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We really like our "Chappy".Haven't had any large issues that I couldn't fix.Our dealer is in Tulsa,Ok. and Hunter RV has been great to send us a few parts under warranty and paid shipping both ways.Just had the factory send us a new light fixture that shorted out at the bulb.Took all of four days to get here from ordering.Can't say enough about the service and the build quality has been good so far.It's a 2015 29 RKS.Warranty runs out next month.As soon as the weather breaks,I will check every thing over real well to make sure any issues will get the parts.
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Have a 2012 8315BSS. We both love it. Only problems so far were probably my fault. Bypass valves at water tank stripped. 2 so far. I did find out that delta faucets are a perfect replacement for the plastic ones that come w/the trailer. Home Depot or wherever. A good upgrade. My brother has a Roo and also loves it. I don't think u can go wrong.
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We purchased a 2012 Signature Ultra Lite travel trailer in the fall of 2014 and took it to Texas for the winter. Amazing trailer, very well built,absolutely no problems. In the spring a guy came along and made me an offer I could not refuse so we went shopping for another Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite but this time a 5th wheel. We found one (also 2012) 8280WS and are currently in Florida and just love it too. Very well built, easy to tow, extremely stable on the road. All components function perfectly and the finish is far superior to anything we have ever seen in this $25-$30 thousand price range (used). If I get another offer I cannot refuse, I will be looking for another Rockwood for sure.
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Forest River Quality

We are on our third Forest River product. We love the CCs that w have had and the Silverback. I had a few issues, but they were mostly operator error. I bought all of my FR trailers from International RV in Bay City, Michigan. This dealership is the very best.
Last year we went to the FROG rally in Goshen. I asked the service if they could help me with my entry steps. My wife's arthritis has progressed to the point where she had major difficulty just getting in and out of the trailer. The Forest River Service Department put on new steps with no charge to me. I guess my whole point is that the whole company is made up of good people.
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On our second Forrest River 'Grey Wolf'. First one a toy hauler, now a 26BH. Like anything else new, check it over thoroughly before use. Little caulking here and there, a few new shelves to make mama happy and you're good to go.
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Agree with Geotex1.
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Overall I like my Sierra, actually I love it. I'm extremely dissatisfied with my service dept and FR dragging their feet when I escalated the issue to them.

So, the product is good, they chose good components so far. The work I've needed done has actually been minor, things that should have been easy fixes.

This has drug on a total of four months. Six weeks the first go around, 10 weeks thus far with this visit. Out of the 13 months I've had it, four have been out of my hands.

So, to repeat, I'm happy with the camper, it's awesome, pulls great, is a superior camping experience.

But my service experience has been quite lacking. Some people have great dealers, some folks get the short straw like I did.
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Hi just a line to say that though we realy like our 2015 Columbus 3800 by Palomino we have only used it once. It has been in the shop since October for warrenty work but it looks like we will have it back by the 1st of April. The dealer has had trouble getting the aproval for some of the repairs but persistence has won out. Hope you have good luck with yours.
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I am quickly approaching two years owning my 2013 Sabre, next month. I have to admit it has been an awesome experience traveling and meeting new people. The amount of knowledge shared and lessons learned on this forum has been priceless to me. I am very satisfied with my purchase and the quality of the Sabre. Small nit noid things bothered me at first but once they were addressed and we made our first trip to Goshen.....Forest River has my business for life. I think the quality of the Sabre line is in line with its price point and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase other FR product.
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Any Happy Forest River Owner out there?

I can say I have some Warranty issues with my 2014 Sanibel but all in all my Dealer has corrected my issues and while I was at the Frog Rally in Goshen Indiana last August my Sanibel Rep. took care of some minor problems and made me glad I bought a Prime Time Unit. Forest River makes every attempt to make their Units User Friendly and their Customers happy. My 1st TT was a nightmare with cabinets coming loose from the Wall and Tires blowing out. This is my 3rd Forest River Unit.

Think positive and enjoy your RV.
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Forest river quality

Have a 2015 300 bh love it, nothing but good things to say
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Sorry, but we have had our brand new(when we bought it) 2014 FR Flagstaff 5th wheel for just over a year and the list of items keeps growing with 50% fixed by dealer and rest by me (out of necessity since been travelling). I would have to say this one has been nothing but a lemon and its too bad there aren't lemon laws for trailers. The unit is a real contrast with some work done by craftsmen and other work by chainsaw wielders! We hope to get to the end of the issues or will have to trade or sell it and buy something else (not a FR brand)! Now we are past the 1 year warranty and have to pay or fix it ourselves. Make sure you use yours as much as possible to find the bugs ASAP and/or try to negotiate some form of extended warranty with your dealer. The issue is that when you are travelling, how do you give up your home to have it fixed? You take it to a dealer (if you can find one) then get a room if it is over one day's fix or you higher a mobile RV guy to do it and that ain't cheap, believe me, just dit it!
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my wife and I bought our 30f brand new in 06 and have had it on our perminant site from day 1 the only issue we had was that for forgot to hook up the coax cable to the antenna our dealership fixed it and we have been great several hundred notes camping I would gladly buy another forest river anyday
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Done with this
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Our 1st PUP was SOB. We are on our second Coachmen. I have nothing but great things to say about Forest River!

I'm a little too truthful, I guess.
Y'all have fun in "Fantasy Land".
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We have owned 2 Pumas both have been nearly trouble free.


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We love our 2013 Palomino Ultra lite 30 ft. at 5400#.We've had it for 3 yrs and very few issues.Go find another 30 ft.TT at 5400# with this quality...bet you can't.
2013 Palomino 30ft. of Pure Bliss at 5400#-and then we have this 14 ft.Sea Eagle that I tote around for my wife and son.Michigan State Parks are The Best !:thumbsup
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FR Quality

I had the same concerns last fall before we ordered our Forester 2651. It seemed like everyone was calling out the quality issues which concerned me.

My wife and I had two other brand TT & fifth wheels over the years with no major problems before ordering our new MH. We had wanted a MH for over 30 years, but had to wait until we were in the right place in our lives. While deciding whether to buy everything I read here was negative. But the more I read, it began to look like a lot of the anger was directed at the dealers response to their concerns. People had legitimate concerns but they were more angry with how they were handled by their dealers.

I don't have enough experience with my new FR to tell you one way or another at this point but I would say don't let your few concerns get in the way of your enjoyment. You may have a few issues but you will deal with them and move on. Good luck to you and your family.
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We have a 2014 Cedar Creek 36CKTS that we have been fulltiming in since July, 2013. We've had it from east coast to west coast and north to south with very few issues. Sure there have been a few things that have cropped up from time to time, but Forest River always comes through. We have met lots of people in different rigs from many manufacturers in our extensive travels. There is no "perfect" rig. But, by comparison, we consider ourselves very lucky to have stuck with Forest River. We previously had a Rockwood Mini-Lite that we also loved. I would definitely recommend attending the FROG Rally held each summer in Goshen, IN. You will learn a lot about Forest River, have an opportunity to do a factory tour and meet some of the greatest people in the world.
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The answer to the OP's question, "Any Happy Forest River Owners Out There?" would certainly seem to be a resounding "Yes."

Bob Byrne
Director, Forest River Owners' Group (FROG)
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Originally Posted by tothebeach View Post
Hey, I just purchased a new Roo which I will pick up in several weeks. If you read the thread below titled Quality, it would seem that Forest River puts out nothing but POS. It is rather disconcerting reading this as a new TT buyer. I'm hoping that my unit is decent quality with minimal issues, not perfect but just decent. From what I have read on here, that may be asking a lot. Can't help but wonder if I should have bought that other make and model.

I would really appreciate hearing from some of you that have been relatively pleased with your units. I hope there are some of you out there.

Guess I'm wondering if my dream vacations could turn into nightmares based on some of the experiences shared.

Thanks much.
Isn't the grass always greener on the other side? Of course they have issues don't we all. I can't see very well but I can fix that. My RV bounces but I can fix that. Boy I can do/fix a lot of things instead of complaining!
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forest river

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