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How much pressure is OK?

I have read alot of post about water pressure and how to fix low pressure but have not been able to find out how much pressure is acceptable?
Do new campers have plumbing that is the same as home?
I have a 2011 Sabre 31RETS-6 fifth wheel. The pressure is low through all of the trailer, I have one of the cheap regulators on the supply from the campgrounds and have tried a couple of different ones.(I had one stop flowing completly at 1030 pm requiring a quick trip to Walmart to get new one, now I always carry at least 2)
From reading past post I am sure I will find a issue that is causing low pressure and I am planning on making a pressure gauge that I can put in line to check incoming pressure, and being what my wife calls anal I will probably figure out a way to put one inside somewhere to check pressure.
One thing I do not want to have is to much pressure and start blowing things apart.
Being a high voltage lineman I am scared of water

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they make better regulators that have a gauge on them and you can set what ever pressure you want.

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I think 40 psi is about right.
RVs have plastic tubing and in some places vinyl hose with hose clamps.
I've had the hose clamp at my water pump blow off in 2 different trailers.
Keep those hose clamps tight!!

I've noticed those cheap regulators you get at camping stores and even the
RV isle of WalMart will often let the pressure creep up during times of no flow.
The idea is to regulate the pressure not let it sneak up on you!
Also as you mention, they can restrict flow rates.

See this thread--

I bought the watts 263a with gauge. It comes from these guys
RV Water Filter Store: Standard Filter Canisters for Whole RV
with the 2 necessary brass hose to pipe thread adapters already installed.

Hope this helps!
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I installed a permanent pressure gauge under the counter. Typically check it once we get connected to a cg. Everywhere so far, our basic inline regulator has kept the pressure at 40 just fine. One cg only had 30 psi but that was fine for us.

The Watts H560 looks like a good choice. Delivers 2-2.5 gpm which should be plenty I would think unless someone is showering inside and outside and doing dishes at the same time? An ordinary 1/2" garden hose will give you about 5 gpm as a rule of thumb at full on. I have to think that's a lot of flow for an RV.

If you have a permanent or portable in-line filter, that can reduce the flow a fair bit. I installed a 5" sediment and 5" carbon filters in series for the kitchen faucet to get better water for consumption. The flow is lousy but use-able.

As for max. pressure, that's something I'd be curious to know if you don't have a regulator. The max. pressure in our house is 60 psi because we are on a well pump. Not sure the cheapy plumbing fittings and faucets in an RV could withstand higher pressure for long? If you had an adjustable reg., could you set it higher like say 50 or 60 psi? Might help those with filters?
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at sometime when u know the supplied pressure, try w/o the reg and see if that is ur restriction. i did that on mine and it didn't change. i even pulled the element out of the water filter w/ no apparent change. did not try removing the filter housing and completely bypass it. believe my can be traced down to water saver plumbing fixtures.

i don't know abt the plex fittings or their ratings. my old trailer had piping that has sense been outlawed (thin walled grey w/crimp on fittings). i would have not trusted them w/o a reg.

what surprised me abt my 1984 was that it had smaller lines and a higher pressure/flow inside the trailer using the same reg.

I have a brother-n-law that is plumbing a farm house with plex. as far as pressure, i don't see the pipe as being a weak link. the fittings may be a different story.
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Also many here including me have found debris in the aerator on the faucet
Some have found larger debris inside the faucet at the valves body openings.
Even though I flush my water heater each time I winterize last spring my
kitchen faucet stopped completely.
I removed the aerator and found it full of tiny chunks of lime looking stuff.
I believe it was debris from the water heater anode rod.

My regulator goes to a hose which goes to a whole house filter
on the outside of my trailer.
This filter then screws to the city water fitting on my trailer wall.
If I hook it all up but leave it off the trailer and turn it on I can shoot
water 20 feet. This is going thru the regulator at 40 PSI and going thru
my single canister "taste and sediment" filter.
My somewhat lethargic flow rates in my trailer are not caused by the
regulator or filter.
As mentioned by others, some of it is probably uncle sam requiring new
faucets to only allow a 2 GPM flow rate.
That is really slow if you're trying to fill a gallon water jug or fill the sink
to wash dishes.

Hope you find your restriction.

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