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RV Wholesalers (PDI and pickup)

I took delivery of my new Rockwood Roo 235s from RV Wholesalers on Friday. Entirely a positive experience.

Appointment time was set for noon on Friday. My dad and I drove the ~430 some odd-miles up from St Louis to take advantage of RVW’s good pricing and straightforward way of doing business. The trip was non-eventful (save for a storm of the 17-year cicadas starting in Dayton and following us through Ohio), being mostly a straight shot up I-70. Our GPS took us in to Lakeview via the backroads, which made for a more direct route, although one using secondary and smaller roads. (If you come from the west, make sure to check your route before blinding doing whatever the GPS tells you).

RVW is right up Main Street in Lakeview, a block or two to the west of US Rte 33. You think you’ve gone out of your way, but – sure enough – they appear after driving though a small neighborhood. Three big storage lots to the West, the dealership and covered bays to the East. Make the turn into the driveway, bear right and drive clockwise around the building. The main door is on the side of the building facing AWAY from Main Street – just drive slowly, you’ll find it.

We arrived right on the dot of noon, and walked into the office. A long counter off to the left was setup for final paperwork and handover, the main office space was to the right, a u-shaped counter that seemed to serve as the nerve center. Immediately inside the main door was a dry-erase board with customer names for pickup. My name was front and center.

We talked with one of the office workers, who pulled a tech to walk us through the RV, introduce us to all the ancillary systems, and answer questions for us. Spry, tan, older gentleman with lots of boating and RV experience who had taken this job as his retirement job, helping make dreams come true. He directed us to the delivery bay where my new Roo was plugged in, clean and waiting.

From a customer perspective, the RVW dealership building is broken into several different rooms (each with several bays), the LAST of which is a set of customer-focused delivery bays for PDI. Spotlessly clean, the floor was freshly epoxy-coated (and a little slippery), the lights were all on, and there was power and water next to every door. RVs were being set up for walkthroughs and handovers by an entire team of RVW employees, all of which were helpful and eager to make our visit smooth and easy. There was a RVW carpet at the foot of every RV, and our AC was up and running (something we’re grateful for – it was 95į with Ohio humidity that day).

We walked through the entire RV with our guide, starting from the hitch, working our way around, and asking questions along the entire way. He was incredibly friendly and accommodating. He helped my dad and me with a great deal of patience, a ton of practical knowledge and advice, as well as humility and a willingness to answer questions, get answers, and help with tiny little details. With plenty of lead time from ordering to delivery (early February to early June), I had LOTS of opportunity to learn as much as I could through videos and asking questions here. The upshot of this is that I was well prepared to (1) know generally how things worked, (2) what to ask, and (3) have some idea when to ask about opinions and best practices (beyond just information about the coach).

Our walkthrough and system explanation took about 45min to an hour, at which point my dad and I settled in to do our own quality check. We used Triguy’s PDI checklist for hybrids, fantastic resource. I had built two trailer kits for this trip: one with trailer gear (and tools), and one with towing gear (and tools). Everything from screwguns, to flashlights, from square drivers to levels, electrical testers and even a ladder. We got to work going through and testing every system, turning every screw, checking every panel, testing every function. From the tow hitch to the television. We tested it on city water, we tested in with fresh water on water pump. We tested it on battery (and solar panel), as well as on shore power. Thanks to FRF, we were prepared to look into every system (I was even not surprised to find a China Bomb sitting under the spare cover – that is going to get upgraded pronto). I don’t know if the Roo knew what hit it.

Four solid hours later, the only things we found were a missing screw on the MORryde steps (one of the frame screws that secures the unit to the door frame), a not-entirely-driven in screw on one corner of the slide, a small dent in the guttering on the slide side (looks like someone laid a ladder onto the gutter), the Global Link locks and keys were pretty much garbage (but functioned properly) and the propane cover had one of the plastic “ears” (that hold the two halves to one another) broken off. The gent who initially walked us through our Roo secured a new cover for us, and gifted us with a small shock cord to hold it down.

A small aside, the new Roo’s come with the Truck Systems TST-507 color TPMS monitor system. It would have been phenomenal if someone could have set this up for us, or walked us through it. The sheer volume of options on the unit, as well as the trailer-and-tire specific information required, is going to mean I have to do a lot more studying in order to do it right (likely, I’ll lean on you good people here on FRF).

First, David Durnell was communicative and helpful. I reached out to him to compliment him on his sales process and our sales associate, Nathan. I was made plans and was looking forward to meeting David, but learned that he was out of town on that particular Friday. It was hot in Ohio that day, but worse down in Florida, so he gets an easy pass. David, if I make it out that way again (or you ever come through St. Louis, let me know). I still want to meet you and shake that hand.

Nathan, my salesman, did a fine job of pre-sale support, paperwork and closing information. He got a little quiet via email after I had sent in my deposit, but I think that was due to the fact that – once they have your deposit and they’ve put in your order – there’s pretty much nothing to report. Not until the factory tells the dealership that your trailer is in production and will be done. I mentioned this prior to delivery, and Nathan stepped right up with information again. Good guy, he came down to introduce himself while I was mid PDI. I was surprised he was so young, he handled himself very professionally over email and the phone.

The gent who performed our walkthrough was simply astounding. He gave honest opinions, gave plenty of great information, and said straightaway when he didn’t know something, but would find out. He hunted down techs and other folks with answers, and made sure we had what we needed. I am indebted to this gentleman, and spiffed him with a nice cash tip. He immediately turned it down saying it was not necessary, but – as the practical face of RVW AND the introduction to my first camping trailer – he was *entirely* worth it. Best $50 I spent that day.

Lastly, a younger gal who helped me through paperwork in the office. She was engaging, effective, sassy and fun, but to the point and got me taken care of in short order. I think signing papers and handing over a check took about 15 minutes.

We took possession of the trailer at 5pm, too late to get on the road (definitely with a new trailer and first time tow vehicle). I was initially going to leave the trailer on RVW’s lot and collect it in the morning, spending the night at the Super 8 in nearby Bellefontaine. After reviewing our route home, I elected to take the new 235s with me, leaving it in the hotel parking lot overnight. We left before 6 the next morning and made it home that night, safe and sound (stopping to check torque values on the new wheels, as well as temps on the tires and brakes).

Kudos to the entire RVW team, and special thanks to the people who directly helped me and my dad with my 235s. You guys did a great job with this newbie.
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Great to hear as we are anxiously awaiting our new 2507s to get built hopefully next month and will be picking it up at RVW. They have been great so far keeping us updated and Mitch has answered every question I have had. We plan on doing a very thorough self PDI and it sounds good that they afford you the time to do that.
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Nice report and congratulations!

We used RVW when we purchased our 2019 Rockwood Roo 23BDS back in late 2018. They were great and well worth the 600 mile trip each way. There was a couple from Phoenix, AZ picking up their new 5er right next to us when we were there. That was a loooong trip but they were thrilled with the treatment they got as well.

We would work with them again in the future without hesitation.

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Sounds like a great experience! I picked up my trailer in March. Left the lot about 4 pm with it, and a new-to-me tow vehicle as well. Travelled 4 hours that night to a campground half way home. Backed in the first time and set up in the dark. Then discovered the first plumbing leak under the bathroom sink, the missing screw out of the cock-eyed ceiling vent fan trim piece, and all the screens on the windows that were not snapped in place as well as trying to keep the CO alarm from going off during the initial operation of the water heater. :-) Fun times!

My suggestion is to do you "shakedown cruise" in your driveway or close to home. Sounds like you were very well prepared, though!
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Picked up our 2021 2806BS in January 2021...cold but ditto on the great folks at RV Wholesalers. Had the opportunity to chat with David Durnell for close to 30 minutes, very down to earth guy. I'll be bacK!
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Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
My suggestion is to do you "shakedown cruise" in your driveway or close to home.
Better than at home, how 'bout a shakedown at the dealer? RVW advises folks to avail themselves of the state park in Lakeview. I took delivery then spent two nights at the park checking everything out. Had one small problem so the shop foreman came over and fixed it at my campsite.
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The TPMS is a pain to set up but once you do, it just works. I get an entire day of driving on one charge so doesn't even need a cable.

We had the China bomb spare too, and you'll find no TPMS sensor in it.

We put a Goodyear on our spare, and bought an internal TPMS sensor for it while the tire was off, so our spare is on the TPMS showing on the trailer spare position now.

Hit me up if you have any questions on setting it up. We had to set the low/high pressures and the default hi temp of 148 is good as is. You'll be surprised how hot the tires really do get at 65mph on a 95 degree day.
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Anyone know how RVW manages their after sales service? We aren't that far away from them to consider them for our next RV purchase. They used to be a sales only facility. Sounds like they might do service outside warranty work now? Any experience with service mater?
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Rhumblefish, thank you for your business, it is greatly appreciated! Also, thank you for being so kind to the RVW team while you were here. Our team was very impressed with your professionalism and kindness. I am sorry I missed you! Please know I am here whenever you need anything. I wanted to give you my personal email address as well: and do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you again for your business and kind words. David
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MCTroy, we actually started doing nothing but service and have done service ever since. We prefer our customers come to us, we will take great care of you. Also, if you have your unit in for service and have a trip, we give you a free loaner at no cost to you at all. Thank you for considering us! It is quite a compliment. David
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Hoping we get to meet you when we pick up our new 2507s hopefully next month!
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kawchop, we are doing a trip out west next month, gone for two weeks. Hopefully, you are not there during that time. I would love to meet you! I am crossing a bucket list item off. Taking motorhomes and family and headed west!!!! Please look me up! Thank you for your business and please remember I am always here if you need anything. Thanks again- David
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Bla Bla Bla typical report for RVW sales. It has to be aggravating to get good reports from customers on your service level provided. Maybe the next time.
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