccupied homes. Listing addresses on the permits changed when a local family returned home for a night during their vacation and was attacked by burglars who had scored their address from the camp permit.
As for Wolfpack or anyone else in law enforcement I wouldn’t mind some tips on personal safety (and not from the animal wildlife) while camping especially if you’re camping alone and I often do. I don’t carry weapons with the exception of bear bangers and bear spray even if I’m not in bear country.
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A little more thread drift but speaking of racoons, when we first moved into our house in the country, I filled the bird feeders on the back deck. That very night we were awakened by our nervous little dog. I looked out onto the deck and in the moonlight I could see two coons feasting on my newly purchased bird food. I decided to teach them critters a lesson. I lept from my bed, slid the glass door open, jumped out onto the deck and yelled at them, fully expecting them to flee off into the woods. Imagine my shock and awe when they stood up and snarled at me! There I was totally nekkid with my most prized vulnerabilities exposed in the moonlight, staring at angry snarly teeth and claws. I of course, lept back inside and slammed the door shut. Oh the humanity! I sheepishly slid back into bed where I had to endure the bed shaking due to my wife trying hard not to laugh out loud.
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Just bought this for the new TT.

Click image for larger version

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Originally Posted by Rolling buckeye View Post
A couple of years ago,we were camping with friends in southern central ohio,in a state campground. It was a very nice cg,rangers at entrance, and regular problems. We drove two trucks to a trailhead,as we had done many times,with coolers in bed of truck,not with beer just water. On parking area had window glass in different places around the lot. So I drew the straw to sit in truck"lucky me" and keep watch while friends and the remainder of my family took the 3.5 mi. Hike, I did not think the perpetrator would likely return in middle of the day,but felt better keeping watch. Low and behold a man 35-40 walked from somewhere close,in woods and started looking in the window of the closest car,then started walking around aimlessly until he saw me in truck , he was defiantly startled,and made a quick retreat. May or may not have been " the guy"
The point is I defiantly feel better about leaving valuables in camper among my camping family,than in any parking lot. I think by far the majority of camping friends and family,are happy to be looking out for each other.and do so whenever possible.

Two years ago we were camping at natural bridge cg,in KY it rained Alot and Very hard,we had a flood, kind of a slow flash flood, the stream flowing through the cg eventually ran 2-3 ft deep throughout the cg, from normal stream the kids skipped rocks and played in maybe 3 hrs before. We "some other campers and I" helped rangers get all but two campers to higher ground,the road out to highway was closed due to a mudslide.we wer directed to the parking lot for sky tram ride,where we all worked together to feed all in parking lot and a ranger or two,then help the tent'ers with a dry place to sleep. By about 2:00 the next day most of the sites were repaired,and those of us that stayed were back in our spots,minus a few picnic tables wrapped around trees down stream. No one was hurt as far as I know,and I think all involved, were better in some ways because of this experience!
What a great good-neighbor story. I'd camp next to you anytime.
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Originally Posted by dkb74 View Post
Just bought this for the new TT.

Attachment 26357
I have the same lock.

I just worry about: The whole trailer; or high value items like a Honda generator. Chairs and everything else just sit out in plain site. We do lock the trailer doors.
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Originally Posted by mjones12 View Post

What a great good-neighbor story. I'd camp next to you anytime.
And we would be glad to have you with us!
Maybe we'll see ya out there,happy camping!
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After many years of tent camping in the UK, and the last 8 yrs RVing in the US, I think that crime is at such a low level within the camping world because of the nature of the people that go camping. In all my years of camping, I have never experienced a problem of theft, and have rarely spoken to anyone else that has. Just occasionally when stuck for the night we have had to go into campgrounds that we would rather not go into, we have left in the morning with everything intact. Camping seems to 'level' folks, no matter what they camp in, and that creates an atmosphere ariund a CG which deters most petty crime - I think your rig is in greater danger while storage than on a campground.
When in a new area, the DW and I like to check out different places (especially State Parks), and note good (and bad) sites for future reference. We are aware that this can seem suspicious, but we make sure we take the time to talk to campers and rangers / camp hosts about the good and bad points of the facility.
Like everyone else, the high value items are stowed out of sight, but the chairs and little tables seem to be safely left outside. May this long continue to be so.
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I do believe that the type of CG you stay at will determine if items are stolen or not. We have stayed at some CG and the clientele did look a little ruff. We had a family in the CG last summer. The father dropped his TT off for his daughter and family to use. Was talking to the owner of the TT after he had set up. He was complaining that the owners of the CG had a lot of rules. The oldest grandson was caught dialing 911 on the pay phone. The granddaughter was caught shop lifting in the store and my sat. dish was facing the wrong way because the boys thought it was neat to swing on. When we where camping at the Sandbanks CG we had a burger on the BBQ. Everyone on our site stood still while we watched a Black cat with a white strip downs its back take the burger. No one wanted to take chase.
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Campground Safety

While in the Klamath Basin of northern California we picked out the Tule Lake Fairgrounds campground from a campground guidebook. It was on the edge of a very small farming community across the street from residences. There were about 25 almost new full hookups on deep green grass, literally behind the Goat and Sheep Barn, but not a camper in sight. There was a drop box for the fee at the entrance bulletin board. When my dearly beloved expressed concern about leaving our motorhome there while we were out for the day, I pointed out the car in the driveway nearest the gate. It was a Deputy Sheriff’s car. We had no problems and no other campers for four days and nights. We talked with several local residents during this time and all were very friendly. It was a great place to camp as a base for exploring the area.
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Originally Posted by caper View Post
I do believe that the type of CG you stay at will determine if items are stolen or not. We have stayed at some CG and the clientele did look a little ruff.
We only do short term camping 2-3 nights at a time and if its a campground I'm not familiar with I will always do a drive through first before committing to a spot or CG in general. That is why usually we only stay at state parks. Most of the ones we go to always have park rangers driving around etc.

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Good point Ruben. We've driven through some that were truly like being in the ghetto. One can only guess the type of campers who are allowed in there. Heck, I wouldn't trust the owners in some of those places, never mind the campers!
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After reading many of the posts on here I have come to the conclusion that campground theft does exist and will not likely go away. I see many, many campers go to great length and expense to protect their valuables. It's sad, but the posts on here support it.

Some folks have made some very good points about how to protect your belongings and I think we would all be better off if we listen to the "voices of experience." Times have changed and people don't respect others people's property the way they used to. 40 years ago, it was unheard of for a camper to walk through another person's campsite. Today, it's done all the time. And many of them don't even say hello. We are definitely in the "Me Generation" and many do not take responsibility for their own actions.

A couple of comments have been made that you should look around and see who's on what site and what vehicle(s) belongs there. One State Park I like to camp at allows a camper to make a reservation for just two nights. Consequently, there are about 10 to 12 campers that just use the sites for weekends. They come in on Friday and are gone by Sunday. Typically, once the site is occupied, many more people start showing up and sometimes there are as many as 7 or 8 vehicles in and around the site. Could be family reunions or their neighbors coming for a cookout. I'm not sure. And of course, along with the adults come plenty of kids. Personally, I like kids, have two of my own and I believe all kids should have the opportunity to camp. (I don't like to do it because of possible ramifications but I have cleaned and patched up a lot of skinned up knees and elbows on kids falling off bikes etc. while I've been camping. And not my kids.) But for me to try and keep track of what person belongs on what site or what vehicle belongs there is impossible. The park also has free admission and it has picnic areas, fishing, hiking trails, a boat launch, shelters with running water, bathrooms etc. and occasionally, when the non-campers are finished with their activities for the day, they ride through the camp grounds. I don't know if it's potential campers looking for a site or thieves casing the campground looking for opportunities. I just can't tell by looking at the vehicle.

We all know that almost every State has cut back on funding for camping and parks in general. That puts an extra burden on Park Rangers and I must say, I think the Park Rangers are doing all they can to run a decent park. (But I've also noticed that they chain up their rental canoes and kayaks so there must be a reason for that.)

I guess all we can do is try very hard not to make it easy for a would be thief.
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We have been camping in RV's for the last 8 years or so. We are only aware of one incident in a CG. Several coolers and lawn chairs stolen one night. It was in a Corps Of Engineers CG and one section was bordered by a county road. They walked from the road through about 4 or 5 campsites. The items were found and returned to the CG host, but most of the folks had left by that time.This is the only incident that I have ever heard of.
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a pretty safe place

at the RV park we stay at often in Borrego Springs
many serious bicycle riders out there
some have bicycles that cost thousands of dollars
no one seems to lock their bikes
all is good and safe in Borrego

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We've never had a problem until this past weekend at Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach. We woke up Sunday morning, my birthday, and discovered that two of our bikes had been stolen. Happy Birthday to me!! Luckily they were found after the little jerks rode them to the beach in broad daylight and parked them while they were having some fun in the sun. I guess we learned the hard way...never leave bikes unlocked during senior week at Ocean Lakes! They will be locked everywhere we go from now on. I have to say that the staff there was fantastic and security did everything possible to help us recover the bikes. Thank you Ocean Lakes!

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You'd think if someone would take something from a campground, it would be as they were driving out, or it would be someone not at the campground.
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Originally Posted by wneise View Post
You'd think if someone would take something from a campground, it would be as they were driving out, or it would be someone not at the campground.
That was my first thought, that somebody was driving out of the campground with our nice bikes. Luckily for us it was most likely teenagers looking a way to get around. I would have loved to have waited around to see the look on their faces when they discovered that "their" bikes had been stolen!! And to see them kicked out of the campground. We were just glad to get the bikes back.

Tim & Joy
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I would have liked to be in the teens' RV when their butts got chewed out, or whooped.
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The biggest crime I've witnessed at a campground was damage to property and assault. The husband, trying to back into the spot, yelled out the window to his wife to answer him on the walkie talkie and she threw it at the truck, shattering it, and shouted, "talk to your own ---- self. "
Kidding aside... it is like hotels in that you can expect more security at nicer motels. A clean CG, well lit and maintained compared to a run down RVmobile home park full of teens.
On another note, in CGs there are always people outside, sort of like an unofficial neighborhood watch. One of the things that we like about rving.
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