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Old 10-04-2013, 12:27 PM   #21
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I've used mine 90 days this year
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Our last trip is next weekend, Labor Day weekend and Halloween camping. always a good time. after that it gets put away till next year for Memorial Day weekend.

In the meantime I look forward to reading about where those in the warmer states are going!
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we stay about 10 weeks a year, but we are retired.
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This year no!
Next year shall be another story big trip will be over 2-3 weeks depending on cash flow.
After that I will hit all the weekends I can get I would like to see 40 -50 days out.
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We just bought our TT this year and we are on our 15th trip and I will do as many more as I can this hear. I don't think anyone uses their TT enough unless the they use it too much . I will use the winter months to catch up on life stuff. I am sitting under the awning right now with our friends watching the rain and waiting for it to quit and there is no place else I would like to be
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We had 2 high school students in softball and baseball all summer long as well as football this fall and we'll still manage about 30 nights of camping this year.

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Originally Posted by Bryan2503S View Post
Look at it this way, we all have a huge advantage when the Government collapses and/or the Zombies come...
Oh yeah, we all gotz da ultimate bug out vehicles!

Just load up all the "toys", and the prepper food....head for the hills and boondock!

But I'd have to load up three freezers full of venison, pork and beef too! Gonna need a second TV and a box trailer for all the provisions.

I don't travel light and I dang sure don't camp light.

We went "toy" shopping today...annual "toy" show. Picked out a sweet lil "toy" and'll probably go back tomorrow and take it home with us. Of course we'll have to buy "batteries" for that "toy" also.

To get back on topic;

NO we don't get to camp enough. We've spent about 18 days in our RV, having bought it in late May.

As I explained on the Flagstaff thread; our five day plans for Columbus day got changed. Death in the family, the the memorial next Saturday means we're heading for FL instead of camping. (Step sons' grandmother.) May she rest in much earned peace.

Thanksgiving plans are still on for Catherine's Landing in Hot Springs, AR.

I'm jonesin' so bad I'm ready to camp in the back yard.

If age is a state of mind, and I've lost my mind, I'm AGELESS, right?
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FTR, "justifying" the purchase isn't a goal for us.

We wanted it.

We can afford it.

We got it.

'Nuff said.

If age is a state of mind, and I've lost my mind, I'm AGELESS, right?
Give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around:
Flagstaff 5er 2014 8528 IKWS, Platinum Package, Regency Interior "Buffy"
F250 Super Duty 2013 Tuxedo Black "Biff"
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We're leaving for our last trip of the season tomorrow! We're going for 6 days. We got to use the TT a good bit this year but we hope to use it even more next year!
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We have had ours a month...I think? Only been out once. Sniff sniff. I wanna camp bad. We really didn't do anything the last trip. Local lake and maiden voyage. Kinda boring for most people. We ate and got away. We had the youngest only. We are going for birthday/Thanksgiving camping. I am pumped up!!! I told the DW we aren't waiting till then to go again. 2 months?? Ppbtttt. Whatever.
I don't feel I will get "our monies worth" but we wanted it and we got it. We have NO money, but we have our health and our families. I think the key is for the kids to have something to do while we are there.
MY goal is to fish/camp. The crappies are calling me. I kinda gave up hunting (long story), so it's gonna be my new pass time.
Sorry to ramble. We plan several long weekend trips ending this year and next year. That will be our vacations for the next years. Hopefully 40 to 50 days out and would settle for 30 to 40.
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Bought our Wildwood new in 2010. We try to get out at least once a month even if it is just for a weekend at a local place.
Next weekend we are going to join some friends at our annual Halloween Rally where we take over a whole loop of about 25 sites. We have a great wagon master couple that works very hard to make it fun! We will be there for 5 nights, then on to beach bluff camping for 4nights. It is our annual anniversary week and we camp every year at this time. Have another weekend planned in November with friends. Nothing planned later but I'm sure we will go somewhere.
Very fortunate to live in mild coastal climate.
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In 2010 the dw said " I want to travel some"..I said.." i want to head south for the winter months" .. We bought our first slightly used 26 ft 1 slideout Puma TT.. & a new 2010 Ford F150... fast forward to 2013.. We now have a 2012 F 250 diesel & a 2014 Prime time Crusader 325 TE.. We use our rig.. everyone has different circumstances..So ..If.. and when.. i cant tow any more ..hopefully.. We can still head south in the winter in a suv and stay in a park model ? At a RV park ..
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We go as much as we can and like everyone else, have to plan around schedules and other commitments. We usually camp 30-40 nights from spring to fall and 4-8 nights during the winter. Winter camping consists of dragging our winterized camper to Normandy Farms, located 3 miles from Gillette Stadium (open year round). We go Saturday afternoon and stay until late Sunday night. We hook up the electric and sewer only, use bottled water for coffee. We don't use the sinks or shower and we flush the toilet with windshield washer fluid. Spend the day at the Patriots game, come back to the campground and either go home or camp for another night. The heat and electric blanket keeps us warm enough at nighttime. During the spring, summer and fall we try to go as much as possible, but if we don'twe just try to plan more trips for the next year. Oh, and you can always just set up in the driveway, wash it, modify it and have a sleep-over.
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We're coming off our best year ever and still counting with the new trailer. We have 29 nights in the book and 3 more nights planned in New York next weekend. I'd like to shoot for 30 nights every year but we're usually in the 24-26 range which is ok.

I'm looking forward in the future to using the trailer for the occasional race weekend and house partys if space permits.
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Not one single day this year.

Still has the anti-freeze in the lines from last year.

Just gonna leave it until spring.

Newfoundland is not our type of camping anyways. Seems it's seasonal sites packed in like rats or it's boondocking in a sandpit where someone dropped their water before they left. There are some decent spots, but they're usually booked solid months in advance and rowdy beyond belief if you do get in.

Just getting off this bloody rock is a 500 dollar bill one way so that puts a damper on that. Federally subsidized ferry service my butt....

Next year looks like another cross continental trip in the making as we will be moving off this rock and the camper will be our hotel on the trip again. We may try another trip to Gros Morne in the spring before we leave for the last time, but that's about it.

We'll be glad to leave and never come back....

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Unfortunately I am one of those types that does need to justify things...and this year was no doubt the best camping experience we have had as a family regardless how much we got out so that's justification enough. At least that's what I am telling myself. Next year should be good As well with a few longer trips on the horizon. I need to start planning and not let anything get in the way. One thing I will not be doing is any holiday weekend again. Just too crowded.
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Only was able to use ours about 15 days this year due to new grandchild etc. but those 15 days were "priceless"
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Crazzzzy summer , broke my ankle and fell on May 28 . Injured my quad muscles ( Rhabdomyolysis ) .Going through rehab now , was walking a little and fell in the kitchen and broke my big toe ... MAN , WHAT SET BACK .. we have cancelled the vacation with he family that I paid for , cancelled 4 campouts so far, beavers bend oklahoma next week ..... Trying to get back to work on Dec 1?
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Originally Posted by ryand View Post
This year was a big one for me....We bought a new house and took a non camper vacation. Both my wife and I are in my brothers wedding next weekend and the work up for that pretty much requires a lot of time leading up to the event so this month is gone. Here we are in October and the season is coming to a close quickly. Our oldest started school this year so future planning is now going to be necessary. I cant help but think that we have already started down the path of using the RV less and Less after only 2 seasons of ownership. Our last trip was cut short due to a bearing failure before we even got started...I do have a trip scheduled at the end of the month but after that it will be one night at the local RV park for closing out the season and winterizing the trailer. Fall is my favorite time to camp and If i had my way we would be out every weekend this month. It does not hurt that the Cardinals are in the Post Season....Love that on the radio around a campfire but realistically its just a little disappointing not being able to enjoy it.
Sometimes life gets in the way and I don't get out as often as I would like. Even so I still get out enough for the TT to be of value to me. With being a new home owner too (as of last Friday) I have a To-Do list for the house which will cut out a couple of weekend trips.

With all that said I am excited to get away for a upcoming weekend trip in a few weeks.

Hopefully things will settle back down and you will be back on your regular path of traveling & RVing again.
Great choice for "Living within my means" and camping for one...

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Great question by the way. I think most of us will say NO, because we want to use it more. My current TT is on a permananet site about 90 min from home. We try and get out every weekend and take at least1 full week each year in early spring and early fall. We started with a pop up then the kids got older got into everything scouts, sports etc and the trailer sat basically unused, Boys didn't want to camp in the summer as they camped once a month with the Troop. Sold the trailer didn't camp for years. Now its just DW and I and we love getting away to the love shack! "If this trailers rocking...."
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