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Old 05-26-2018, 01:28 PM   #21
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Trailer sway on V trailer and Hensley hitch

I towed without and with the Hensley hitch and i will never tow without it again. You will get a lot of replies telling you to set up you WDH properly and get a bigger truck. I did all that and at best it minimizes sway. The Hensley hitch completely eliminates any sway and you will never have any "white knuckle" towing again. I am an engineer so I understand the force harmonics of sway. With a single pivot hitch there will always be some sway. Some drivers know how to drive these well, but if they make 2 to 3 wrong moves... They will flip. I can flip anyone single pivot high center of gravity trailers (all travel trailers...) with just 3 very poorly timed turns. With the Hensley you can't flip it if you tried. Because it is a revolutionary 2 pivot point hitch that 100% eliminates all sway. Yes, it is expensive (>$2000), but it was the best $2000 I ever spent. And they give you a 60 day unconditional full refund if you don't like it. No one has ever returned one. It is harder to hook up at first. but once you know how to do it, it is actually easier.
Go to their web page and watch video of the 4 door sedan pulling a huge Airstream going off onto soft shoulder and back on rod over and over with no sway. They even take it through a slalom course. No, I don't work for Hensley. But as an engineer, I recognize a revolutionary new design that works. Dual pivot point is the key! Dampens all harmonics.
Trailer sway causing flips is the number one cause of towing accidents. Some insurance companies actually give you a discount if you have a Hensley hitch.
When you get the "buy a bigger truck or distribute your weight" responses..($50K to $75K) Show them this newsletter I got from Hensley:
The Big Truck Myth

This is the oldest argument we get when telling folks about the Hensley Arrow or Cub:

"You just need a big enough truck!"

Besides the fact that a "big enough" truck now costs more than most starter homes, the statement is simply untrue. Sure, a big truck with a big engine and heavy-duty transmission will allow you to pull more weight, but there is absolutely no way it can control trailer sway.

Here's why.

The point at which the trailer is connected to the truck does not change, regardless of vehicle size. It's a coupler mounted onto a spherical ball. The design is intentional to allow the trailer full freedom of motion. No matter what angle the tow-vehicle\trailer combo is on, the trailer remains attached.

And aren't we glad? If we put a stiff rod between the tow-vehicle and trailer, turning would be a bit difficult.

The downside of that set-up is that the trailer is free to move as much as the tow-vehicle. If the trailer gets hit with a strong wind or the turbulence of a passing truck, it has to pivot on the ball. It must sway.

Do I need to repeat that? The trailer must sway. It has no choice.

Now to my point. The only variable in your rig that matters is the connection point between the tow-vehicle and trailer. If it's a round ball, the trailer will sway. If it's a round-ball with one of the many friction sway-control hitches on the market, it will sway a little less, but it will still sway.

So adding more weight to the front side of that connection accomplishes nothing. Maybe the driver will be blissfully ignorant of the swaying trailer behind him, but that trailer is still swaying. It has to. Physics is physics.

Saying that a big truck will prevent trailer sway is like saying that a bigger tree will keep my tire swing from swinging in the breeze.

That being said, folks, you still want the horsepower and transmission to pull a big trailer. Our friends in our controversial video like to experiment with extremes in order to prove that the Hensley does what it claims. If we'd used 3/4 ton trucks in that video, the credit would have gone to the trucks (because they didn't read this article). What you need to understand, though, is that the truck is for pulling, not sway-control. You'll notice that every trailer accident involves a truck or SUV. They had a "big enough" truck. Now it's a scrapped truck and trailer.

Hensley's goal is to make sure you enjoy your trailer and spend time with your family, not sitting on a freeway shoulder waiting for emergency vehicles.

Give us a call to find out how we can make this summer stress-free.

By the way, "proper trailer loading" is another favorite argument. I responded that one on our website here: Proper Trailer Loading.

Hensley Mfg., Inc. - Trailer Sway Eliminated...Guaranteed
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Originally Posted by aceinspp View Post
I use the 4point Equalizer WDH and solved all my problems. Later RJD
Pulled many TTs before 5ers and the equalizer 4 point works great
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I have a V-nose 30', use a Equalizer 4 point, and tow with F150. Only time I feel anything is with heavy crosswind or a truck passing a little but sometimes not at all.
Very satisfied with the Equalizer.
2015 Flagstaff 26VFKS
TV - 2014 F150 Crew Cab 5.0L
WDH - 1,200 Equalizer
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Had a husky centerline...horrible experience. Went to equalizer 4 point and logged over 10k miles with it. No problems or failures. Zero sway. With the ball my 12k hitch was just over 500 bucks from rv wholesalers.
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I started out with a V-Lite 30' camper that was setup with a WD hitch. I did not even make it home without having problems. I took it back to the dealer and they put on the dual cam hitch and that did work better but every time a tractor & trailer passed me on the interstate it would sway so bad that I had to slow down from 55 MPH ( 55 MPH was as fast as I could go with getting sway issues) to around 45 MPH to gain control. I was driving a dodge ram 2500 diesel with full tow upgrades to the suspension. More that enough truck to tow a 30' camper then I found a used Hensley and purchased it. As several has said it took me a couple of hours to install it correctly. I even called Hensley and they help me even though I did not buy the unit from them. I towed with that setup for about 18 months until I decided to trade the V-Lite for a 5th wheel because of some factory issues with the V-Lite camper. I then sold the Hensley to my brother who has a windjammer and he was having the same issues with his camper that I had originally had with mine. Now my brother will tell you that he will sell you the camper but not the Hensley. It solved my issues with sway and then it solved my brother's issues with sway. I would never pull a TT without a Hensley. I will state that I have never used a Propride but have been told that they are as good as a Hensley but I can not verify that. But I can verify that the Hensley hitch solved my sway issues where the standard WD hitch and the dual cam hitch did not solve the sway problem. As far as the money issue, I guess that you will have to decide how much you and your family is worth and also how much not having to drive with white knuckles is worth. That is your decision. I know what my decision was and will be in the future.

Freddie & Linda
2017 Sunseeker 2010DS on 2016 Ford E450
2011 Nissan Rogue (Toad)
Former: 2015 FR Sierra 5th wheel
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Originally Posted by Danno23 View Post
I just pulled my 2017 274VFK out of storage and will coming home had two semi trucks pass me, which resulted in major trailer sway. I mean trailer swayed into the neighboring lane.

I was using the standard WDH and already have installed a friction control sway bar.

After researching a lot of options and talking to several people, I have learned that v-nose travel trailers are prone to sway issues. Additionally, the Hensley Swift arrow hitch is the best at preventing sway.

Does anyone out there use a Hensley hitch? If so what is your opinion?
Have had my Hensley for more than 15 years. DW got it for me as birthday present and we used it on our "Bigfoot". It was amazing! I recall sailing by Semi's laying on their side crossing the Mojave in severe crosswinds. Had a 5th for a few years then back to a TT's. First one was V-Nose and the Hensley still worked great. However, the V-Nose did require different frame brackets. Now towing a 2017 FR WFLT23FBDS. It not being a "Pup" it is definitely a bit of overkill but it works just fine. I have never regretted the purchase. Sway? What sway!
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We have the Windjammer 3008W and tried pulling it with the standard WDH and sway controller - white knuckle experience! Our dealer suggested the Equal-I-Zer and we had it installed. Problem solved and towing was great. We have had the hitch for 5 years now and towed in all kinds of winds without a problem. Great hitch at a reasonable price. I do understand Hensley is also a great hitch as well, but, I have heard it is a little harder (relative to user thing, I'm sure) to hitch up. The Equalizer we have hitches up really fast and you don't have to change anything when backing up.
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We tow a Forest River Coachmen Apex 288BHS that grosses ~7500# with a 2013 Navigator that nets a little under 6000#. I think we have less than 500# of margin on the 15,000# GCVW.

Bigger TV is not an option; wife has osteoporosis and has already broken her back once, so the Lincoln's air ride is basically mandatory.

The first year, with a friction sway bar and a load equalizing hitch, was not fun. Semis would push us over at least half a lane. Even Fiat 500s caused enough sway to be noticeable; I didn't have to look in the mirrors; I could feel them.

After quite a lot of shopping around and research, I cashed out a 401k to buy a Propride 3P.

I tell my engineer friends that the four-bar linkage within the hitch shifts the center of yaw articulation forward nearly to the TV axle, so the alternating lateral moments on the trailer from passing vehicles are basically applied as lateral loads at the TV rear axle, instead of as lateral loads at the TV bumper, which would induce yaw moments on the TV.

I tell my civilian friends that it's a goddamn miracle, and easily the best money I ever spent.

You can still feel semis going by, but they don't move the TV over, and you can drive with one hand. Formally, I'd say that sway is not actually eliminated, but reduced by two orders of magnitude.

Last summer, our second with the PP, a tire blew on the trailer. We didn't feel it; we only knew when a passing trucker blew his horn and pointed at the trailer.

You know how you used to react, without a trailer, when someone didn't quite complete a pass before moving into your lane, and you could just quickly move over, traffic permitting? Well, with the PP, you can do that, just like the videos for the Hensley Arrow show.

Yesterday I put the LE hitch and damper out on the swale for the pickers to recycle however they want; I could not in good conscience sell the damn thing because it's so dangerous.

IMHO, hitches like the Hensley Arrow, or the ProPride 3P, (or maybe the Centerline) should be mandatory by law for bumper pull trailers.
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Old 05-27-2018, 09:20 AM   #29
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I visited the Hensley factory in MI recently. My brother-in-law bought a Freightliner with a Hensley hitch (5th wheel) in the bed and wanted the hitch checked to be sure it was working properly. We live in MI and were able to visit the factory. The service we received was top-notch. The guy we met with gave me info on the bumper pull hitch system that Hensley makes. It is far from cheap, but I plan to get one next time I buy a newer TT.

Like you, I did some research (after I purchased my Equal-i-zer hitch system) and Hensley looks like it takes the cake, hands down. It just isn't cheap and for me, $ is not unlimited.

Additionally, the phone service we got regarding the 5th wheel hitch was top-notch. I have 0 complaints about Hensley at this point, and I don't even own a hitch system from them yet!!

If you get the Hensley bumper pull hitch system, please post feedback after you use it. I'd like to know from an actual user if it eliminates sway as well as the guy at the factory says it does. Thanks!
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We had a Hensley with our travel trailer and traveled cross-country with it. Worth every penny. No sway, even during emergency maneuvers. Great customer service, too.
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We tow our nose with a chevy 2500 HD gas engine and use the 4 point equalizer. We have had no issues with sway. I'm confident in the hitch setup.
Steve & Suzanne and the pup Teddy
2015 Chevy 2500 HD 6.0 L 4:10
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Old 06-16-2018, 07:55 PM   #32
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So just got back from our first trip using the Hensley hitch and wow what a great hitch. Travelled several hundred miles at highway speeds, passing semis, passed by semis and no movement what so ever! Its was also very easy to hook-up. It was well worth the price, as without it my anxiety/stress from our previous hitch lasted for several days. Now, no anxiety at all.
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Originally Posted by Danno23 View Post
So just got back from our first trip using the Hensley hitch and wow what a great hitch. Travelled several hundred miles at highway speeds, passing semis, passed by semis and no movement what so ever! Its was also very easy to hook-up. It was well worth the price, as without it my anxiety/stress from our previous hitch lasted for several days. Now, no anxiety at all.
That is the same way that I felt after the first trip with my Hensley and my V-Lite camper some year ago. The towing was night and day apart. Same TV and same weight setup just a totally better hitch. I got to where I actually enjoyed going camping and did not worry about towing a pull behind. Hope that everything continues to be good for you and you enjoy many more camping trips.

Freddie & Linda
2017 Sunseeker 2010DS on 2016 Ford E450
2011 Nissan Rogue (Toad)
Former: 2015 FR Sierra 5th wheel
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V nose trailer sway

We have a 2019 Flagstaff V-Lite 30WFKSV and have had a lot of swaying issues from day one. Two of the dealer's drivers also told the manufacturer about the swaying when using their trucks. So Forest River tried moving the axles back and it made the problem worse according to the dealer. They then took the trailer back to Indiana, replaced the axles with 5000 pound axles and larger tires and put them back to the original position. This has NOT fixed the problem. It is back at the dealer to try to figure out what to do. I talked to a trailer builder who told me V-Nose trailers ARE more susceptible to sway. I believe that is why Forest River has dropped ALL of their V-Nose trailers. I got one of the last ones and now I might be stuck with it. We love the layout and would like to keep it if they could fix it, but I don't think they can.

Very Disappointed!!!
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hensley, hitch, sway, trailer

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