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Old 09-07-2022, 12:56 PM   #21
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I know that I have every right to use rest areas and truck spots in truck stops but I don't like to do it. They're working, I'm recreating; even as a fulltimer, this is fun for me, not work.

Plus, I like my slides out. Makes getting to things so much easier and more convenient. Give me a Walmart or other retail establishment any day of the week. We've also been using Harvest Hosts lately and have Boondocker Welcome.
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In California if you have a pickup with an open bed (no camper or shell) you pay Commercial Rate License fees. Probably a good argument for staying in the Commercial truck area.

I think the MorRyde entry steps could be a real problem. I can't imagine leaving them down in a rest area. I have slept in the trailer and using a line to pull them up and them reach around and pull the door shut. That works but if someone parked too close, I might have climb out the emergency window hatch. Torklft steps might be the answer but pretty spendy.
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Originally Posted by ependydad View Post
I know that I have every right to use rest areas and truck spots in truck stops but I don't like to do it. They're working, I'm recreating; even as a fulltimer, this is fun for me, not work.
I'm with you. Traveling by boat on river through locks, commercial traffic has right of way over pleasurecraft, but the lock can't keep pleasurecraft waiting for more than three lock cycles. It's a system that works pretty well, granted - with room for improvement.

So long as we all work together...
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Maybe deep down inside I hope that I displace one of the truckers that spend 45 minutes in the left lane passing one vehicle with a line of cars a mile back behind him.
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In most rest stop areas on an interstate highways there are signs to direct single vehicles (cars) to one area and semis, buses, MH and other vehicles pulling trailers to a separate designated area. The vehicles pulling trailers could be a VW beetle pulling a small 4 foot trailer. Generally if it won't fit in a normal single car space, go to the non-single vehicle area. Just don't hog two or three spots in the process.

As needed, I have also parked at a truck stop in between semis. Just be aware these generally tend to be back-in parking, not many pull thru parking spots.

We travel less than +/- 300 miles a day and stay at campgrounds for the night. Makes for better, safer travel.

Need to stop and smell the roses now and then -

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Praise be to those that help truckers

I have also started to use churches. Harvest Hosts seems to have a fair amount of churches on our routes. A $20 donation to the youth group and a nice big empty quiet lot seems a fair deal to me.

Be safe

I retired as a trucker, last having a dedicated run. I was fortunate to have parked in a church parking lot. A good nights sleep was afforded after driving 600 miles, at 10.75 hours of driving. no noise, no diesel exhaust stink.

Richard in Milwaukee
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Originally Posted by melvinjo View Post
Another somewhat newbie questions:

I-state driving wears me out. With my truck and rig, I am about 42 feet long

Rest stops: Anything wrong with parking to nap, or spending the night on the trucker side? Long parking slots, easy to get in/out. Seems common sense as the car side typically doesnt have long slots to park in, some do, some dont)

Understanding it can be loud with rigs idling, and not understanding the legality of spending the night (if any, although truckers do)

1. Truckers: Your thoughts?
2. Who spends the night at rest stops: Good/bad experiences?
I park in the truck sections of rest areas and truck stops 5-6 nights a year (2-3 in the spring and 2-3 in fall going home).

I have never had an issue. Long RVís canít be expected to park in the car section of rest areas.

At truck stops, I always try to purchase fuel, food, or something from the store.
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Originally Posted by GravelRider View Post
Maybe deep down inside I hope that I displace one of the truckers that spend 45 minutes in the left lane passing one vehicle with a line of cars a mile back behind him.
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Rest Stops

We have found that at rest stops during the day the car side is busy but not the truck side. But in the evening after dark the truck side is very busy and the cat side is pretty much vacant. We have a 33 ft travel trailer and we stay the night in rest stops all the time but we go in the evening and find there is always plenty of room to pull our rig up out of the way location put the slide out and spend the night. No one has ever said a word to us about it and it's quieter on the car side at night no noise of trucks pulling in and out no diesel fumes just a good night's sleep. This works for us just fine and it's very convenient.
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Old 09-12-2022, 07:15 PM   #30
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After a full day on the road I don't even hear the trucks parked next to me in rest stops. After 5 to 7 hundred mile on the road I'm ready for a beer, some rest and a nights sleep.
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We’ve pulled into rest area(most state Trucks, Buses, RVs) so it’s game on!
I have respect for OTR drivers, bc they are the ones getting our goods to stores, warehouse etc…., we have even stayed at closed weight stations up in Washington State?��? Don’t recommend ��
The sounds/noise from rigs is no bother, some campgrounds we’ve stayed for the night are noisier than any rig��
We try to avoid “truck stops” bc we feel those are for the truck drivers, regardless of first come first serve or if we buy anything including fuel/gas.
Rest areas have always been used by everyone and shame shame on the single car that pulls into a long space!
In today’s world be cautious and vigilant of your surroundings!.
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My teenage son and I just had a 5 week, 9,000 mile road trip across the US and back from WA to RI. About 1/4 into it, our Shore Power died and we couldn't fix it or find anyone to fix it so had to live off the alternator and generator. Of course most campgrounds won't let you run a genny so 95% of the time we boondocked. At approx 60' LOA, we didn't have many choices. Most nights were rest areas. Sometimes empty gravel lots, on ramps, closed weigh stations, gravel turn-outs along the side of quiet highways. However, nobody ever complained. It's just first come first serve. I think most people would agree that it's better to let someone sleep in an inappropriate location that risk falling asleep driving 35k lb rig!
Given all the additional trucks & RV's on the road these days, I was surprised at the number of closed and abandoned rest area we saw.
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As others have said, we have stayed for a few nights rest in "Rest Stops". Have always felt safe but not very rested. We plan for Walmarts, Casinos, State and Fed Campgrounds (many with overflow areas) pull in late and leave early.
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I have dozens of round trips Phoenix to RI, RI to FL, FL to Phoenix. I almost exclusively stay at rest areas. Mostly, because I am 65' overall, and pulling a TOAD which you can't backup (except for a few feet, if good at it), so you get one chance. Pulling off the highway and negotiating unfamiliar territory is too much of an unknown. I have never had any trouble using the truck side of rest areas. However, they can get crowded and as such I try to get in no later than 5:00 or 6:00pm. I usually plan my stop ahead, viewing the rest area via Google Maps, and literally plan my approach. If possible I try to get an end spot, or along the entry roadway so I can get at least one slide part way out. Even 6" makes a difference. Even in regular pull through truck spots I often put my main slide out around 4" and that helps. Have never had any truckers or management complain. In very cold, or very hot weather I run my generator for a few (or even all night) hours, if the batts get low, and no one complains about that. Most the trucks now have small diesel generators, a lot smaller than the ones we have on RV's, and they are pretty quiet and don't produce much exhaust. I believe most States prohibit the trucks running their engines overnight at the rest areas because of emissions standards. I try to get back on the road by 4:00am when the traffic is low, and I prefer mornings anyway, so this schedule works for me. I very rarely stay overnight at truck fuel stops. The majority of the parking is back-in, and as I mentioned I can't back up. Furthermore, they are noisy and dirty and I don't find them conducive to overnights. Yes, every State is a bit different. Some rest areas are better than others, and, I have had to stay on the side of the on-ramp a few times, but really don't like that, most because they can be very lopsided, and very noisy.

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Hi all. I'm not a paid rep but you should look into Harvest Host and Boondockers welcome. My wife and I have really enjoyed it and so much better than walmart. And the business usually closes early which leaves you their alone.
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Loves now has rv spot hook ups set away from the trucks. I'm sure you can still hear them but pretty convenient. Kiosk, in store or on line registration. I was just reading a couple reviews on them this morn. $30. - $47. was the range. 30 & 50 amp elec, water & sewer. It's one stop shopping/fuel & rest. Don't think they all have them yet but you can look them up if a rest stop isnt around. Cost about the same as a night at a camp ground without the hassle for a 1 night stay. And usually right at the interstate. Sometimes the rest stops are full.
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For those traveling on I-5 in the Puget Sound area RV parking in the Rest Areas is prohibited in at least two of the three in the area and maybe in the third as well.

The homeless started to park their broken down trailers and motorhomes in them and totally trashed the area. WSDOT had placed eco-blocks to block off all but a "Commercial Vehicle Only area while still providing a narrow access lane to the RV dump stations.

A sign of the times.
"A wise man can change his mind. A fool never will." (Japanese Proverb)

"You only grow old when you run out of new things to do"

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A friend had a way of putting it. He said, “rats pissing on cotton.”

What that means is that certain creatures cannot stand to see something that is clean and pure. They are compelled to befoul that.
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Many rest areas in the east have limits for stays in rest areas, 2 to 4 hours is common. Whether it is enforced or not is another story.

I am retired, itís not about saving $$. Itís all about convenience. Cracker Barrelís are located near interstate stops. I can quickly pull in, have a late dinner and an early breakfast, and I am on my way. Walmarts are built for the locals, so they may not be located near interstate exits. No restaurant either. Not all Walmarts allow it either. Finding a KOA or similar for a late night stop can be a PITA. Time wasted signing in, getting the code for the bathroom or whatever. I use campgrounds at my destinations, while I use an overnight stop along the way.
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