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Old 08-22-2020, 02:21 PM   #21
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Trailer dropped

My concern would be the integrity of the frame/structure.
35 days old, get another one! Their insurance to replace it
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So sorry this happened to you

Itís like getting new car out of body shop, if they were able to let this happen, I be leary of letting them fix it.

Who is doing supposed repair, them or professional rv body shop w/references, reputation?

Ask for dual batteries, and propane tanks @ very least.
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You have a bunch of good advice here, so I will just add one thing - make sure that when you contact your insurance, you tell them first thing that the shop has video and showed it to you. The insurance company has an interest in that video being preserved in the event that lawyers get involved.

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Their Bad

Originally Posted by NMWildcat View Post
Honestly, if it was me with a 35 day old trailer damaged that bad, I'd tell them to keep it and make me a spectacular deal on another unit.
I would not accept a patch to the hole (replace the entire panel), and I would want an extended warranty paid for by them, if you decide to keep it.
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If it was me I would do what NMWildcat suggested above.
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Ok so letís talk about the repairs. Like others have said the replacement welding is a serious issue NOT a no big deal.

At a minimum I would insist the trailer be transported back to the frame manufacturer for repairs. There will have to be special welding procedures to make sure that there is not serious frame warpage. It may already be warped and have to be straightened. You will need testing of the welds to ensure weld penetration.

Also If you want to be safe going forward this process has to be handled and approved probably by Lippert and certified complete by a welding engineer. Iím an engineer and Iíve been through this before many times on other important utility equipment.

This will be so expensive they will give you a new trailer. Also the punch through the front can be a real problem. If itís Fiberglas, some of that is structural. Now I donít know if it is in your trailerís case. If it is, then you could have de lamination of the skin which is very difficult to fix and reduces the residual value of your trailer significantly.

As far as insurance, call them immediately and have them investigate. Ask the dealer if he has notified his insurance company. They have lawyers, you donít need one.

Explain to your company how you want it repaired and your concern about future integrity of the unit. Take pictures immediately. Send it to Lippert yourself and get their thoughts on repair.

Also call the manufacturers and see if this repair to the hole is doable and what procedures need to be taken to ensure it is done right.


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Lots of great advice but your insurance company is going to do the same thing the dealer us doing and that's fix it. They won't replace it unless they total it. The best solution for you would for them to replace it but i doubt they will even though its an accident they don't care now your trailer is worth less now thats its damaged goods. I'd have them agree to have the welds inspected and certified to assure it wasn't a back yard in fact I'd make sure its a certified welder. Down the road you could end up with issues that could be costly or worse yet deadly if that weld breaks while on the road. Lots of options. Attorney cost money and will probably tell you to go to your insurance company in the end. Was the video showing it was carelessness or just an accident?
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This must have been the same forklift operator.

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Dropped trailer

Tell them you have a excellant condition trailer only 40 days old and ask what the differance would be.
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They did that much damage on a new trailer and want you to accept a damaged trailer now for the same price. No thank you!
Replacing the tongue can be done, but if it is bent then there could be additional damage on the frame. No one can tell unless it is put on a frame machine to check it for alignment, and make sure a certified welder does the repairs. The hole in the skin can be repaired but they will only patch it and paint it hoping it will match the old paint. Did the fork puncture any thing inside the skin, like insulation, or wiring, or even plumbing?
Some of those frames are so light that it doesn't take much to warp or twist one.
Ask for your money back if they won't give you a different trailer so you can go to a different dealer that will take care of you.
Your insurance company will guide you.
I have seen trailers with damage not much more then that totaled on Coparts lot waiting to sell at auction for salvage.
Remember to take pictures. It was an accident, but it was their accident. Check your insurance if they fix your trailer you have to sign off on it and if it isn't right do yourself a favor and don't sign if it isn't perfect. Loss of use should account for something.
Good Luck!
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I would call insurance and tell them what happened. The dealer is likely trying to fix it with his own unqualified people. On a brand new trailer I would want the frame manufacturer to do the fix or at least someone besides the dealer that caused the damage and fixing it the cheapest way possible and likely not calling his insurance. No way I would accept a dealer repaired frame on that new of a trailer...especially one that caused the damage.

Get a third party assessment at a minimum. I would push for a total of the trailer (assuming you have replacement coverage) with the insurance. Usually with frame damage on a vehicle insurance ends up totalling it because fixing the frame is expensive to do.

If you get the money run and don't go back to that dealer for your next RV to purchase or repair.
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I agree, get a lawyer. Dealer wants to do what is best for him, insurance company may or may not resolve the issue to your long-term satisfaction. Your lawyer works for you. Might be he/ she tells you to let the insurance company handle it. Costs you a couple of bucks but you've done your best.
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I'm afraid

In his original post the first course of action the OP suggested was a lawyer. He did not mention insurance. Many here have given great advice but not once has he acknowledged that and suggested he would take it. It has 'bugged' me ever since reading this yesterday. I'm afraid that he just hadn't gotten around to insuring the RV yet and that would be sad and silly. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong, please.

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I see two routes of action:

if you have insurance, file a claim there and the insurance will deal with it. They will send someone in the know to assess the damage.
If you don't have insurance, get a lawyer.
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You won't get a new trailer, their obligation is to make you whole again. You may be entitled to compensation for time without your trailer due to the repair time. You may be able to get an extended warranty for hidden damages. It was an accident, not intentional. Best of luck and I hope you are able to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.
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I would not accept them repairing the trailer. If repairing (not replacing) is the only option, then take the trailer elsewhere, where they have no motivation to keep the cost down.

Most attorneys will provide an initial consult for free. You donít have to tell the RV dealer that you have contacted an attorneyóunless you decide that legal action is required.

As others have said, try to have your insurance company work it out with the dealerís insurance company, but hold out for a new trailer. Repairing this one is just buying a new set of problems down the road.

Also, as someone else has stated, if the dealer is so convinced that he can repair the trailer fully, then he should have no problem selling the repaired trailer for a good priceówhile you get a replacement.
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Originally Posted by NMWildcat View Post
Honestly, if it was me with a 35 day old trailer damaged that bad, I'd tell them to keep it and make me a spectacular deal on another unit.
I would not accept a patch to the hole (replace the entire panel), and I would want an extended warranty paid for by them, if you decide to keep it.
Yup, a New Unit

Selling the damaged and repaired unit will be their problem!!
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Just as confused as you
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When you went to the dealer you should have told them you wanted to inspect the damage and then proceed to take plenty of pictures. You don't need to tell them picture taking is on your mind. If they refuse to let you see the damage in person, tell them you will not accept any reason they give you.

Tell your insurance how it goes down, pass on the pictures if you are allowed to take them. If not, that's more fodder for the insurance to work with along with the video the dealer has. Do it quickly so the dealer has less time to destroy the video.

I know each state is different but when we bought our last two TT's the salesman called our insurance agent and we spoke to them via speakerphone. The trailer's had our insurance before we signed the final papers.
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One important consideration is "diminished value".

Any vehicle that is involved in any accident, even though repaired by the best of shops, has the stigma of "accident damage" attached to it pretty much for the rest of it's life.

This is why you want to get your insurance company involved. "Diminished Value" can be substantial and often results in compensation. May even be a deciding factor in whether or not the "vehicle" is totalled.
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If it was me I would get the insurance company involved as there team of lawyers are better then most. And one thing was not mentioned that dealer may cover warranty work but the manufacturer warranty I would think be void.

Good luck
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