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Tankless water heater

I'm posting this again, since there's a need. Here's some information from Girard on the optional tankless water heater system in use by Wildcat (our standard is a 10 gallon DSI gas/electric "quick recovery" water heater). I'm providing it here as extra information for Forest River Forum members who both have Wildcats and are looking at this option for their future Wildcat...

This info is directly from Girard:


The Girard Tankless Water Heater operates differently than tank water heaters.

There are procedures that need to be done for the Water Heater to perform properly. The same is true for a tank water heater, but it is less critical for the tank model. Remember, the Girard Tankless Water Heater is giving immediate HOT water as you need it also it has no recovery time and it is not storing a tank of pre-heated water.

The Girard Tankless Water Heater will heat incoming water approximately 40 to 60 degrees depending on the water flow rate. The typical shower temperature is between 98 – 104 degrees. As a comparison a hot tub is usually set between 103 – 106 degrees.

If necessary, to check for the proper temperature rise (inlet cold water temperature to outlet hot water temperature) it will be necessary to use a thermometer. Use a digital thermometer which provides immediate temperature readings. These are available at most discount/department stores in the kitchen utensil section. DON’T trust your hands for temperature tests since hands don’t feel heat like the rest of your body. Your installer should have performed the following:

  • Purge all of the air from all Cold and Hot water lines by opening up the faucets. Kitchen, bathroom sink, showers, toilet, outside shower/water faucets and washing machine water lines if applicable. Be sure to turn OFF the outside shower faucet rather than just closing the shower head OFF button. This procedure should be performed whenever the water lines have been emptied/drained.
  • Go to the kitchen faucet and turn on the COLD water and note the temperature (allow sufficient time to get a valid reading). Let the water run into a cup and place the thermometer probe into the cup. Turn OFF the COLD water faucet and make a note of the COLD water temperature.
  • Turn the Water Heater ON – ON/OFF Switch is located outside in the Water Heater compartment. You can leave this switch ON all season since it only draws power when there is a demand for HOT water.
  • Set the Mode Switch to AUTO or HIGH.
  • At the kitchen sink, turn the HOT water faucet ON to about a medium water flow. Allow sufficient time for the HOT water to travel from the Water Heater to the faucet.
  • Check the HOT water temperature. Let the water run into a cup and insert the thermometer probe into the cup. At the medium water flow rate you should see approximately a 40+ degree temperature rise. You can gradually adjust the HOT water flow (a very small adjustment) to adjust the HOT water temperature; don’t look at the knob/lever but at the actual water flow. Allow sufficient time for the water to travel from the Water Heater to the faucet after each adjustment. Try to achieve a temperature up around 110 – 115 degrees. Let it run for a few minutes to confirm that the temperature is maintaining.
  • The Water Heater will provide approximately a 40 – 60 degree temperature rise (from inlet water temperature) depending on the Hot water flow rate. So, if the inlet water temperature is 55 degrees, you should have Hot Water from approximately 95 degrees to 115 degrees (depending on the Hot Water flow). NOTE: If the water temperature starts cycling from Hot to Cold and then back to Hot it means the Water Heater is limiting so increase the hot water flow. The Water Heater has an Emergency Cut Off sensor that turns the burner off at approximately 122 degrees to prevent scalding. If still limiting set Mode Switch to LOW.
  • If you achieve the various temperatures at the kitchen sink move to the shower and perform the same test. Note – Certain Shower heads/fixtures may vary the results due to water flow/pressure. Contact your Girard Dealer or Service Center if you can’t achieve the proper temperatures.
  • Since the Girard Tankless Water Heater does not have a tank it does not need to pre-heat and store water to 130 to 140 degrees. Tank water heaters must heat the water hotter since they are trying to make 6, 10 or 12 gallons of Hot water last longer (so you can mix it with cold water to achieve the proper hot water temperature) and allow the end user a few minutes of Useable Hot Water temperatures. With the Girard Tankless Water Heater it is not necessary to “super-heat” the water since you do not have to mix Hot water with Cold water to achieve the Useable Hot water temperatures; it will provide all the Useable Hot water you need and will only draw power (to make that Hot water) when there is a demand for Hot Water.
If you still have issues with the tankless water heater, call Girard's tech support:
1.866.559.1221 (toll free)

Please also look at this informative page on their web site:
FAQ’s - Girard Products, LLC | Girard Tankless RV Water Heater | Frequently Asked RV Water Heater Questions
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Red face About that sticker...

Originally Posted by herk7769 View Post
Seems to me this should be a giant sticker on the shower door at delivery.
Just sayin'

I mean if the Army can put "This side toward enemy" on Claymore Mines...
You mean like the ones that we install there at the factory?

Or maybe a hang tag on all showers and sinks?

It seems the assumption is that the manufacturer is both WRONG and UNPREPARED. I guess it's a good thing I'm patient and willing to assist in setting the story straight.

Maybe if there were more actual end users commenting in this thread, we'd have a better chance of avoiding some of the speculation and confusion. There are literally thousands of these tankless units in use in RVs today (close to 8,000 actually). While I'm aware that this isn't a feature that everyone wants, it doesn't make it "bad" just different. I'm also aware that not everyone is 100% satisfied with the tankless system -- we didn't/don't have a 100% approval on the tanked system either (just read some of the water heater threads on other parts of this forum and the internet in general)! Further, I'd ask if you know of any other brand that's offering these kinds of choices on the market today...

Wildcat has been known for being innovative for years. Not innovative for the sake of being innovative or to use it as "marketing speak," but for the sake of pushing our product (and sometimes, the RV industry) forward, providing the best solutions to our RVing customers. Whether it's floor plans, components, features, or construction methods, we're always looking to improve our product. We don't always get it right, but we'll continue trying, exploring, revising, and redefining until we do!
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