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MissouriCamper 04-26-2016 07:08 AM

Replacing Concertone RV2004DS
The Concertone RV2004DS entertainment center, in our 2006 Rockwood 2603 finally went completely kaput, we lost the dvd several years ago and naturally the tv tuner when things went digital. All in all it lasted quite a while so no real complaints about the system. Main reason for not going with another Concertone was price their website listed a price of close to $700 for their recommended replacement, where the unit I just ordered was considerably cheaper. Going to replace the unit with an Elite model EEDV02/04 I just purchased on eBay, mounting hole is the same so no fabricating on the interior wall, plus the features with the exception adding Bluetooth but no TV tuner on the elite model are compatible. Has anyone installed the Elite unit and was there any problems with wiring the new unit, also what do you think of the Elite once you had it installed?

shughey00 04-26-2016 11:14 AM

I installed the Elite you bought off of Ebay. Word around some here is that it is a knockoff of the Genesis 3.0.

Looks similar for sure.

I love bang for the buck at $150.00 or so off of ebay.

Installation is fairly straightforward except it will depend on how the idiots wired your speakers. No rhyme or reason from FR.

Now I have four ceiling speakers but all wired on one channel so two are on left channel A and two are on right channel A. Bedrooms is on channel B.

Now the Elite has surround 5.1 I believe it is. So had the 4 ceiling speakers been wired seperate I could have wired them up for surround but oh well. I am just adding 2 small Jensen car speakers in my face of the entertainment cabinet and then a center speaker for the 5.1......someday.

I have a ceiling subwoofer but I also added a powered subwoofer from Walmart..simple Kicker powered sub as it sounds way way better than the ceiling one.

Depending on if you have a subwoofer already you need to pay attention if it is a single sub or a dual cone sub as it is wired differently.

But overall wiring is fairly straightforward for any car or rv audio setup. Inputs are planty for HDMI and standard RC connectors albeit they are in the rear so if you add a component you have to take the Elite out if you do not have access to the rear..I don't when it is screwed in.

There a ton of audio options and pay attention to this next part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most of the advanced audio functions are ONLY available in the menu that can only be displayed on the TV. Meaning very few audio options can be adjusted via the front panel via the lcd on the ELITE...very few. Most have to be accesed by going to the video out to the tv then adjust there..on the ELite menu displayed on the TV.

Specifically there are multiple audio speaker output functions and the standard one sounded like power. I had to run through all the different surround options and speaker config options....but when I found the right one it was great. But at first I was like...crap...this thing sucks.

So that part is confusing at first. Read the manual like 5 times especially the parts on how to access the advanced audio output stuff.

Not sure what you meant by this though... but no TV tuner on the elite model are compatible

MissouriCamper 04-26-2016 12:36 PM

Scott, Thanks your reply really helped set my mind at ease, didn't know that about the sub woofer wiring thanks for the thumbs up on that. I'll follow your advice and read then reread the manual before trying to set anything. Luckily for me my son is fairly efficient when it comes to electronics and is going to come over to wire it up for me so I shouldn't have any problems in that aspect. Thanks again for your helpful reply.

Skyliner 04-28-2016 12:09 AM

I'm on my second Elite unit. My last camper had one and my newest camper had a Concert one that worked but I wanted bluetooth and other features that the Elite had.

The ELITE IS AWESOME and gives you the best bank for buck. We don't have FM signals where we camp so we use our smart phones to store and play music on our Elite stereo when we boondock camp.

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