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Shocking Problem!

I have a 2010 Rockwood 2604 SS Ultralite Travel Trailer. We just returned from a 3 day weekend camping trip. It has gotten pretty cold here in Central Florida these past few days. So upon my return with a hard freeze on the way I have drained my water system. Well in my efforts to complete same I was reaching under the aluminum skirting adjacent to the dump valve where the low point drains are for both the hot and cold water lines. In my attempt to access these two valves while kneeling on a damp driveway my inside wrist touched the edge of the aluminum skirt and boy did I get a shock!!! I immediately got out my multimeter and set the meter to 125 Volt DC and when I grounded the meter to my driveway and the other meter probe to the edge of the aluminum skirt the meter pegged to 125 Volts. Obviously the amperage must not be very high or I would not be here to write this thread. If I reversed the probes the meter pegs to the bottom! Am I wrong in assuming that somewhere in the electrical system there is a hot side that is feeding to the ground of the trailer frame and causing me to get shocked. As a point of fact I have my trailer hooked up to my home electrical system thru an exterior grounded 20 amp outlet and I use a Surge Guard RV Power Protection device 30 amp model # 34730. This unit insures that the power source is grounded and that there is enough power and as well that there is proper ground and will also protect against surges. So I know that my electrical service to the trailer is OK. Any ideas as to what I can do to troubleshoot the problem and eliminate it. I'm concerned about the long term effect that this residual voltage to ground will have on my trailer and the onboard electrical appliances!

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We had the exact problem and what we found was the hot wire touching the ground. We found our problem in the shore line 30 amp plug.
What we did to trouble shoot the problem was to first shut the main breaker off in the camper and test for voltage. If you do not get voltage then you need to start flipping each invidual circuit until you find the one giving you the problem. If you still get voltage thru the camper with the main off then the problem is going to be in your shore line.
FYI...because you are feeding voltage to the ground, you will be feeding that voltage to all devices that are connected to that ground such as your home if that is what you are plugged into. We were at at campground when we had the problem and we had several campers near us that were getting energized from us.

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You have a short to the trailer frame some where? Rv electrical panel are isolated ground & if you have lost your grounding from the RV panel back to your house main this can happen. You would want to check & make sure your RV panel has a ground to the trailer frame to & has a good connection. Keep in mind the ground is isolated for the neutral. I would have this check out right a way. right now if your plug in to house it hot from back bumper to the front LP bottles. Check you frame ground first & then your shore power to the house. If can't find the problem then disconnect the power from the house. Others may not be so lucky or you the second time.

The main problem is you lost your ground to your trailer or frame & to keep from energizing the out of the trailer. A good ground would trip the breaker that as a fault on it.
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This scenario is why I think it is important to always plug into a GFI receptacle. If only the campgrounds would install those on all breakers. I see them on many 20 amp breakers, but not the 30 amps.

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Answers above are good ones.
Don't mess around with this.
You need to find and fix it as it could be fatal next time.

I gotta wonder why you set your meter on DC???
If you got a bad shock it was almost for sure AC.

And I am in favor of GFI outlets and breakers where practical.
I think a 30 Amp GFI breaker would be costly and it
would likely be a trip nuisance for lots of folks.
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Shocking Problem

Thanks for all your input. I was convinced to contact Forest River and a really nice gentleman in the warranty department has promised that Rockwood will fix my problem. I am to take my trailer to a local RV center and have the problem diagnosed and then contact the warranty department for repair information. The only problem is that this RV center does not handle warranty work for Forest River so I will have to pay the bill and Rockwood has promised to reimburse me! I did try and contact a local Forest River dealer for repair and they indicated that they were not interested in doing my work as I did not purchase my trailer from them (lousy attitude)!

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