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Houndmobile 01-29-2011 05:00 PM

website for posting RV for rent
Hi all,

since I am still a working stiff and cannot escape as much as I would like...I would like to rent out my class "C" when available (which will be the majority of the year).

Does anyone know of a website that would have a large viewing audience since I live in Ontario ?

I could do this through the dealer but they will have 55% of all income which I think is abit rough to take.

any suggestions would be most appreciated.

fonzie 01-29-2011 06:12 PM

One web site would be Kijiji, under "other" section. see link below

rental motorhome Services Ontario | Services and businesses - Free Ontario Classifieds at Kijiji.

caper 01-29-2011 08:01 PM

I would use Kijiji. I have had good luck selling items through this site. I would check with my insurance company. Your unit might not be covered because is is being used as rental unit. You should also talk to a lawyer and have a proper contract made up. I would also talk to my Lawyer and see what my liability would be when someone else is driving the unit. Will you need extra coverage or would the person renting the unit have to purchase insurance on it. You also will have to consider the wear and tear on the unit. If it is used most of the year how long will it last. Will the unit have to replace after a few years because it was abused more then used? If it is not your own unit you might not take the care as if it was your own. Do you have the time and knowledge to walk the people renting the unit on the proper care and use of all the items in the unit. Will you rent the unit fully equiped, (bedding, dishes, pot and pans etc.)? I would think twice about renting out my unit to anyone. I know that the money seems good but at what cost?

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