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What's a good tablet to throw down the toilet

We've been using a brand that we used since we started camping last year and didn't have any issues at all, this year after the first trip I used the black tank flush like usual and ran it til I didn't see anything. Our second and 3rd trip the smell was almost overwhelming so we put 2 of the packets down the toilet and ran the black tank flush again for a while like usual til I didn't see anything. This last trip I ran the flush til I didn't see anything but the level indicators were still reading 2-3 bars so I flushed it several times for at least 45 minutes and I couldn't believe the "stuff" that was coming out. Our indicators were reading zero so I thought I got it all out but now they're reading 2 bars. Is there a shelf life to these packets? I really don't do that end of the camper, my Wife does everything inside and I do outside stuff.
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Have you tried using more water when you flush, like 1/2 or 1 gal., and leave the bathroom fan off while flushing. Also, when you park the trailer between trips try to leave as much water in the tank as you can, after a good rinse of course.

We haven't used black tank chemicals in years, except a small spritz of undiluted dishsoap in the toilet bowl and the only problem ever was when someone flushed a baby wipe that got hung up on the gate valve.
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I use a good amount of water and maybe a little more than needed to make up for the kids quick flushing. I'm going to try the bag of ice trick when we leave for the next trip to maybe clean off the sensors and try another brand of chemical packet, these just don't seem to break down.
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You may have a pile of poop that you need to break up with a stick or pole, then flush the tank with a hose from the toilet. The black tank flush usually isn’t good enough to break up a pile that’s been building up.

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I use this stuff, so far so good after 7 years...


and GEO Method on occasion

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I have found these black tank chemicals almost useless. Some of the biodegradable type are probably okay but expensive. I can't stand the ones with the heavy deodorant smell... like they dark blue kind they put in a Johnny Quick... give me an instant headache.

Do you have the dump valve open when flushing? I always flush till no solids / paper is seen; then close the valve and fill the tank to 3/4 and dump again... then repeat. I have the clear 45 degree elbow to be able to know / see how clear the water is. Don't get distracted and overfill the black tank... watch the level with the gauge or looking down the toilet tube.

Instead of stinky chemicals I do this: mix about 1 cup of washing soda, 1 cup borax, 1 cup laundry detergent into a bucket of very hot water and stir til dissolved. It takes boiling water to get this done. Add hot water into that bucket and dump into the tank add more hot water - I use the 6 gallon water heater for this and run til I've used up all the hot... then take a short drive it. I also will put that mix in and fill to around half a tank at the campground then finish up after getting home. Flush that out and fill again with plain water and flush again. I always try to leave 10 gallons or so in all tanks, never leave tanks completely empty.

With it clean, you can sanitize with about a cup of bleach per 25 to 30 gallons of water, but don't let that stay in the tank long... I fill to about 1/2 add the bleach then add water to full; then immediately dump. I use a flush valve to fill the tank. Doing this, I have never had any bad smells. I also do the gray tanks, but only about once a year.

Never pour bleach into the tank with pee... pee has ammonia and you know the reaction that can make
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All I ever put in the black tank is a cup of powder calgon mixed in a liter of water. then a few gallons of water after that. Never have had any issues and no stink either.

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Lightbulb Re: Throwing a Tablet Into the Terlet

I have been told by several folks that Asus definitely qualifies.

Seriously, we use a liquid enzyme compound per instructions, along with a lot of water, and maintain a small amount of water in the bowl... no problems so far. One other thing I occasionally do is to dump the used dish water into the toilet the night before we dump and leave. Dumping includes a water flush for several minutes.

While on the road, I keep 1-2 gallons of water in the black tank to "slosh around".

Nothing will eliminate all the odors, but the above works for me.
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We have used "Aqua Chem" for years with no problems... and yes, use lots of water.. Also, before I dump, I alway try and sway back and forth while driving prior to dumping.. works every time.. Also, use Costco brand (Kirkland) PT..
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any small Android-based tablet......
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That is what we have had to do twice, pull a hose through the window, put it in the toilet and turn on the water, worked great both times. We use 1 ply paper and very little of it.
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We're having success using a combination of the Geo Method and 2 oz. of RV Digest-It in the black tank and the grey tank.

We use liquid laundry soap for the Geo Method in the black tank and liquid dishwasher soap for the Geo Method in the grey tank. The dishwasher soap is better at cutting grease and slime that can build up from dish washing water.

Calgon is no longer available in Canada so I had to order some from Walmart in the U.S. and have it shipped to the border for pickup.

Also, use a strainer in your sinks to avoid solids and hair going down the drain.
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Iíve been using the Porta-Pak by Walex for the past three years and have been very satisfied with it. You can buy them at WalMart.

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We use SeaZyme. Breaks down everything and we can use regular toilet paper with it. We use Angel Soft. We are fulltime and have used this product for 2 years. The only paper you're not supposed to use is Charmin and Northern because they contain lanolin and that keeps it from breaking down.
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Buy a cheap Ebay bore scope. Iíve seen them for $15. Drop it down the toilet and prepared to be shocked.
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Toilet chemicals are a sales scam to keep you spending money forever, just like rv toilet paper. Crap stinks, spend less time in the bathroom. There is a ceiling fan in the bathroom for a reason.
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Try throwing a couple IPads in your black tank, thatís about all their good for.
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We have been using the the geo nethod for almost 7 years now and no issues. We use the liquid calgon water softener instead of powder and like it better plus it is easier for us to find (local Walmart has it). Make sure you never have a dry tank. Do not leave your tank drain valve open on full hook up sites either. Always leave at least a few gallons of water in the black tank to prevent the dreaded stone mountain of poop from building up. Use lots of water and small amounts of toilet paper (within reason). When having a bowel movement fill the toilet bowl half full of water. Working in a gastroenterology unit helping sedated patients to bathrooms you would be surprised how much TP some people use per wipe. Not trying to be crude just helpful. Finally make sure you are using a septic safe toilet paper. You don’t need RV specific but you do need septic safe.

Oh and we also use a clear elbow attached to our sewer hose/Black tank drain valve so we can see when what coming out of the tank is now running clear. Best way to achieve this is fill your tank to at least 2/3 full before dumping. Then close the valve, fill to 2/3 again, dump and repeat until clear. If you don’t have a black tank flush system then get one of the black tank flush wands and run a hose through a window. Of course if there is a line at the dump station skip this step until next time.
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I was given a lesson over 60 years ago by my Dad. He told me that if you want to get rid of nasty odors you first have to eliminate whatever's causing them.

Most holding tank stench is caused by contamination remaining even after you "clean" the tank. Most people merely open the valve, let it drain for a while while running water through the toilet. Others use the flush system or a toilet wand.

While both can be OK, often there is a layer of scum that grows on the top of the tank and the only way that can be cleaned off is to put more water in the tank after dumping and use some form of detergent/odor control chemical.

Gray water tanks are subject to the same problem and can often smell nastier than the black tank, depending on what's accumulated.

Whatever method one uses, the chemical should help break down the residue and make it easier to flush out. The flushing is what does the job and unless you have a small robot you can run into the tank to clean all the corners, as well as tank top, the only thing one can do is to rely on the sloshing of a semi full tank with "chemical" in it to do the job.

BTW for those that say "I don't use chemicals I use the Geo method, laundry detergent, Dawn Dish Soap, etc, what do you think all those items are? Yes, they're "Chemicals".

Lastly, a holding tank with any obstruction if the vent (even spider webs) has a good chance of stinking up the RV. It's a good idea to flush the vent stack from the roof down at least once per year.
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Originally Posted by jkoenig24 View Post
any small Android-based tablet......
You mean like my brand new Rand McNally GPS/Tablet?

As a GPS this unit is great...

As a tablet...

I have a cheapie Android tablet I bought at Sears for $60 maybe five or six years ago that blows the Rand McNally away!

So much so that I think I'm actually starting to like my iPad Air!
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