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Question If it can go wrong it will

I was just over at another forum reading about this poor fella and his "misadventure" at camping this past weekend. I felt so sorry for him yet at the same time was sitting here dying laughing seeing in my minds eye the same thing happening to us.

I try to be the type person that no matter what has gone so wrong to try to find the humor in it. Neither helps, but laughing is better than crying about something.

So on that note..... tell me (ALL of us) some of your "adventures or misadventures" while out on the trails camping.

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Wish I could say I've never had one but we all know we all have. Mine was a big time problem. I won't say the name of the campground but we had reservations for a site for our first trip without the kids one weekend. Upon reaching the campground we checked in and the desk had an employee show us to the site. He recommended circling a small building and pulling in to the site instead of a tight situation of backing in. He said no problem I'll guide you right in. BIG MISTAKE. I was watching him as I came around the building and he kept motioning to come forward. I could see the building very well, what I couldn't see was the 4x4 with a faucet sticking out of the ground about 3 feet from the building. It was up about 18". Well he's moving his hand to keep coming forward and all of a sudden he yells stop. He walks back and says you just hit the faucet. I didn't even know I hit it and he's the one that walked in front of me and directed me into the site. When I got out I found that 5 doors had been scraped and creased by the faucet. I could have strung him up right there. Brand new motorhome with less than 1600 miles on it and now the side is destroyed. We ended up staying in a different site and was told the owner would stop by. Well on Sunday when we were leaving I finally caught up with him. He offered to pay 50% of my deductible. I contacted GEICO, set up an appointment with Chesaco RV and within a few days they had the estimate and ordered the doors. $5000 in damage. Once the doors came in Chesaco called me and before the end of August it was back to normal. I learned that day not to trust even the employees of the campground. I now stop and get out and look for anything that may create a problem. If I have any doubt I go back and ask for a different site.

By the way I didn't laugh but I didn't let it totally spoil our weekend. I just stayed away from looking at that side until I packed up to go home.

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I have been fortunate and have avoided any real mishaps at a campground. However, I have two "funnies" that I didn't find so funny when they happened when I was "on my way" to the camprground. Now I enjoy telling the stories and laughing.

1. My first camper was a Rockwood PUP that I stored in my garage. The second or third time I went to leave for a camping trip I got it going the wrong way out of the garage and it got wedged up against to door opening. Due to how it was positioned there was no way to unhitch and move it. I was in a pickle!!! The wife was hysterical (embarrassed and worried about damage) and I was stumped. Luckily my neighbor, who is much smarter than I, came over to help. We were able to pick up and move the back end enough so I could unhitch and get us out of a jam. Luckily we escaped undamaged.
2. My current unit is a Rockwood 8313ss that I keep stored at a storage lot. The week of a planned camping trip I went out to inspect the unit and all was fine. When we arrived to hook up and go a few days later, I found that a few new arrivals to the storage lot were now completely blocking paths to exit the lot. The storage lot is unstaffed and is fairly remote. I called the management office but could only leave a message. Well, I was headed camping so this was not going to get in my way. I was able to move by hand a PUP and a utility trailer enough so I could snake my way through and get out.
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These are priceless. Keep'am coming!

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*Bangs head against table while saying "I know better....I know better"....*

Just got back from 8 nights out. We just got the trailer from my inlaws... I had a feeling the tires were old... maybe even originals. It came with no spare tire, so the Friday before we left (the 16th) I bought a rim and tire. Saturday we left for Tucson and between Gila Bend and Casa Grande the front driver side trailer tire shredded. I quickly changed it and got back on the road. My Garmin lead me to the nearest Discount tire in Casa Grande about 20 minutes later. Changed the shredded tire out and was back on the road. Fast forward one week to this last Saturday. We have left the Grand Canyon, drove though Zion and now are 20 or so miles from Las Vegas. Ka-Plow! There goes the back driver side trailer tire. 15 minutes later we are back on the road. We stayed the night in Vegas and in the morning I am thinking to myself....' you want to risk it and go for the 320 miles home to San Diego without a spare...or do you want to try to find a tire shop with a trailer tire?' Stupid me thinks we can make it. WRONG! 6 miles from Primm (Nevada/California boader) BAM! Front passenger trailer tire goes. Poop. I have no spare. So I unhooked, took the two rims with flats and headed back to Las Vegas. Hoping the trailer would be there when we got back. Good old Garmin lead me to an open tire shop with trailer tires in stock. An hour and a half later I am not only installing the one I just took off, but also the fourth and last tire in the bunch. Hey... it took me three times but I learned I got to that fourth tire before it got to me! 3 tires, 9 days, 2000 miles.

Moral of my story? Always check date codes on the tires! NEVER look at them and think 'hey, they LOOK new. They LOOK good. They MUST be good'. Especially if it's a used trailer. You never know....
Josh & Kami
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Oh my. While my dear husband and I were dating, he was so wonderful to take my Niagara pup to a nearby campground and set it up for me. (You see, I am a school teacher and he is retired; we just got married a little over a year ago, so he is from the age of gentlemen and I am of the age of the almost retired and can't wait.) He called me at work and said he had a GREAT spot and that he had to set up in the rain. The rain was actually a torrential downpour, but he wanted to get it done. He said it was near the bath house and a panic button went off in my brain. How near the bathrooms, I asked? Right next to them. I asked him to go look and see if there was a little blue sign at the site. Yep, we were in a handicapped spot. he went back out into the torrential rain, popped down, moved it, and popped back up. The guy behind our new site had the nerve to complain to him about putting a popup in front of his travel trailer. My fellow, rather than do bodily damage, said nothing. Never again will we make the mistake of parking in a handicap spot.
Charles and Lucy
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The Gods Were Smiling On Me That Day...

Last week I experienced my most recent mishap, and I do fully realize it wont be my last.

I was taking my TT back to the dealer for more repairs. I actually have more miles towing to and from the dealer than I do to and from campgrounds! Anyway, when I hooked the TT up I left the tool for the bars laying on my rear bumper. I found this out after arriving at my dealer's, 95 miles away. It was still laying on the bumper where I left it!

I guess I've got my hitch dialed in about right.
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Hmm, The only that comes back to table conversations is the time we went to Lake Chabot in Oakland, CA.
We bought the real boss a brand new the feel, the comfort, the space, the huge amount of metal to drive around....we were invicible what else can we add?
Hmmm, let's buy a travel trailer and go camping with our newborn and teenager, grandma and what the heck...the dog too.

So we looked around, four months after getting TV, we bought our first 27' TT. We looked in the internet for a nice green, tall big trees site to camp for our 1st trip....6 hours away.they had one site available... no problem- book it and let's go.....I wonder why that one wasn't taken? I said to myself.

Lake Chabot National Park here we come...So I on the way there I learn the meaning of white knucles, nerves of steel , Big rigs passing by and know the rest. I was by all means driving safe but the experience chapter of the book could come in will be all better when we get there.

We get there, I checked in. "Hope you're good at backing in" the ranger says to me...."it's my first time" I said.
He Frozed and suddenly looked puzzled and his face turned somewhat pale.
I thought he wasn't feeling good and he must had a long day (it was getting late and sundown was approaching). I thought on asking him to come by and have a cold after I get set up. He probably needs one.

He looked around his desk, he looked at me, he looked around some more...he found a sign and put it up on the door. The sign said.."Closed"

He went out asked my family to get out of the SUB (yes, including the dog) looked at me and said, I really don't want to fill anymore paperwork today nor call for back up, so follow me and do everything I say.

I got in the TV, he walked, I follow him....and follow him 1 or 2 miles per hour. I made a turn and he was standing there...he looks at me and he points up and kindly says:

"see that?" That is your site, My eyes slowly followed the narrow road up the hill with a huge drop on one side and tall trees on the other. I took a big you know what and all of the sudden, I understood the Ranger.

Our site was located on the top of the hill in the middle of a curve (remember I said, I wondered why it wasn't booked up?)

Episodes of the ER program were running thru my mind....not sure why and I wanted to ask my wife if she had brought enough diapers because someone else was going to need them REAL soon. My wife says my face temple changed into many-many colors

all-in-all, The ranger patiently helped me to get up there and back in safely. I really couldn't have done it without his help. He was just as nervous as I was so we laughed and laughed after we were done...We became good friends and he stopped by a few times during our stay.

We looked back now and we just laugh......let's go!
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About 6 years ago we had one of our worst trips ever. My wife's former Jeep club had a tradition of going camping/Jeepn' every year on the weekend after Thanksgiving to a local trail system.

At this time of year the trails are muddy and the temperatures are cold. As I had had problems with the furnace in the past I had installed heat strips in the air conditioner but had never intended to use them while dry camping. Wouldn't you know it the first night out and the furnace won't work. I ended up having to run the generator all night to keep heat in the rig. We woke up to a fresh layer of new snow and proceeded to load up the Jeep for a trail run.

The trail ended up being the biggest nightmare I have ever seen. Muddy and lots of hills and side hills which had my wife running up the trail in front of me with about 70' of wire winch cable to get to the next tree to winch to. Half way through one of the Toyotas broke down and the owner and another guy headed quickly for town to get the part to fix it. What he didn't remember is that his son was diabetic and needed his medicine which was back at camp. We took his son on board our Jeep and I started driving it like it was stolen. At one point we were on a side hill tipped so far over that the hard top rubbed against a tree and I heard a lot of cracking sounds. Yeah I figured the hard top is now toast! The winch line got bound up on the spool and without it we were stuck. It took lots of pounding with a hammer and tugging and pulling to get the line unstuck and working again so we could get moving.

What had started out as a couple of hour trail ride turned into an all day winch-fest and we didn't get back to camp until after dark. Getting back to camp the diabetic boy was looking very tired no doubt because he hadn't had his medication and not wanting to spend another cold night running the generator we hooked up our muddy and battered Jeep and headed for home.

After having replaced all the parts in the furnace one at a time trying to troubleshoot that possessed piece of crap I got fed up and pulled it out and put a new one in. We sold the RV to friends when we bought our Georgetown 2 years ago and the furnace is still working great. We replaced the heavy wire rope on the winch with more modern synthetic rope, the wife can now carry the entire 120' of rope on one finger although we don't use it much anymore except for getting everyone else unstuck. And our hardtop came through the weekend in one piece but with some scrapes on it.

We haven't been back to those Jeep trails since.
"I can fix it, and if I can't fix it, I can fix it so no one can fix it!"
Ed & Wendy
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I think we have all had some misadventure. When we got our first rig a couple years ago (our previous Roo) on our maiden voyage we went to a private campground. Like many private campgrounds they have someone help guide you in to your spot. Well the guy is guiding me back and all of a sudden I feel the TV shudder. Well, he had backed us into a tree! Luckily it just bent the very corner of the TT bumper. A friend got his channel locks out and helped bend it back out. are can never truly trust the campground folks to help you keep clear of things!
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