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Originally Posted by TitanMike View Post
I doubt that testing would weed out any bad drivers. Most would be on their best behavior for the test. Then, after passing, would go back to their texting, putting on makeup, eating, and aggressive behavior.

Citations and fines don't mean much anymore. When I was a new driver a $50 fine was a fortune. Today a lot of people just look at fines for traffic citations as a kind of "toll" for using the road.

Make fines a significant part of ones income and they would change their driving behavior most ricky-tic. Most traffic fines in my state are around the $125 area. Just about what one would pay for a Friday night dinner and a drink or two. Heck, if you show up in court, the Magistrate will even cut the fine in half, maybe even turn a speeding ticket into an equipment violation so your insurance co won't see it.

I've been told the fines on the autobahn in Germany is based on income. Fines start at 1 month worth of annual pay and will be more if an accident occurs. The most violated law is unless you are passing another vehicle you better not be in passing lane.
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Originally Posted by Scrapper View Post
I've been told the fines on the autobahn in Germany is based on income. Fines start at 1 month worth of annual pay and will be more if an accident occurs. The most violated law is unless you are passing another vehicle you better not be in passing lane.
I can somewhat understand where making a ticket fine should be on a sliding scale based on income, but and a big but, why should I pay more then someone that doesn't have any income. Unless you make it fair to everyone then it is just that, unfair. So many people drive without any regard to anyone else and some don't even have insurance. Don't even start me on people on cell phones or texting.
You see signs saying double fine zone, but it doesn't do anything. Next will be triple fine zone. Complaining to the police doesn't do much.
Only the ones that care about being a safe driver will promote safe driving.
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I agree it needs to be the same across the board this is not Germany.

This is way off the the rails but here is my take.. People are increasingly distracted (by phones or just life in general). I can only speak PA here... The fines we have are mostly $145, $25 being the fine and then rest is fees the state government takes as "fees" (but they love to accuse the police of generating revenue by ticketing). Of the $25 fine the town gets $12.50, which is required to be put in the towns general funds and cannot be used in anyway to help make a balanced budget. The other 12.50 I believe also goes to the state (might be the county). Speeding fines start at 155 and go up depending on speeds involved but even at over a 100 in a 55 it still only $200 or so.

It is not that the police do not care or do not enforce the laws (necessarily) most just do not have the man power. I run a full time traffic unit (write tickets and do motor carrier enforcement ALL DAY EVERYDAY). Our dept is short 4 officers, I have been cut to myself and one other officer. The rest re-distributed due to shortages. The PA State police are 1200 troopers short. We cannot handle the literally hundreds of call for service a week and then have time for stopping all the traffic issues with 1 person.. Only can go so many ways at once. As time has gone by the job requires each officer to do the job of what used to be 5 and is ever increasing. Not going political but with the current generational mind set and the way the police are vilified you get the policing you deserve...

Just the yesterday (if you read our saga from TN tire woes you know where I'm coming from) we were on 68 just inside MD from WV. We were in the middle lane (which I do hang out in often because people do not understand the concept of merging into a 70mph highway) but that was because the right lane ended into a weight station. We were cruising at 70 when a semi in the right lane that was behind us attempted to pass us on the right. His lane ended and he was still 3/4 of the way behind our camper, just breaking the plain of the mid bed of the TV. He entered the shoulder almost striking the passenger side of our truck since the should was not really big enough for him then cut into our lane while he was still next to us forcing us into the left lane almost causing us to crash... Luckily the Karma Police were at the weight station (MD State Trooper) and well he got stopped...

But the point is no one cares about anything but themselves and as far as they are concerned you are just a speed bump in their way.

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If there are 3 lanes, usually in a populated area, I also drive in the middle lane. Why?

Because not one of any of America's drivers........not ONE........knows how to merge. Zero. Nada. And I'm not going to try and slam on the brakes (albeit NICE disk brakes now) just to accommodate them.

There IS a passing lane. It's on my left. Use it. Or don't. Follow, or pass on left.

If you get a chance to pass on right in a 3 lane, that's fine, go for it. But I'll not be in that lane. I also won't be in the LEFT/PASSING lane just because it might be legal. That's for you 'zippers' to pass me.

EDIT: Posted this before I saw DOC73's post. I couldn't agree more with him. Selfish folks. I feel like they think I do not belong on THEIR planet. I've always wanted a bumper sticker (although I don't have a bumper! LOL) that says "Your Destination Is Not MY Concern". I always slow down for anyone driving nutty, or failing to merge correctly. I hate it, but I do it........because I want all wrecks to occur either way behind me, or way ahead of me.
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