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Flipping the Axle

Hello to All:

I have my Coachmen Clipper 17FQ into the dealer for a few updates and repairs, one of which I've asked him to flip the axle to provide me with more ground clearance for two main reasons:

1) So I can put on a larger rim and tire from a 13-inch to a 14-inch with greater load bearing capacity

2) to clear the sewer hose tube I bolted underneath the back bumper.

I'm sure I will have to get a new double-step for the door as well as possibly installing longer-extending stabilizers at all four corners (unless I just use many wooden blocks under the current stabilizers).

One question I started asking myself though is: if I gain about 5-6 inches clearance, will that drastically affect the angle of the tongue when I connect it to my Equalizer Hitch on my Ford Expedition? Anyone else do an axle flip and see differences in how well (or worse) their trailer connects to the TV and rides?

Thanks in advance for any advice and insight....
Mark R. Wagner
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Flipping the axles is not really what they do...

I believe they add hardware or different equalizers to raise the trailer.

However, when I upgraded the axles and springs on my previous TT, which raised the TT about six inches and traded it in one week later the dealership asked me if I had "flipped the axles".

When I asked them why, they told me had I flipped the axles they would NOT accept it as a trade in.

It was two years old...

Flipping the axles in reality would put the axles upside down, which would make the tires lean in at the top as axles have a bow upward in the center when mounted correctly.
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Thanks for the reply JohnD10. I guess I call it "flipping the axle" as it is currently on top of the leaf springs on the underside of my TT and when done, the axle will actually be underneath the leaf springs.

But you raise an interesting point about the natural bow or bend of the axle and how that may influence tire wear.

As I just took the trailer into the dealer yesterday (November 9th), I'm trying to decide if I want to cancel this request prior to their getting started on it.

Thus, I'm hoping I'll get others to weigh in on the pros and cons of doing this.

Thanks again for your input!
Mark R. Wagner
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I was in the same boat as you. Smaller tires and low sitting travel trailer. I had nearly ripped off my sewer valves more than once.

I had other issues with my frame, and ended up reinforcing the frame and lifting the entire frame by inserting 2x4 steel tubing above the axels. This gave me around 4 inches of lift.

They make kits to do exactly what you are describing as flipping the axel. E Trailers carries a number of them. If done correctly I doubt it would have any impact on sale or trade in.

Regarding going up a tires size. It will take a substantial increase in size to get a noticeable difference in height. I considered that as well, but it wasn’t worth purchasing new rims and tires for a marginal increase.
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There are a lot of people that put lift kits under their RV's, and they work pretty well. I don't think you can expect 6" but 4" is pretty common.

As for your hitch, you'll have to raise the head and readjust it for the new tongue height. You want the RV to tow level, so raising the box over the axles will also raise the tongue in order to keep it level.
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I flipped the axles on our previous gray wolf. Got 5" and much needed clearance.

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STRONGLY suggest you contact the mfg and get their opinion!!

Some rigs are Engineered to be able to flip the axles. Manny are not. If not then DO NOT do it.
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Dexter has a conversion kit sold via Amazon for $41 an axle for the 3.5k axle. I plan on doing mine this next summer. The kit allows you to mount your axle correctly below your springs. Flipping is the common term used but you do not actually flip the axle, just lower it so it maintains its correct orientation.
There are different kits for 5K axles.
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