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rear stabilizer jacks not working

We took our 2017 FR 201BHXL out this weekend, the rear stabilizer jacks where acting odd before we left our house retracting very slow after I taped on the motor. They did not extend when we where setting up at our camp site. So spend the weekend without them. Tried them again when we got back home still didnít work.

I could not find a manual crank; Iím guessing Iíll have to purchase one. Would have thought one came with the unit?


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Called the RV Dealer where I purchase our RV. Tech I spoke with said I will have to buy a hand crank. FR does not provide one.

He also said a manual crank would be too hard to turn fighting against the electric motor. He suggested I check the breakers and fuses to make sure there is power to the motor; I feel it is more than that.
Iíll try using the remote tonight to see if it is the switch, didnít work. If itís the motor what is the best way to check out to see if the electric motor can be repaired or would I have to replace it?
I also checked the fuses, all are good.

Any idea what/how I should check things out.

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Wonder when they quit supplying hand cranks for emergency or no power situations … my last 3 fivers came with a crank. I can't see why the motor would make much difference while hand cranking unless it has some kind of a internal brake which I doubt considering the added cost. Take the wire nuts off the wires going to the motor and use a set of jumper cables and a good battery to test operation. It may be as simple as a bad ground or crappy switch.
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Yeah I guess if I was boon docking I would make sure I set the stabilizers before disconnecting the plug from my TV.

I thought by using the remote control this would be like by passing the switch?
But nothing moved using the remote, so it may be something wrong with the motor?
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Our Wildcat did come with a crank. We had a stabilizer motor pack up last spring and I used a crank all summer long. Plan to replace the motor this spring but there is no problem whatsoever with overcoming the motor with a crank.
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I had one of the two rear jacks go out on my 2015 Vibe. I had a manual crank that was supplied by the dealer and worked fine without disconnecting motor. The stabilizer jack extended and retrieved manually without much effort and the assembly worked fine electronically after I replaced the switch. Switch was bad but it looked brand new and did not show any signs of being bad.
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Our 2018 Rockwood Windjammer had the front stabilizer go out. Our unit did have a manual crank (also, one for the slides). It was a warranty repair: replaced the stabilizer motor. I think the repair invoice was about $298.
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My 5er stabilizer quit last year. I pulled the switch and checked it for voltage. It had voltage in but none out , quick 5 dollar fix. This year it quit again, pulled switch and it was fine. Pulled motor off and bench tested and found it bad. After checking the price of a new motor. I waited for my heart to get back outta my throat and pulled my motor apart. The brass was carbon coated. Cleaned it up and all has been fine.
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I had the same thing with my 171 x lite 2018. I do have a dealer supplied crank that I have had to use one time. I found that sometimes if i jiggle with wires near the motor, it works. I am about to have warranty work done as the dealer thought MAYBE the motor is bad. I used it 10,000 miles over 3 months and only had the issue maybe 5 times
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Same issue on my rear stabilizer motor “Lippert”
Corrosion is my issue. The motor is mounted behind the tires, and is exposed to the road water. The motor has a rubber boot to keep moisture out but actually holds water in allowing it to seep past a paper gasket. This corrodes and rust the motor brushes to make poor contact
I repaired
Mine yesterday. Slipped the boot off, opened the motor by removing 2 screws. Pulled the outer body off with the armature Cleaned the armature, brushes, reassembled. Works as good as new
I can see several easy remedies to prevent this issue
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Abroach Sounds like this may be my problem. Last Fall DW and I when to Big Bend in west Texas it started to rain on our return trip it was a real frog strangler. We drove through some flooded streets in Del Rio and Uvalde, TX.
May have gotten water inside the motor; plan on pulling the motor tomorrow.
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I pulled the switch checked several wires does not look like any power, but then again people are shocked when they find out how bad of an electrician I am.

Which wires should show power? And what is the little silver box with the bolted to it? (on left)
Checked the fuses all are good.
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The silver box is a self resetting breaker. Should have power on both sides of it.

I am guessing here on the switch but I think is is probably a DPDT switch. Double Pole Double Throw. + and - coming in on one set of wires and then + and - on the other set when the switch is pressed. Now the output side will swap the + and - depending whether the switch is pressed up or down to make the motor go forward or reverse to bring the stabilizers up or down. This is assuming the switch is wired direct to the motor without any other controls in between.

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Mine came with 3 crank handles. One for slide, stabilizers and one for tongue jack. Hopefully I never need to know which is which.

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jacks, stabilizer

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