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Rockwood 8312ss problems - looking for help

Just purchased a 2012 rockwood 8312ss. Researched rv's for quite a while and finally settled on the Rockwood. I bought the trailed in Michigan and had it delivered to me in Newfoundland. I am currently on my first camping adventure and I am looking for some help on two issues.
Please bare with me as this is my first travel trailer purchase and there was very little information in the trailer on how to operate the various options.
My first concern is pretty basic. My trailer came with two spare water filters - just wondering where is the filter located to on my trailer. I can't seem to find it anywhere.
My next concern seems more serious. Whenever I plug my camper into a 30 amp breaker or a 20 amp breaker through the little adapter that came with the trailer, I trip the breaker instantly - with nothing turning on in the trailer. The only way that I can seem to get power to my rv is through an old extension cord that I brought with me that has the ground plug removed. I was reading the forums and I decided to try and isolate the breaker in the camper that is giving me the issue - it seems to be the breaker labelled Gfi/converter. Seems like a grounding issue but I do not know where to turn next. I am about 2500 miles from my dealer and can't seem to get much satisfaction over the phone. Any advice would've greatly appreciated.
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should be able to find the filter right next to the water pump ..... if you can find the water pump lol !

if your extension cord works then its your 30 amp power cord . I am assuming your using the extention cord instead of the 30 amp cord ?
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X2 on the filter being close to the water pump.

If it's the GFIC breaker, try locating the outlet that has the GFIC button and try resetting it. I don't know if that will solve the problem, but it's worth a try.

Oh yeah, to the forum and congrats on your new trailer.
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If you are circumventing the ground with the extension cord, then the 30A cord might be at fault but it could be a ground issue in the trailer or possibly even with the plug you are using. Ideally you would test your cord on a fellow campers trailer or ask to borrow theirs to rule this out, then you can start looking for a fault elsewhere. A cheap circuit checker could help you identify an issue but since you are using all of your electrical without a ground and when you do have one you trip the breaker, chances are you are taking a risk that you shouldn't take. This should be a warranty issue if it's in your unit but that said I would try to get this looked at by an RV tech and or an Electrician asap. I have no clue where the water filter is, I wonder if my unit has one?
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Thanks guys for the replys. Here is where I stand. On the water filter, you are right I haven't located the water pump either. I can hear it in the back of the trailer but I do not know how to get at it - any suggestions.
As for the electrical issue - the 30amp cord works on my neighbors trailer and my current setup actually as the 30 amp cord running from my trailer to my extension cord to the actual park plug in. I have also reset the gfic with no difference. The breaker that is causing the problem is labelled gfic/converter. Just wondering how to get at the converter to see if there is any loose grounds. Once again thanks and please keep the suggestions coming
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On my 8312ss the water filter and pump are in the lower back panel of the bunkhouse storage area. It has three door hinges on it and you have to take the screws out of the one hinge. This is where the water comes in from the back of the trailer as well.
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X2 on the filter being in the cabinet below the TV compartment in the bunk area on the 8312SS. Loosen the screws and open the door. Wrench for the assembly should have come with camper.
As for the electrical issue. If you turn off the GFCI/Converter breaker, can you then use the 30 amp cord?
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Thanks for the help on the filter. I have located it. When I turn off the gfi/conv breaker the 30 amp cord does work. Any suggestions???
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by any chance are u plugging into a ground fault outlet? i've read that two ground faults in line don't like each other. i have not had that problem.

i believe ur on the right track in checking for tight ground. check the the one on the breaker too. i've read abt others finding wires not tightened in the fuse and breaker box.

oh, i do trip my ground fault at the shore power when i plug in. i reset it and all is fine.
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My Rockwood also had the 3 hinge door to acess the water filter. I removed 1 of the hinges and installed a magnet closer. Makes filter changes much easier.
As Jim mentioned mine also sometime trips either the gfi or the breaker when plugging into shore power. I now turn off breaker, plug in, then reset breaker. Seems to work fine this way.
Another issue may be a bad gfi. I had a bad one shortly after taking delivery of my unit. Replaced under warranty and no more issues. I think they are all tied together so when 1 tripped I lost power to all the rest. Mine happened to be the first 1 in line on the circuit. 120VAC outlets only. Converter 12 VDC worked fine.
On my unit it happened to be the one in the kitchen and when it when out I also lost power in the bathroom. Maybe try swapping gfi's from kitchen and bath.

Sounds like you are only loosing power to gfi outlets...correct?

My converter is located under the fridge and is easy to acess. Just remove front cover. It looks like a return vent for a furnace. Mine is black.
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First unplug the trailer from shore power.

on the ground fault, with the power off see if u can go in and disconnect it. The GFCI has a supply side and a side that runs to the other outlets. u only need to pull the supply line (if u wind up changing it out, u want to mark the supply line and the line to other outlets). i'd put a piece of tape or wire nut over the bare wires, for safety sake, then plug back into shore power and see if u r still tripping the breaker. as koodog said, the GFCI could be bad and this would give u a quick test.
i'm thinking that the GFCI works by sensing a very small difference in the current flowing thru it in the neutral and hot. that usually trips the GFCI but not the breaker in the breaker box.

if it DIDN'T work with cord with no ground, i would tell u to unplug the converter then see if breaker trips. i would do the same with each item pluged into that circuit. BUT it work fine when on the cord with no ground...

if disconnecting that GFCI doesn't do it, i'm back to checking wires (screws) for tight in the fuse and breaker box.

although i've never seen a GFCI go bad like that, i believe it is a prime candate. (for the record, there are a lot of electrical problems i haven't seen).
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