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Never own one again...Rockwood that is

After years of continual problem with our 2006 Rockwood 8280, I am moved to vent my frustration, and anger with the manufacturer and dealerships somewhere, for someone to read...hopefully to keep someone from make the same purchase mistake that we made. Our latest issue is the slide out not wanting to go out or come in normally. Its that latest in a long line of issues that I have had to resolve since we purchased the unit. In an effort to resolve the slide out issue I called the manufacturer and tried to get information about a larger motor that I read about for this unit on another forum that seemed to be the answer to my issues as well. Forest River rep emphatically stated that there was not a larger motor for the 8280. After some discussion, and trouble shooting questions, the rep stated that Rockwood didn't make the motor and that I would have to contact the manufacturer of the motor for more trouble shooting. Calling the manufacturer of the slide out motor resulted in an affirmation that not only was there a larger motor but it was well know that Rockwood used smaller motors on larger slide outs and that there was a history of issues like mine. I get the impression that in the RV industry that Rockwood is a lower end unit. Being a novice at the RV experience I can tell you that I have learned my lesson with respect to Forest River. But alas, you get what you pay for.... Other issues that we've experience with our Rockwood 8280 - Propane hoses and selection valve. Initially the 8280 came with an "automatic" selection valve. That valve and the hose for the port side propane tank did not work. Neither the dealer or purchase nor the manufacturer would replace the hose or valve. The dealer could even figure out the problem. Needless to say I had to purchase a replacement valve and hose. - Bolts that hold the axel to the frame on the port side we missing! After several months of owner ship, we were out and I had to crawl under the unit for some reason and I got to looking at the undercarriage and noticed that the bolts holding the frame to the axle assembly (2 each) on port side were missing. The remaining bolts we not torqued when I checked them. - The unit had electrical problem from the very first day. Our very first outing we pulled into a camp ground that had old power outlets and discovered that we could not power up the unit. The campers in the next space with powered up with no problem, so to trouble shoot we pulled in to their outlet and still not power. The next day we broke camp and drove three hours to the dealer only to have them tell us there was no problem with the camper. I pulled the exterior shore power receptacle and discovered that during assembly the white and black wires were inverted on the receptacle. (The plug clearing indicated a position for the white, black and red wires...white and black had been improperly installed). - Inverter (power panel) As a result of the above, we also discovered that there was a constant hum in the speakers of the 5th wheel. It was noticeably louder with the use of more electrical equipment. Replacing the inverter (power panel) eliminated the issue. Once again the cost was ours not the dealer or manufacturers. - A fastener in the step broke. Calls to the manufacturer could not help me find a fastener or any recommend fix. I finally had to turn to the mechanics on the hanger floor to find a special rivet that could be used to repair the stairs. I won't even go into the trim issues and the counter extension piece problems that we've had.... Can you see my frustration?!?
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I know the feeling~~Too soon old and too late smart. On the flip side, "It could have been worse."
"If everything seems to be going well, look around, you've obviously overlooked something."
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Originally Posted by schmowie.liebowitz View Post
After years of continual problem with Can you see my frustration?!?
Oh by the way does this mean Rockwood & FR are the only makers of RV's that have problems? Trust that now you got to vent you feel better.
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There's always a lemon in a product line.
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The increase of quality of the auto manufacturers has not rubbed off on the R V manufacturers. After having my Flagstaff for over a year, I almost have it to the point where I wouldn't be ashamed to sell it. Wayne
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I appreciate the confidence you have now instilled in me of my recent purchase of a Flagstaff V Lite! I think. Just remember, man has never made anything that will last forever. And lastly, if you are dissatified with your spouse, well, you picked them! So sit down and rest awhile. Have a cold drink!
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Yep...I can tell you've reached a boiling point. Rest assured FR is not the only Rv mfg that has issues. I do agree you've had more than your share. In my opnion your PDI sucked. Most of this should have been caught prior to you driving it away.
I spent a great deal of time on my PDI and was assured that all things functioned properly before I signed on the dotted line.

Hang in there!
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In reply to your replies...

I understand that there are issues with all types of equipment and that one manufacturer may have as many issues are any other - which is said. Someone posted that the RV industry needs establish the same quality control standards and manufacturing practices as the auto industry...and that is absolutely the case. If you read my original post you'll notice that small things we never caught from the assembly line - bolts not installed in the axel housing, wires cross installed, etc. There is a post in this forum where someone had a leak in their unit and discovered the pipes where not cemented together. For all of you that have a "oh well" attitude - these this just happen, would you tolerate the same from your car? Or you boat? or even your house? My issue is as much with quality control as it is with after the sale service. Ok, so in my case there was no service after the sale. The service industry within the RV industry is pitiful at best. As an aircraft engineer I have done most of the work to repair my 5th wheel - heck I had to the dealer couldn't. I had to figure out the electrical problem, they couldn't. I had to figure out why propane wasn't coming from the port side tank - the dealer couldn't. And FR - they didn't step to the plate at all. Their attitude was that if the dealer couldn't fix it there was not much there could do either. Thatís what most of my frustration is about Ė Sa-la-vie platitudes donít cut it either!
Thanks to some - others...well...never mind.
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Is this just a rant or do you really want people to pick this apart? I do have lots of questions related to this post, but will give you a chance to just rant for thats all it is.
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Buyer beware!

Face it, we're a captive audience. We choose to play with expensive toys and unfortunately with that choice comes dealing with an industry, by all appearances, that caters more toward bottom line than quality control.

I've been self employed for the better part of 50 years and never, never would have thought anyone could put a product on the market as shabbily and ill engineered as some of RV's we hear about on this forum. To add, "and stay in business."

My Dad used to say, If you want to dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Caveat emptor!
"If everything seems to be going well, look around, you've obviously overlooked something."
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sounds like a real lemon!!

as for the axles, my parents toy hauler came from Indiana with the suspension TACK WELDED in 3 spots on each side... needless to say, the wheels fell out from under the trailer on the way home from the maiden voyage while going down the highway...
One state/province at a time!
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Originally Posted by Boyd View Post

My Dad used to say, If you want to dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Rocky Balboa said, "if you're gonna dance you gotta pay the band. if you're gonna borrow you've gotta pay the man."

Owning an RV is a bit like that = its a tinker's toy.

My old boss had an RV, but didn't even own a screwdriver. He was happy because he had a large checkbook and could hire others to fix any issue that came along.

Forest River quality is not out of line with the rest of the RV industry.

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To the OP: If your post hadn't been 1 continuous paragraph, I might've read it, so I won't post any comments pro or con.

(Props to those that did)
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I say let the guy rant and get it off his chest. We're here for support, right? He probably paid around $25k+ of his hard earned money for his trailer and had nothing but problem after problem. That isn't a very good feeling. While we've been out in our campers enjoying the time with family and friends, he's been working on his or taking it to the dealer to have it worked on.

It doesn't really matter what brand. All produce a few like that. His just happens to be a FR product, that's why he posted on here.

So the only thing I would have to say to the OP, don't write FR off. You may jump out of the skillet into the fire. Take it for what it is. You were unfortunate enough to get one of the few bad ones. Most FR products are as good or better than others.

Oh yeah, I've been in the OP's shoes. There was a time I didn't even want to think about camping because of the tt I owned at the time. I now enjoy camping as much as I ever did, maybe more.

So go ahead and get it off your chest schmowie.liebowitz. Then you can move on and things will get better for you. The time will come when you will be able to enjoy it all again.
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