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toleworks 02-03-2011 10:26 PM

Cool cat
I thought a heat pump is a device that can both heat or cool a space. The Rockwood a122 I ordered comes equipped with both a duo-therm cool cat heat pump and a 20k BTU furnace.

Any one have this cool cat heat pump? Please share your knowledge of this unit.

KyDan 02-04-2011 06:41 AM

If you google search for duo-therm cool cat heat pump you will
find discussions and specs.

I searched briefly and found that it is indeed a heat pump.
It puts out about 10k BTU of heat depending on the outside
In a home situation a heat pump is normally supplemented with
electric strip heaters for extremely cold weather. In an RV where
electric might be limited to 30 or 50 amps (or generator)
they apparently install
a gas furnace as back up. Also if you are boondocking you
need that gas furnace for primary heat.

If you camp where they have meters and
charge for electricity by kilowatthour, it might
save you a few bucks vs electric heaters.

moonunitnv 02-17-2011 08:05 PM

We have just acquired the new A122 Rockwood. Too cold to camp in it yet, so we spent a night in it in the driveway. My SO went out to bed before I did. I'd turned on the Coolcat in heat mode. She came in a while later and complained it was just blowing cold air. I went out and checked, and she was right (of course). I checked online and learned that the heat exchangers like Coolcats lose the ability to provide heat when the temp is below about 46 degrees. Since it was 26 degrees at the time, it made sense. So, I kicked on the propane heater, which did a great job, but every time the heater kicked on, the fan noise took a few months off my life, waking me in a start from deep sleep. The Coolcat fan is also real powerful and noisy, especially right under the bed. Plenty of covers, so I just turned the thermostat down to like 50 degrees, and had a good sleep. I'm sure the standard heated mattress helped a lot, too!

Sparks, nv

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