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Harrison 02-10-2011 11:20 AM

New and looking at Flagstaff 831BHDS
Hey to everyone! We have been camping for years and have gone from tent to popup to TT. Something about 6 kids makes a popup a bit tight! We already sold our VR1 and are looking at a Flagstaff 831BHDS. TV is a 2002 Excursion 7.3 4WD. We are in NC and most of our camping is out west or NE/Maine and National Parks or State Parks.

Does anyone have any feedback on the 831BHDS?
Or the wisdom of buying locally vs from a large wholesaler?

Thanks for the insight!

tentcamper1 02-10-2011 12:25 PM

welcome to the forum, sorry I can't help with that model.
I purchase locally and got a great deal. sales department was great- the service department was really poor at customer service (never returned calls or emails). I am lucky that I live about 20 minutes from the factory and can get my warranty work done there.

bikendan 02-11-2011 12:31 PM

buying locally only makes sense if they can get the price close enough to the "wholesaler's" price.
our local dealers wouldn't get below the $4500 difference from a dealer i found on the internet.
they weren't "wholesalers", just a family-owned dealer in the Chicago area.
drove from NorCal to Chicago and back and still save over $4000.
and FR found local FR dealers that did the warranty work.
for us, $4000 wasn't worth the "privilege" of having a local dealer. if they had gotten within $1000 of the other price, that would have been worth the extra money.

by the way, those companies that call themselves a RV wholesaler, are not really. it's simply a marketing term. they are just dealers that sell in volume and can offer lower prices because of volume. RVW is a sticks and bricks dealer with a service center. so is RVDirect.
they just sell enough units to get lower prices from FR and pass the savings on.

Harrison 02-11-2011 03:20 PM

Thanks guys - that is helpful!

BigRed 02-11-2011 05:39 PM

So there not wholesalers because they just sell there units for cheaper?? OK, does it matter if they are or arent in the true since as YOU say "Wholesaler" usually in this contex means...big saving's. We never had a problem with any dealer,even though we didnt by it locally.........IMO-save as much as you can !! You can still buy locally and have a crappy dealer experience !! you just have to figure in you gas costs and hotel costs getting to the wholesalers dealer. Im figuring you can drive a long way saving $10,000-$20,000 or more on a new camper! We checked locally if they would service a camper if it wasnt bought thier(at thier dealership), Example someone moved with a newly bought camper to town........they said no problem !! We get paid by FR for any Warrenty work no matter where you buy the unit! So save away !! Im just not sure why people even have to mention or say..."well they're not really wholesalers" they just get Big discounts...well if they pass that on to me, good for me !! RVwholesaler's(RVW) & RVDirect are great places to buy. Just pit them against each other for your best price! We did, and RVW blew away RVdirect for the price on the model we wanted,RVdirect has an office in Buffalo,NY - right in our back yard, so i would have liked to get our camper from them! RVW gave us such a good price that even with driving to Ohio, (gas-motel getting there) we saved several 1000's of dollars. We even ordered the camper just the way we wanted(colors+options),had to wait 5-weeks but it was worth it !! There were several people from NC picking campers while we were there,plus California! Check em out !

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