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Old 09-28-2020, 11:06 AM   #41
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I never look at the colors as there is no standard. Shoot even here on the farm my diesel tanks have red handles on them. I store diesel in red cans, white cans or whatever I can put it in. When filling up, paying attention is what is key.

What amazes me these days is people putting DEF in their fuel tanks or even putting diesel in the DEF tanks despite the openings being VERY different and the fill tubes clearly marked.
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Originally Posted by BriaBeck View Post
I guess I'm still old school...

I read the words on the pump rather than just grab for a color. Guess I need to get with the times.
Same here, and I'm going to continue to do that.
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Donít rely on handle colours if you come to Canada, green, black, red, yellow, orange, blue for diesel at the six stations around me and never the same. One of them even has a black handle on one pump and a green one at the other pump, both for diesel.
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Only industry standard is for fuel cans. Red is gasoline, Yellow is diesel and blue is Kerosene. Pumps and handke colors don't mean a thing. I've even seen brown a a pump (off to the side away from other pumps) for a odd product.
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Yellow and green

I've have been to gas stations that use yellow handles for diesel and others that use green. Now with E 85 gasoline every gas station I've been too used yellow. So buyer beware and look at the writing on the pump and never assume. I personally know 3 different people that pumped E85 into their diesels at it Kum and Go stations when they built their new and improved stores here in Rock Springs and sold E85 in the yellow handle and diesel in the green handle. I would also caution those buying diesel to again check the pump to make sure what you are buying because some stations that sell biodiesel much cheaper than the competitors across the street that are selling real diesel.
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Originally Posted by BriaBeck View Post
Did the 98 have the ALH engine? I think that may have come in 99. If you had the VNT turbo then you had the ALH. great engine. Did not like to be babied.. so as long as you ran the beans out of it every so often it was happy happy.

I had to LOL when I saw that you went to Ford Escapes. My DD is a 2015 with the 1.6ecoboost. So far only the air conditioner has given me any trouble... it has a leak that we cannot find.
OT, but for the sake of conversation I once owned a 1981 Chevette with 1.8L Isuzu diesel engine. Trouble free. 50 mpg, and it ran like a sewing machine.
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🖕BP, I will not buy a drop of fuel from them. They have cost the American consumer so much money over the years with accidents like the Gulf spill and Alaska pipeline spill that caused prices to spike. I retired from an oil company that purchased some terminals and refinery from BP and I saw first hand how awful they operated facilities know wonder why they had so many accidents that killed employees and destroyed the environment.
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Yep was in Kentucky at a bp and picked up the black pump handle and it didn't fit in my f150. Bad marketing decision on BPs part. Lesson learned, just glad I didn't find out the hard way like you did.
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BP pumps

Real easy fix here...


Thanks for the heads up..
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Originally Posted by Chuck_S View Post
Sorry for your expense. Sounds like you were very tired.

Diesel fuel at gas stations I use are either separate pumps or on a clearly marked separate side of the pump with a yellow covering on the nozzle.

Regardless pressing the Diesel button on the front of the pump won't send it thru the gasoline hose and nozzle. Holding the "green" handle and pressing the diesel button won't do anything. Every gas station I've been in for years won't start the pump until you select the grade of gasoline you want. Never seen 87, 89, and 93 choices on a diesel fuel pump.

-- Chuck
I like it, people read this again, "YOU' are the one that pushed that "button"
Common sense at it's best.
BP don't care anyway.
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Actually, the universal color of diesel fuel is yellow. All portable diesel fuel tanks/containers should be yellow and most fuel pump handles will be yellow, although some fuel stations do their best to confuse people and use different colors.

Also the nozzles on diesel fuel pumps will be much larger than the nozzles on gasoline pumps due to the larger quantity of fuel the average diesel unit takes to fill (75 to 200 gallons). So the diesel nozzle will not fit a gasoline fill tube but a gasoline nozzle will fit a diesel fill tube. Unfortunately this can cause major problems as adding diesel to a gasoline engine is typically not catastrophic but adding gasoline to a diesel engine typically is.

Glad you caught it before starting the engine.

Another note about diesel fuel... it starts going bad/stale much sooner than you'd expect especially if it has corn squeezings in it (some states actually mandate a 5% to 15% biodiesel mix which goes stale faster than standard diesel). So you want to buy diesel fuel at a fuel station that moves a lot of fuel so you know that it's fresh, think truck stop. And you want to avoid biodiesel mixes if possible due to the fact that they spoil sooner and don't perform as well in cold weather. But good luck with that if you're in a state like Minnesota or Iowa as biodiesel mixes are the law of the land.
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Originally Posted by bob5560g View Post
The unofficial color for diesel fuel at 99% of gas stations across America is GREEN. Except at BP stations where green is there brand color and the color of their gasoline handles. I bet you see where this is going....

Yep, I just returned form a 7,500 mile trip and while passing through Indiana, I put 20 gallons of gas into my Mercedes Sprinter diesel. Thank goodness I noticed while letting the last few drops drip off of the nozzle. (Gas drips like water, pumped diesel is foamy). So I did NOT start the engine!

Gas in a MODERN diesel will quickly cause extensive damage to the fuel system. Diesel is an oil and the moving parts (such as the 18,000 psi high pressure fuel pump) depend on it for lubrication. Gasoline is a solvent and causes immediate metal to metal contact with subsequent destruction.

It cost me $300 for a tow (I made the mistake of telling Coachnet what happened...) and $1,000 to drop and drain the tank, replace the fuel filter, backflush the fuel system to remove any errant gas, etc. The dealer told me that when people drive with gas in the Sprinter, the repair bill is around $11,000.

Ultimately the mistake was my fault, but come on BP! Two tow companies and three shops told me it happens several times per month at that very station! That means it happens at BP stations everywhere there are found.

Upon arriving home here in Oregon, I phoned my local MB dealer and told the story. They replied with a story of a fuel delivery truck accidentally dropping gasoline into the diesel tank at a local gas station. They it damaged 25 cars, five of which ended up with them for repair, and ten at the BMW dealer. They said it happened TWICE within a few months! Now I'm scared to put fuel in my tank!

I think I will just give a very quick shot of fuel, then check the drops for foamy diesel and not clear gas....
I just filled up my diesel @ Mobil (exxon) station in Southern California and it had yellow handles on the diesel fuel pumps, I did a double take to be sure before pumping. So it's not just them...
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Just don't get why everyone so mad at BP for this!!! Or ANY Fuel Stop OK Oil spills I get
There is no standard for nozzle color!!! I have seen Black, Green, Yellow, Red(off road) and even Blue!!
I think we all have picked up that Gas nozzle, then try to select Diesel... the pump display says "You have the Gas nozzle in hand, Select Grade" OR I have grabbed the Diesel Nozzle tried to select Gas again the pump will say You have Diesel Nozzle, Please Select Diesel"

Honestly it is a 2 step process(Grab Nozzle, Select Diesel), and I have 3 step... I check the price, does it match the price on the BIG HUGE sign before I start pumping, in over 25 years only once picked up the Gas Nozzle!!! BUT never pumped 1 drop of gas in Diesel Tank!
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Diesel is always yellow.
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We used to have a Volkswagen Jetta diesel. The filler neck would not allow a regular sized gas nozzle to go in. Only the larger diesel nozzle would fit because it pressed some tabs to open the hole to allow insertion of the nozzle.
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API has color codes that oil companies follow in the refinery and logistics terminals, you would think they would use the same at their retail stations.

API Color Code Chart API-12
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amazed this is such a big discussion

I am sympathetic to this unfortunate event. I too definitely worry about it... with my first trip to the pump with my new diesel truck, I looked at the handle, hose, and selection button for 30 seconds making sure I was making the right choice... but the bottom line is it's not complicated... just push the button that says diesel. We don't need technology, magnets, or standardization of colors. Just pay attention. Read the pump. The universal word for diesel is "diesel". Man, how in the world do we get on the road at all if we can't fill up properly.
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Originally Posted by IchLiebeBier View Post
You know, with today's technology, it would be a simple thing to design a failsafe of some kind, maybe with a magnet or something. Vehicle fuel port could have a magnet, and the nozzle has a detector. If the nozzle doesn't detect it, it won't work. Or an alarm on the vehicle. Who knows. Same thing for gas vehicles.

Just a silly thought.
Ya know, in todays world of "It is ALWAYS someone else's fault", people need to take ownership of their own human failings, just like the OP did!

READ THE PUMP!!! Be Careful!! It is YORU vehicle, and YOUR responsibility!

Additional regulations and rules cost EVERYONE money!!

We need Fewer rules and regulations and More personal accountability!
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Around the S&B BP is the lowest price, pumps the most, and most convenient. Yes, black handle but I'm sure if you lift the green gas handle and push the diesel button gas will not come out!
On the road I only use truck islands at truck stops. Love the big fast fill nozzles. try them as there are no gas handles but I'm sure some will pump DEF in their diesel tank! Be responsible and take responsibility!
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Been there, done that. Fortunately, I only put 2 gallons in before I smelled gasoline. Filled the tank with diesel then called MB and insurance company. Insurance company willing to pay to tow 55 miles to nearest MB sprinter service but MB said 2 gas and the rest diesel would not hurt. It didnít. Destroys high pressure injector pump if you had driven. $12-$15k in repairs.
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