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Old 10-27-2020, 10:50 AM   #41
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Now that's a good idea to protect the front window.
We have the 2019 831CLBSS with the front window and so far I have two small chips on windshield.
I've been looking for a way to protect the front window. Called a local boat canvas shop and the guy thought he could make me a padded cover that he would attach using a heavy duty velcro material used on Hummers??? Not sure what he was talking about on that specific velcro material, anyone else know about this velcro for Hummers.
Canvas shop want's $700 to make and install the cover in the local Dallas area.

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Military Humvees (HMMWV) have winterization kits that fit over windows and doors. I believe the insulation is held on with velcro and buckled straps if I’m not mistaken. It’s just industrial strength velcro.
I havenít been everywhere, but itís on my list.
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Mini Lite windshield crack edge to edge

I have a 2018 Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite 2506S with a rear bedroom and the front glass window and I love it. However, I just noticed a couple of days ago when waxing the nose of my trailer that there was a 22" crack from the top side edge to the bottom. I've tried to find someone to fill the crack with resin without success to considering replacing the glass. I'm pretty handy can I try filling it with resin or do I need to replace the windshield. If so, what is the approximate cost of a new windshield. The crack isn't noticeable is it possible to do nothing and just live with it. I would appreciate any suggested options.
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We like the window but wish it would open. Our previous TT window opened so when we had both the front and back windows open the air flow was incredible. The current TT has emergency window in bedroom but it does not provide the air flow over us as we sleep like the other did.
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We love the front window on our 2109s (2013 model). Our only problem was stupidity— once (only once, mind you) we forgot to put down the rock shield before we left a campground. We learned that driving at 60 mph with the rock shield up is unwise. It was twisted out of shape, and I had to hacksaw through the supports to get it flattened down with duct tape. But no other damage was done, and the dealer replaced the shield when we got home. Lesson learned, and we still love both the trailer and that front window.
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Originally Posted by KaptnKirk View Post
BehindBars, This is absolutely true. One of the features we liked most in out 2020 FR 2608BS was the front window (in the front kitchen). We love it, but it's less than one year old so maybe we will have problems? Friends who have a windshield in their front bedroom dislike it for the cold transfer and early morning light. I guess they weren't thinking it through when they just thought it looked cool?
We love love love our front window in our Ultra lite 2608bs. However, I too thought if front was bedroom instead, it would not be so great..kinda defeats purpose of window if you have to keep it covered.
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There's an easy solution, and you don't need to have a big cover over the window either... get window protection film! It seems like magic, but a thin film really can protect glass from rock damage.

Go to any window tint shop and ask for "window protection film"! Or Google "window protection film" followed by your city name. Or you can look for installers of two of the popular options ExoShield and ClearPlex. I called some window tint shops in our area and their quotes ranged from $80-$250 to install window protection on the front window of a Nobo trailer.
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Originally Posted by BehindBars View Post
FR would probably stop putting in front windows if people stop buying trailers with front windows.
Perfect answer. If you are concerned about your windows, the solution is simple ... don't purchase one.
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front window

we have a 2014 2608ws Not a mini..
IM not impressed with the longevity of this camper....
well no window in the front.
iv done a lot a lot of camping for many many yr's ..
some people enjoy camper's some dont get it! LMao
I like the front window its got a cover ..
never had any issues with broken glass on any make of trailer..
what i wish F.R would do is stand be hind the composite sides that blister an bubble & aluminum structure that seem to have week side walls....
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Where did you get/buy the front window COVER for the 2017 Flagstaff? I have the IKBS 831.
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We are relatively new to the travel trailer world but both my wife and I like our front window and preferred that to one without. With that said I donít know how much I will like it when it gets broken. Lol.
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I smashed my front Flagstaff window pretty early on. It was totally my fault, I cut it too hard and the rack on my truck went through it. A hard and costly lesson, but it will never happen again. Cost me about $1200 to replace. A cover may not have helped in this situation but I would buy one, in a second, if it were available.
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I have a a 2018 Flagstaff 27RLWS and my rig is in the shop for a window replacement. The first crack was a stress crack they said so I ordered a new window. The local glass shops wouldn't touch it since the glass is curved. While waiting for my new front window, we picked up a stone chip that put cracks across the whole window. I guess I was lucky there was a delay on the first window or I would be replacing two. I'm looking for some kind of protect film to cover it when I get it back next week.

Any suggestions?

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Originally Posted by Chazman View Post

We have the double shades that allow you to see through the first one, but block the light coming in with the second one. We haven't had any problems with ours yet... I know, the key word being yet, but we like having the window.
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They should leave them off the murphy bed models. It doesn't make sense to have a window behind the closed bed, our bed is up all day. It lets in light in the morning when you want to sleep and gets condensation build up.
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Originally Posted by kak View Post
We have a 2019 Rockwood Mini Lite 2401S. We wanted a couples camper with the murphy bed. This suited us well. We had concerns about the front window but took a chance. We had no problems the first season of camping but have had 2 cracked windows since June of 2020. FR has replaced them without hesitation. They do not seem to have been caused from stone chips, appear to be more of a stress fracture. We appreciate suggestions on protective covers and may consider. This thread came at a good time as we dropped it off at our dealer in Kings Mountain NC last week for the second replacement. Thanks for the input! Happy Camping!
Thanks for this post. I am currently in Cherokee, NC and have a 2020 Micro Lite 25 ft with the window. On the outside, it is a smoke plexiglass, but I just notice a crack in the glass on the inside. It was obviously not a rock, but must be some stress crack. Did you have any problem with the dealer where you bought the trailer? I have not contacted them since I just noticed it over the weekend. Did you contact Forest River direct? Thanks again.
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Please note that if you have the cover down on the outside of the window and you have the shades up inside and you have a light on in the bedroom, you can see a lot of detail from the outside!
I got tired of making noise at night hitting that shade. I took the shade out and applied blackout to the glass. Much better now.
Also, we have a 2014 RLWS and the entire window sunk into the siding about 1/2", so we just sealed it up good and never open it anymore. Not happy with it at all. Seems to be a waste for us. I would have liked to be able to watch the stars at night, but the cover would not allow that. We also wanted something that could open at night for breeze.
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front window

Our FR XLR 3310 has the large front window over the kitchen sink. I love the view it offers but do have the concern about rocks. If anyone finds a supplier for the outside window protective cover, please share! The front window in our camper has a ledge between the sink and window. For some reason, it was designed with a sharp downward slope from the cabinet top to the bottom of the window. I am thinking about having a friend build us a wood piece that could rest on the high edge by the sink and have legs along the wall against the window to keep it level. This would provide so much more space in the kitchen and I cannot figure out why it wasn't designed this way! I will try to remember to post a pic when we get it done.
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I would have never made the transition from pop-up to A-frame if the A-frame didn't have windows on all 4 sides. The open air feeling is part of camping to me.

Our first A-frame had the 2 bubble windows in front - the bubbles provided headroom at the dinette. When folded down, the bubbles were on top of the camper where they were less exposed to rocks. However, if the shades were not down when towing, any sun went straight through the bubbles into the A-frame.

Our current A-frame has the dormer. When folded down the dormer roof covers the front window. When set up, the window is high enough to prevent people walking by from peering in, yet low enough for us to see out. And it slides open. Very worthwhile.

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While I realize that I do not have a Forest River, but, a Jayco White Hawk, I really like the front window. We have had no issues, except for heat in the summer. It is really nice when boondocking. All you see are stars! But, I have heard that some folks do have problems, and, I think that in general, if buyers quit buying units with the front window, the manufacturers will change. Thanks, and happy camping!
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