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Old 08-04-2020, 10:24 AM   #121
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Fresh water dumping

I've never thought much about dumping my fresh tank in a campground. Depending on the surface you're on, it could be kind of sloppy. We usually wait until we get home and dump in our driveway. it runs into the gutter. I would check with the RV hosts before dumping.
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Originally Posted by emm-dee View Post
Interesting. I donít see the entire activation portion but it appears one has to pull a short handle, just like the gray tank. If thatís so what do you do to keep the sudden outrush of water from splashing all over you?
Stand back.

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I dump fresh water at home for many the above reasons. Also, who knows whats going to get in your tank while traveling with the valve open. My TT has a 2" drain, lots of road crap could blow into that opening. Always be considerate of the folks following you into a site or as stated above the poor biker behind you. I've had it happen, nothing beats unknown substances hitting you in the face while motorcycling.
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Originally Posted by NMWildcat View Post
I'm always amazed at how convoluted and complex such trivial things become by the end of a thread.
As with everything, just use common sense.

Common sense is a commodity more valuable than gold.

I dump when I get home. Did not hurt a thing carrying the water on the way to camp and won't hurt a thing on the way home. I use mine for the restroom any way when I drive. I don't miss walking into a nasty toilet especially now a days. Pump my diesel pull away from the pumps so I am not blocking the lanes and go about my business. Flush toilet and wash my hands and back on the road.
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Originally Posted by lomax View Post
As a motorcycle rider I thank you so very much for not opening the valve and letting it drain as you go down the road.
I watch guys on my drive to work, ride their bikes in the rain. Doubt you'd even notice that little 1/2" spray of water coming out underneath.
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Originally Posted by tyler811 View Post
Common sense is a commodity more valuable than gold...
Especially when mixed with consideration for the folks coming along behind you.
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Originally Posted by IsleDog View Post
when we camp at state parks we dont have water hookups, so we fill up when we get there.

we will usually drain the fresh tank at the dump station and under NO circumstances will i dump on the road. we have been pulled over for having our fresh tank full and water coming out of the overflow. we also dont like the way it tows with water on board (fresh tank behind axle).

Minnesota considers it a "leaking load" and it is a ticket-able offense. the State Trooper was at least nice enough to explain it to me and not cite me for it.
Ok, makes sense. All the state parks I have camped at (in VA, TN, KY) have water and electric. We have a small campground at a local reservoir run by the Army Corps of Engineers that only has a "community" water spigot, but I have only tent camped there. I would haul fresh water from home if I were going to a campground that didn't have water at the campsite, but I don't have any weight issues like the OP. Thanks
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Originally Posted by tyler811 View Post
Common sense is a commodity more valuable than gold ....
Originally Posted by eye95 View Post
Especially when mixed with consideration for the folks coming along behind you.
Hopefully these two statements (posts) will be the guidance to the original poster's (sstandfast) question and others.

May 'Consideration' of others and 'Common Sense' guide us all with the decisions we make.

For the record, I have always travel with full or mostly full fresh water tank and if and when I dump my FWT it is at home to water the grass.
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Originally Posted by TheWolfPaq82 View Post
I watch guys on my drive to work, ride their bikes in the rain. Doubt you'd even notice that little 1/2" spray of water coming out underneath.
Actually, you will notice it and its MUCH more dangerous. In a downpour, there is enough water volume to was oils and other gunk off the road. That "little 1/2 inch spray" will only make the oil float on top, and trust me, that is slicker than cat crap on linoleum.

I have even noticed a greasy kind of feeling on the road following cars with a lot of A/C condensation runoff.

Please... Just don't.

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mUSt bE spECial

Originally Posted by Reverse_snowbird View Post
Agree that you do not want to dump the fresh water at the campsite. Most places prohibit it because it can erode the base of the campsite.
????? what do they do when it rains hard., pull out tarps and cover all the sites? I would think those rain gutters on you camper directs the water to one or multiple spots. People that drain the water tank at the end of a trip will be draining a small amount. This will be pale to a down pour. This topic has been covered before and some people will call you out on anything they don`t understand.. Now about those barking dogs of yours.
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Oops. Double post and no delete key.
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I don't do it until I leave the dump station or the park. Nothing wrong with letting the fresh water tank drain while you are going down the road. I do not drain it while in a park.
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Just let it rip.

Originally Posted by sstandfast View Post
Hi everyone,

RV newbie here. I'm curious about where/when it's appropriate to dump your fresh water tank. Is it acceptable to just open the dump valve right there in your camp site before you pull up to go dump the black/gray tanks? It's fresh water so technically it's fine to dump anywhere, I was just curious what the accepted protocol is.

I dump it on site normally itís only a few gallons of water. And as far as the site getting muddy, with the heat of the summer highly unlikely. Itíll dry up before the next camper arrives.
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dumping your fresh water tank in the campground is inconsiderate to your fellow campers, I had a camper do that beside me and flooded my site and drove away I had to move my moho to be able to hook up tow vehicle, as for draining other road while driving it is dangerous for fellow drivers especially motorcyclists and could cause an accident for which you could be in court.
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In over 60 years of motorcycle riding I have never encountered the problem y’all think is there. But, I’ve never been stupid enough to ride close enough to the edge of the lane that if there was water there it would be a problem.
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Originally Posted by emm-dee View Post
In over 60 years of motorcycle riding I have never encountered the problem yíall think is there. But, Iíve never been stupid enough to ride close enough to the edge of the lane that if there was water there it would be a problem.
I am a motorcycle rider too. I wouldn't mind the water as long as I knew it was fresh water. Problem is, if you are riding, how do you know? It's not like they have posted a sign on the back of the rig saying..."don't worry, it's just fresh water".
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I've been riding motorcycles since the mid 60's. I live close to the Tennessee River and a couple of the best bass fishing lakes in the US. So I am used to coming up behind boats with their drain plugs out and all their bilge water, etc. pouring out on the road. While I would be the last to say that it has an effect on the safety of my ride (would be the least of my worries), it still aggravates me to see it. So I don't do it. Period.
Besides, I am like many others and prefer to travel with at least a 1/4 tank of fresh water, usually more. You never know when you need to use your own facilities, make a repair and need to wash up, or any other myriad of things where some fresh water would be handy. I once used my outside shower connection to spray down an overheated horse that had become dehydrated and refused to drink. The cool down saved him from colick or worse.

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If carrying a tank of water is a problem it's one that started way back when selecting the TT.

I never leave home without a full tank and just carry whatever is left home with me.

Can't count the number of people I've encountered while boondocking that have asked where they could get water nearby.

If weight is an issue perhaps taking inventory of all the stuff hauled along that isn't used would be in order. Then just leave it home.

If it's still important to dump I'd not dump in campground but at a roadside pull out where it could just drain off into the ditch. Fresh water only of course.

Since I do most of my camping off the beaten path the dirt roads would just suck up any water i might dump. On the highway?, No Way.
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Originally Posted by emm-dee View Post
Where is this 1ĹĒ drain located? The standard size gray tank drain is that size and I certainly wouldnít open it unless connected to a drain hose. Never saw a fresh water drain that big.

Also, my FW drain is on the far right side so if I had it open while driving the water would fall just about on the white line denoting road edge. If a motorcycle was riding there then water would be the very least of the problems.

Click image for larger version

Name:	61603654205__0F8E2C3B-5202-417A-BF8A-642E9AB5CA72.jpg
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Fresh water tank drain
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Originally Posted by Iwannacamp View Post
Attachment 235920
Fresh water tank drain
With a drain that big you donít have to worry about draining on the road. If you opened it before turning onto a highway then by the time you walked back to your driving position the tank will be empty.

Youíre good to go.
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