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Should we wait for 2018's?

Looking at a 2017 2509s and wondering if we should wait for the 2018's to come out before we buy? We purchased a 2015 Roo 233s in March of 2014, I don't know when the new 2018's start to ship?!

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Their typically isn't alot of changes from on year to another so I don't think you'll gain much of anything by waiting.


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It is a double edged sword... if you wait till the 2018's are out, you will also be second guessing if you should have waited till the 2019's come out.

Don't miss out on a bunch of great camping if you've narrowed your choices to a particular unit. While there might be some changes, the probability of MAJOR changes are small. If they are major changes... you won't be getting the same unit you fell in love with anyway.
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The RV industry is strange. They tend to roll out new changes in the middle of a model year. So for instance, what is in a late 2017, will be in an early 2018, rendering waiting for an 18 pointless unless you want to wait until the end of 2017, which is when changes will start to be made to the 2018 models. Which as mentioned above, then you'll say, should I wait until 2019's come out.

There will always be newer and better that come out "next year".
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Advantage of buying a 2017 now off the lot is a better price because they want to make room for the 2018's. Just an FYI we ordered our current camper in early Feb 2012 and it was delivered 7 weeks later as a 2013 so I think the 2018 models should be available soon. You might gain a year newer date on the title if you wait. One thing that might change from a '17 to an '18 is fabric colors and other small things. Good luck with your decision.
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I think it depends on what your goals are, your financing, if you are changing classes, and the level of RV you are buying.

You can always rent in the interim to not miss a camping trip OR continue to use your older unit.

Most of the changes, which are often insignificant, can be incorporated backward into your current unit if you are think of buying a similar or not too dissimilar unit.

If you are changing classes, or you have a 10 year old unit you are finding you have a lot of ongoing issues with, or want some newer or different technology, that is another issue. For example, it is pretty difficult to install a hydronic heating system into a unit that was not designed up front for it.

Some of the best buys in full time units, if you are not moving that much, are in used 10 year old luxury diesel pushers. Yet some long-time savvy owners want a new unit because full timers really spend a lot of time in their unit, and some are still moving around quite a bit...yet some are perfectly happy in an older unit, in particular if it is paid for and they don't want to fork over more dollars for a newer unit.

If you want to downsize to something like class B, most of the best improvements in that category are recent and it is likely you will want the best of the new designs and newer materials, and some of the slightly lengthened versions. However, it is still a reality that it is likely you will get some old and cheap battery technology, need to option up solar, and they probably will sneak in an insufficient if you want to boon dock you will still need to upgrade the new units functionality. There are some class B's, however, that do include some lithium-ion batteries, some solar, and stronger inverter...but you have to look closely.

A new 2017 Ford super duty truck would be worth a thought, though some would argue that with the significant changes you should wait for the 2018s rather than buying an introductory model year.

I think one needs to really dig through the details to make a decision as to buy now or hold off a bit...vs relying on generic buying recommendations or RV themes.
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Originally Posted by timfromma View Post
Their typically isn't alot of changes from on year to another so I don't think you'll gain much of anything by waiting.
Agreed the changes and updates don't seem to be tied to the model year but rather just implemented randomly during the year. If the OP is looking at an in-stock unit, maybe there is some leverage to negotiate a little better price since the '18's will hit the lot soon.

If thinking about ordering, getting an '18 maybe be an advantage down the road as far as re-sale or trade-in value since a newer model should have a little higher book value.

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Like was said, sometimes it financially best to not wait. I really wanted the new-style, rounded nose cap that Rockwood is putting on the 17's. However, I found a '16 with the old, flat-style cap on it, optioned out exactly how we wanted, for about $3K cheaper than the same unit (minus the second air) in a '17 with the new nose.

For $3000, that old, flat nose looks just fine to me.

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I guess I am not so much worried about colors or major changes, a titled 2018 may help if we did try to resale at some point. I think the 18's may start showing up on lots as soon as next month. We have until mid April to get a camper, I don't think we would miss any camping!
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You should have read most of the comments by now. RV manufacturers may change something this month or next, they don't make any model for even 6 months. Some manufacturers and dealers can tell you what's coming, but why, they want to get rid of what they have on the lot now. If you see what you want, order it 9 times out of 10 you'll get what you want not one setting on the lot for who knows how long.
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Sometimes they make changes you may not like, from fabrics and flooring colors to option changes to even discontinued floorplans. When looking at floorplans online its quite common to see ''dealer stock only'' after it is discontinued.
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We are a little worried about that!
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I agree with Crabman. Our TT is labelled as a 2011 model but strangely it's not actually in the 2011 Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite brochure. They added an outdoor kitchen to the floorplan, shrunk the bathroom, and changed the model number for 2011. So we really have a discontinued 2010 model with 2011 fabric and interior.

You can never be certain whether or not you'll get what you think you're getting when you order. They've been known to make significant changes mid-model year. That happened recently with the 8289WS 5th wheel. Some changes you may like, some you may not.

If you buy a unit that's sitting on the dealer's lot you know what you're getting. There should be a manufacture date somewhere inside so you'll have an idea how long a unit has been sitting in the dealer's inventory. Being up north I'd be concerned about a model that was delivered in the winter and getting covered in salt during delivery.
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The sticker on the left front side of the TT should have the VIN, the GVWR and the date it was built.
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The colors and interior trim will change.

Our trailer is one of the first 2009's off the line. The interior colors are OK, the fabrics are sort of plain. We liked the patterns we saw in the flyers and on the lots before we ordered a lot better.

If you like what's out there, order now.
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We traded our 2014 Rockwood in on a 2016, same model. We originally wanted to wait for the 2017's to come out. Then I was doing some research on the 2017's to find out that in Sept, midway through the production year, Rockwood made major changes to the model. Not just cosmetic changes but major changes that changed the floor plan. We probably would not be interested in the 2017 model. So if you like the current model, you could be surprised by waiting for the 2018, it could have changes you don't like.
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I agree with 5picker. How long do yo wait, just do it. I'm amazed at the number of threads i read where someone says they've been shopping for 3-5 years.

3 out of the 4 new campers ive purchased were new but last years models deeply discounted because the new years were rolling out. The lower price on purchase out weighed the newer model year on resale each time.
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Do it, do it, do it.............
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Originally Posted by BandJCarm View Post
Do it, do it, do it.............

Buy it? Or wait?
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Well we will have to leave it to fate...we ordered a new trailer and they said there is a 90% chance it will be an 18! They told us not to specify or risk not getting a camper until June!

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