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37FLH Water System Diagram

Any one have a diagram for the water system of a 2021 Sabre 37FLH? I asked for one from Forest River and they blew me off. Brand new rig with issues already and we can't take it in to be fixed as we are in the middle of our vacation. Need to band aid, but don't know where to start without a diagram or ill be tearing more apart than I need to. Thanks in advance for any help.

I've seen basic diagrams and aren't helpful as my rig has two black, two grey and one fresh.
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What kind of issues are you having? Perhaps someone else has had the same problem and can help.

Also, your rig is new and you don't want to void the warranty. You may be able to use a mobile mechanic that honors the warranty. Calling your dealer might point you in the right direction.

Diagrams of plumbing and electrical systems in these rigs do not seem to exist.
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Originally Posted by BPM1 View Post
Any one have a diagram for the water system of a 2021 Sabre 37FLH? I asked for one from Forest River and they blew me off. Brand new rig with issues already and we can't take it in to be fixed as we are in the middle of our vacation. Need to band aid, but don't know where to start without a diagram or ill be tearing more apart than I need to. Thanks in advance for any help.

I've seen basic diagrams and aren't helpful as my rig has two black, two grey and one fresh.
As was said, it probably doesn't exist. Your best chance is to contact the Sabre division/factory, not FR corporate.
You don't have to use the selling dealer. You can use an independent RV shop or mobile RV tech but you have to get pre-approval from FR and be willing to be reimbursed.
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Good luck on getting a diagram as they are not available. Best bet is to post your problem and there are a lot of Knowledgeable folks here to help with your issue. Later RJD
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I have a 2020 37FLH and had some minor issues with my water system too, but I fixed the problems myself. I don't believe you're going to have any success in getting a plumbing diagram, so you're either going to need to submit a FR warranty claim and get a dealer or tech to fix it, or fix it yourself. Unfortunately, going the warranty claim route and having someone to do the repair will take at least six to eight weeks, so pack your patience. I had lots of warranty issues with my FLH and Campingworld fixed some of them, but others were not correctly done and needed to be fixed again. I ended up doing the repairs myself and did a much better job, so keep that in mind.
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Thank you all for the replies. I did contact Sabre Decision of Forest River. They were the ones that blew me off. My issues are. We have a grey tank light that constantly says full. Literally the first few days out. Its a grey, and highly doubt something is stuck to sensor its first 3 days. I'm thinking it leaked into the wiring from a poor seal around the sensor and it got wet. So I may need to get in there and tear it apart, but kinda want to know where I'm going in. The band aid fix is. Every time I pull my black tank it leakes out of the pull rod. I wear gloves, but I don't want this spill to happen every time and shouldn't have to with a not even week old rig. My last issue is hot water. The hot water only lasts for maybe 2 minutes. We have the outside shut off, followed every direction step by step, yet 2 minutes tops. There is some cross feed in the plumbing that needs fixed (main reason for the diagram).

As for mobile warranty, probably won't happen. I'm on a Military base and they are pretty strict as it is, let alone the new COVID policies.

This has been our worst experience of our lives. I'll never buy another forest river. Their customer service is right on par with best buy geek squad. Maybe worse. We are already shopping for other brands and trying to talk with legal about getting a refund for this one (kind of like lemon with a car). These are not our only issues either. This is just plumbing. We have doors that came off of our cabinets in our shakedown drive. Our shower has a cracked piece of particle board under it (cheap company didn't even use ply), our breaker box had a lose wire and almost caused a fire if we didn't hear a weird noise. The pantry cupboard they stapled the back wood support to the bottom of the tray so it was floating and not supporting anything. Just nothing but issues. This little leg of training is only a few more months. Hopefully this thing holds together long enough we can clean it out, get a good lawyer and buy another. Once again, thank you for your replies.
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BPM1, thank you for your service!

I'm sorry you are having issues but good luck finding another brand that doesn't have them. Other manufacturers forums are FULL of complaints.

While you have a handful of items that need addressed, none of it sounds major or structural so hopefully you can find a little solace in that.

As has been mentioned, plumbing diagrams and wiring schematics do not exist for most brands FR manufacturers. They just don't provide them nor do they have to. R/Vs and their dealer network is NOTHING like the auto industry.

I understand what you are saying about regulations on base but if this is your residence, can't they make some kind of exception to get a mobile tech in there to get you fixed up since it is your home?

Tank sensors are notoriously incorrect even when they are supposed to work. If your grey sensor is the culprit, you'll quickly figure out when the tank is full by other means. (backs up in sink or shower)

It sounds like the blade valve for the black tank needs some seals replace or reinstalled. Follow the handle/rod or cable from where you pull it to the blade valve. You'll probably need to pull the valve apart. 4 bolts is all and hopefully you can separate the drain plumbing far enough to get into it.

The hot water issue sounds like the classic case of the water heater's bypass valves not set correctly. Let us know what make/model water heater you have and I'm sure we can get you pointed in the right direction.

Best of luck.
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Is this your first rv? This is all fairly simple stuff to fix as many of us on this forum have experienced over the years.
First, fix your hot water issue. As others have said, the most likely culprit is just the water heater bypass valve is in the wrong position, which allows cold water to mix with the hot. Set it to the correct position.
Tank sensor indicators are no more than idiot lights that are seldom accurate. Disregard them for the most part.
Tighten electrical connections...all you can find (with power off, of course). Reinforce loose trim and wood with better fasteners.
New units coming off rapid assembly lines with sub-par accessories and very little quality control contribute to a multitude of issues. Uncaring manufacturers seem to be doing nada to address these issues. Such a shame. Better off buying used from someone who has already fixed any problems...which were few in models several years old.

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Do this fix yourself

Here's the valve you need. Spend the $18. Once you have the black tank drained, it will take you less than 15 minutes to install the valve. It's just a matter of removing four screws and nuts, sliding the old valve out and new one in, and replacing the screws and nuts. Wear nitrile gloves if you are fussy.

If you are really annoyed with Sabre, you can submit the receipt for payment.

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At this point I believe your only remedy is to prosecute your Warranty. Until you do that nothing is going to happen. Your chances of getting a "refund" are nil. Let us all know what your JAG tells you.
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Thank you all for the further replies. I will try to address each statement. Sorry if I miss any one.

The bypass for the hot water is in the correct position. We did a lot of video watching and read a lot of forums to make sure we were doing everything correct before pointing fingers. As you guys have stated, may be a faulty valve. I'll have to do more research.

For the black tank valve. Talked to a guy in town that does RV repairs and he said the o-ring inside is probably folded over. Happens when machines mass press these together on a line. A few just get folded over. He told me how to take it apart without doing damage (since it's glued) and how to get to that o-ring. He has them in stocks if thats the culprit. Just need to flush the tank so I can take that off and see.

For the other models being the same, I have noticed over the past few days. I thought we just got a lemon, but it looks as though all makes and brands have these issues. This is terrible. You fork out 50 to 100 grand and get a slapped together turkey sandwich with no veggies. Really wish I had done more research on issues than floor plans.

This in not our first RV, but our first new. Or last one was a bumper pull with the bare bones. With no utilities per say. This is our first 5th wheel with a shower and laundry etc.

We aren't "living" in our rig, well no the plan. We are transitioning a lot in the Marines and we have to do a few station changes, so it's easier to just lug a RV around than try and find a home every 6 months while traveling around. We do not plan on being full timers, but are right now. That being said, we can't just take it in. I did talk to PMO and they said as long as the mobile guy is willing to fill out the required paperwork at the gate, and he has all the valid ID's and insurance, he should be able to come on base no problem. Now I just have to find one, that is willing.

As for the cabinets and stuff, I can fix those, those were just an annoyance. Things falling apart as soon as you fork over tens of thousands just hurts a bit. Doesnt instill trust in a company.

Thank you all once again for all of your input. We will get done what we can to keep us safe here and take this thing to get major repairs between our next duty station.
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Well,My Frustrated Friend,It Appears We "Get It",And We've Got You! You literally couldn't be in a Better Forum with more Genuine and Caring Folks! Now,all that "Mary Poppins Jazz" aside,let's start!
Take a breath. Good! Now let's get "Tactical and Practical"! Base Security is not negotiable,and the COVID-19 Protocols are part of that. We get it. On Base you should have a Base Housing Liason/Omnibudsman Group to help with issues of possible Base access/Security Clearance for an approved Mobile Contractor to perform on-site warranty repairs. Meanwhile,make a thorough,categorized list of defects so that you don't lose track. You'll also be able to state your case in an organized fashion. That's enough for now,and it's a mouthful! Stay loose,Thanx for having Our Backs by wat of Your Service,and last,but not least,Merry Christmas! *(Footnote-Oops! Had my reply half composedthen got called away prior to finishing it & submitting)
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Yes staying calm is always good in these situations. I did get more and more angry as we had issues and had no support from the manufacturer. Our dealer was very helpful and did everything they could over the phone. Even tried looking up mobile RV repair for us, but being on base, kind of left it on us. They gave us names and numbers to call, which was helpful.

We both have sat back and started just reading more. More complaints, fixes, how to guides, etc from other people on the forums. Like you said, this community is more than helpful and knowledgeable. Seems everyone has had at least one or two of the same issues we are running into. Forest River may not have the best customer service, but their community more than compensates for their lack.

We are no longer in that multiple fork in the road scenario and now going down the correct path with the input received here and some helpful videos.

Thank you all for you support and help. Mostly for the free shrink, because I was getting to a hammer in hand point.

Merry Christmas!
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