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Originally Posted by 2011sv264 View Post
The only time we leave our English Pointer alone in the trailer is when it's her turn to cook supper and then she is too busy cooking to bark
What a great concept...who would a thunk..hehe..So when its her turn to cook, does she get to pick the menu as well? Perhaps some Purina cold cuts served on doggie bisquits, or deep fried Alpo, "fresh out the can of course"...or does she have you eat healthy and have something like Sience Diet Ala mode with an English touch to it.....Thanks for the tip I will have the wife order some chefs hats and aprons to give a go..hehe

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Originally Posted by Houndmobile View Post
hi there, I am a newbie to the whole RV thing...2011 is my rookie season and would like some guidance please.

I will be travelling with my two bassets and not really clear what the "rules" are in regards to leaving your dogs in the RV while you're away.

If I am at a campsite - fully hooked up - with AC on (where needed) is it okay to leave your pets in your unit (me - class ""C") while you are away shopping per say ?

Is it fairly common for campsites to have doggie daycare that can look after your dogs if away from your unit ?

Any other feedback / thoughts would be most appreciated.


I also will soon be camping with our dog, and have the following comments/concerns.
I would be wary of leaving pets in the Rv on very hot days, just in case the air suddenly stops working due to many factors. I would try and keep a window open and make sure the temps were good.
If your dog cant behave with a window open then you shouldnt be bringing it camping.
Try conditioning your dogs to the trailer, and let them spend time in there
prior to your trips. Driveway camping is the best for this, alternating time alone and with you in the unit. If they wont be comfortable on your driveway...then they are not going to be on a trip.
Teach them how to act in the trailer, and to be able to relax and ignore most outside sounds. Im sure they will soon learn what the "normal rv sounds are".
If your dogs are big barkers I would try and train them out of that bad habit, so you dont get any complaints from neighbours.
Try putting your dogs in the trailer and have a freind make noises outside,
correcting the dogs when they make a fuss and teach how you want them to act. ( lie down and sleep...etc)
Make sure the pets get enough exercise before you leave them alone, (a tired dog is a happy dog), and walk them regularly on your trip.
I dont believe in leaving a dog alone for hours on end especially when camping, so try and find campgrounds that allow hiking etc with your dogs, and try and make as many activities you do include your dogs.
I know that one of the bonuses about getting a trailer, to me, is the fact that we can bring our dog!!! (idk about the cat.....xD)
But at least the times you do have to leave your pets alone, you can do so with no worries =].

Good luck and enjoy!!!!

btw...inquire about the presence of ticks( that carry lyme disease) where you are gonna be camping and take the necessary preventatives.
I know that ticks are prevalent in a couple of the parks we will be visiting so I'm trying to be one step ahead!!!!
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Originally Posted by 2011sv264 View Post
the only time we leave our english pointer alone in the trailer is when it's her turn to cook supper and then she is too busy cooking to bark
lol =]
2010 Dodge Ram 1500
2012 Rockwood 2306
DH (Alan), DD (Madison) and Zoey the lab,
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We have traveled a lot with 2 small dogs (12lbs) and offer the following.

Do pick up the poop in plastic bags for disposal it you are in occupied areas.

Watch out for cactus and thorn bush if they are house pets and unaccustomed to the hazards

Keep them on a leash in occupied areas. Its an irritation to climb out of the RV with leashes on and to be attacked by an aggressive dog

Bring Windex to remove the puppy lips from the windshield

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There has been a lot of discussion on this and other forums about this. The easiest thing is read the rules. If they say no pets left unattended then don't leave the pets in the camper when you leave.
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How are your dogs when you leave them alone at home? That should be your first indicator. If you keep the RV at home, try spending some time with them there, then leave them alone in the RV for an hour or so. That should help them get acclimated, as well as give you an idea of how they will do.

We've had a furcritter for nine of our eleven years of RVing. We had an incident when our MH had a window in the lower portion of the door. Our dog apparently saw another dog or some other critter through the window and tore up the lower portion of the screen door screen. We tried keeping him in a dog crate only once, and he went nuts trying to get out of it.

Other than those two, we've never had another issue, and take the dog everywhere.

When we went to Disney World about seven years ago on New Year's Eve, we used the Disney kennel since we knew we'd be in the park all day, and up through the midnight fireworks. We went and walked him a few times, and it worked out pretty well.

As you already mentioned, ALWAYS be sure the heat or AC is keeping the RV comfortable.

Bob Byrne
Director, Forest River Owners' Group (FROG)
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State parks in Wisconsin are pretty specific about this. No loud noise, which in some parks, means if someone complains about your air conditioning, they'll tell you to turn it off! That would be the day someone tells me to turn off my A/C when it's 95 outside. Did have a case this past summer where a couple left their dog in their camper and all it did was bark....for more than 4 hours. The rangers waited around until they returned and promptly asked them to leave. This fall we encountered a couple who left their dog chained up outside when they walked over to another campsite. Again, the dog barked constantly for over an hour. After screaming at the top of our lungs (I know, we made noise too) to shut the dog up, someone finally returned to the campsite and put him inside the camper. I was on the phone trying to reach a ranger, but with budget cutbacks, they have limited hours in mid-October. I'm constantly amazed at the apathy and disrepect of some dog owners. Most of them are great, but all it takes is one or two to make you think twice about camping next to someone with a dog. I agree with training your dog to exist in the TT without barking. It can be done, and the place to do this is at HOME.
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Here's an article you might like:
Traveling With Animals |
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